Wednesday, January 7, 2009

University Round A

This is the first round at Sim State University. This is all 4 years because there aren't enough teens to send to uni yet to do 2 years at a time 2 times on the playlist. Lets see how Sofia Teer and Guy Devivio fared in university

Here's Sofia and Guy hanging out in the front yard, they like each other very much :)

Ugh, the clothes they transitioned into are going to have to be changed

Right away, Sofia applied for a Greek House Charter

And the Annya Var house is established

They didn't have a lot of money for furnishings, and they needed some new clothes, so Sofia heads to the campus cafe to earn a little extra money working as a barista

As she was leaving she met this girl in a unique blazer

((meh, the secret society doesn't interest me that much but I wanted to have Sofia make the connections in case I decided to work on getting the bonus))

That evening, Sofia and Guy shared their first kiss

((I should have waited to do this because Guy had the want to get engaged for the entire time he was at uni... ugh))

it looks like they infected each other with the flu from that first kiss

Love is a hazardous thing kids...

Luckily Guy inherited his grandma Nita's recipe for comfort soup so the flu didn't affect their studies at all

Guy invites his sister Carla to campus to show her around since she'll be starting at Sim State soon

Guy Decided he wanted to major in history

And Sofia chose a Math major

After completing their Sophomore year, Guy and Sofia celebrated with a nice date

and their very first woohoo

Sofia was packing on the pounds from all that pizza they were bringing home, so she decided to hit the gym

Luckily body was the last skill she needed toward her lifetime want so she had a wants to gain body skill points :)

Guy was also busy building his skills and earned an Arts and Crafts hobby plaque

The house had a few problems with streakers and annoying mascots

((I think once the next round heads off to uni I'll have non-public areas of the house which will hopefully localize these annoyances... especially since they broke the computer every other day))

Despite the distractions, Sofia and Guy both managed to graduate with honors

After graduation, Sofia had one more thing to take care of:

Congrats Sofia!!!

What will you strive for next:

That should be easy since she has all her skill points already :)

Scoring: 5 points (1 point for Guy's Arts & Crafts plaque, 1 point for Sofia graduating Summa Cum Laude, 3 points for Sofia fulfilling an impossible want)

((well that was fun, but looooooooooong... I'm glad Sofia and Guy are together, He'll be proposing marriage to her before they leave to come back home next round. I have to have them stick around so that the next group can pledge into the greek house. The house is kinda lame right now because they didn't have a ton of money to work with. The next round will bring 3 sims - Allan Pushard, Darren Eich, and Carla Devivio will come for 2 years then they'll be joined by Serena Teer, Tia Eich, Kurt Devivio, and Amar Hoppes in Round 4. Guy and Sofia will move into the Devivo home when they return to the neighborhood and start making babies to fulfill Guy's LTW.))

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