Sunday, January 18, 2009

Devivio (R4)

Last round at the Devivio house: Pamela moved out on her own, Nita won a cooking contest and then passed on, Kurt rose to the top of the teen oceanography career track but then made a mistake with a chance card and got fired, Carla went off to Sim State and Hugh achieved his lifetime want of maxing all 7 skills. This week, Guy and Sofia are moving back from college to start their family

When Guy moved back in he immediately took a position in the military career track

Guy headed off to work while Sofia prepared for the wedding

A winter wedding just won't do so she temporarily changed it to spring

((Crap!!! upon reviewing the rules I noticed that use of the weather machine is a 10 point deduction /sad!)

That day Guy brought home his first promotion

With all the wedding preparations in place, Sofia invited their friends and family over for a nice backyard ceremony

After the ceremony, Serena made a toast to Sofia and Guy's future together

Unfortunately Hugh's time came to an end during the wedding celebration

((I had a feeling this was going to happen))

Despite Hugh's poorly timed death, the guests were still able to enjoy themselves

((I realized when I was reviewing the pictures that I forgot to have Guy and Sofia cut the wedding cake... whoops!))

And the wedding party was a success

The next day, Kurt heads off to Sim State

And Guy and Sofia consummate their marriage

Sofia spends the next day in the garden and earns her bronze gardening talent badge

She also discovers that she's pregnant!

Sofia rolls wants to study parenting and adopt a kitten which I'm all too happy to oblige

Sofia spends her maternity time in working in the greenhouse and soon earns a silver gardening talent badge

Soon it's time for the baby to arrive

Here's a shot of proud daddy and his new baby girl, Janet

Bonkers is a lazy cat, so Guy tries to motivate him by teaching him how to sit up

Sofia is finally able to find a position in the Science career

And even manages to earn her gold gardening talent badge

Cherish grows up into an adult cat

And soon it's time for Janet to grow into a toddler

Awww! She's so cute!

Guy teaches Janet how to walk

((She also got potty trained with one trip to the potty chair -- it's so nice having Sofia be perma plat so she can make endless smart milk!))

To end the week, Sofia finds out she's pregnant again!

Scoring: -7.5 (+1 point for Hugh's platinum grave, +1 point for baby Janet, +.5 point for Sofia's gold gardening badge, -10 points for Sofia using the weather machine -- whoops!)

((Well that wraps it up for the Devivio's. This family is fun and baby Janet is soooooooooooo adorably cute -- I'll get a close-up next round. Guy's LTW is to graduate 3 children from college so baby #2 will be born next round and they'll start working on baby #3... maybe Sofia will be able to get to work at some point, although she doesn't have far to go, she's 2nd from the top of the science career track already. Tune in for the Hoppes next.))

((Edit: Feb. 2, 2009 -- deducted 10 points for Sofia using the weather machine))

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sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Wow, a successful wedding party even with a death! I'm impressed! LOL I know that would ruin my wedding!