Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teer (R3)

Last round at the Teer house Kelly and Clayton plugged away at their careers and Clayton finally managed to get a position in the Law Enforcement career track. Serena tried to get a head start on her lifetime want of 50 dream dates but found the teen boys of Silvervale below her standards. Sofia went off to Sim State and Kelly and Clayton decided to try for a son. After dining on some cheesecake, Kelly discovered she was pregnant. Lets see how the Teers are doing this week

After her lackluster date with Orlando Bertino, Serena decided to invite her good friend Amar Hoppes over

It turns out that they had quite a bit of chemistry with one another and they got along really well.

Pregnant Kelly decided that she wanted a puppy to keep her company while on maternity leave.

((I'm not sure what I was thinking adopting a puppy when there are twins on the way. But Kelly is a knowledge sim that had no wants for babies so I needed to keep her aspiration meter in the green))

Clayton continued to climb up the Law Enforcement career ladder

Soon it was time for Kelly to give birth

To twin boys! Welcome to Silvervale Addison and Wesley

Here are some more baby pictures

Since Clayton had a few days off, Kelly was able to get back to work pretty quickly. Although all the stress of twins affected her judgment a little

Whoops - those hormonal hot flashes must have affected her decision

Kelly was also able to work off the extra baby weight in between the boys taking naps

Soon it was time for the twins' birthday

Here are some close-ups:
Addison Teer - Pisces

Wesley Teer - Leo

Unfortunately Clayton isn't able to help with the birthday party because it was his day to go to work


Those babies must really be getting to their parents...

And the rest of the week was spent teaching the boys to talk, walk and use the potty

I think you're supposed to build with the blocks Wes, not eat them

Here the boys are learning to talk

And Walk

In the midst of everything Maxx grew up into an adult dog

And Clayton found time to play with the bubble blower

Enjoy it while you can Clayton because Serena is taking it with her to Sim State as a mascot control device

A few more unlucky things happened to round off the week

Kelly got another (not as bad) chance card

And the Kitchen caught fire

And here's a shot of the remodeled house since I needed more room for the twins (it's still pretty boring)

((I'll probably improve it, but I was feeling lazy from dealing with twins the whole round))

Scoring: 2 points (one each for Addison and Wesley)

((Thats it for the Teers this round. Serena and Amar are now officially a couple and will be heading off to uni next round. The twins were fun and Kelly actually had a really easy pregnancy. I was able to get Kelly, Clayton, and Serena on a good sleep rotation and Clayton just so happened to have 2 days off right after the twins and Kelly and Serena had the weekend days off so it was actually pretty easy. Unfortunately I couldn't get either Clayton or Kelly past green on their aspiration meters, so no special milk this round which took longer but overall not too bad. I guess Addison will be heir but we'll have to see who rolls the more "stable" aspiration I guess.))

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