Friday, January 9, 2009

Devivio (R3)

Last week in the Devivio home, Kurt transitioned into a teen declaring a fortune aspiration. Pamela worked toward her lifetime want and also advanced through the science career track. Guy went off to Sim State and Carla got her first kiss. Lets see what happens this week:

I'm trying to get better at taking updated pictures at the beginning of each round so here's the Family at the beginning of round 3

Kurt started off the week by finding a job in his chosen career path of Oceanography

Nita and Hugh also chatted about how close Hugh was to reaching his lifetime want of maxxing all 7 skills

Pamela got a crummy chance card.

and trucked along with her lifetime want: #4 is Malcolm Landgrabb IV ((I figured if she had a dream date with him he's loaded and will leave a nice present))

Malcolm was an easy conquest, he rolled a want to woohoo with Pamela right away

Since it was a quick date, it didn't reach dream date status

But they did play a nice round of chess in their undies the next morning so Pamela could regain some logic she lost the day prior

That day, Nita entered another cooking contest

This one was an easy win because she entered lobster thermidor

Continuing on her lucky streak, Nita got a nice bonus from a chance card at work

Kurt also brought home a nice bonus

and a promotion

Since her kids are about to begin their lives at Sim State, Pamela decides that its time to move out of her parents house

((Pamela will be on a Wed-Wed schedule now and we'll see her after university this round))

Kurt brings home another promotion reaching the top of his teen career

Bonkers also gets a promotion via chance card

((My pets are definitely bugged in this hood, so I'll probably just quit all their jobs since they serve no purpose. They don't get promotions or bring home any money when they get back from work))

Carla also brings home a nice little bonus from school

((LOL, Carla and Tia are both going to beat men into submission I guess))

Nita and Hugh share some quality time

Before Nita's time comes to an end

Carla drowns her sadness in some Yoga

Then she heads off to Sim State

The tinkering hobby guy gets really mad that Kurt fixes the family computer

And Hugh achieves his lifetime want

To end the week, Kurt gets a bad chance card

Whoops sorry Kurt, You should start out higher on the career ladder when you get back from uni anyway.

Scoring: 20 points (10 points for Hugh achieving his lifetime want, 10 points for Hugh achieving an impossible want)

((Well it didn't take long to eliminate the population of this household this week. Not a big deal, Guy and Sofia will be here next round starting their family))

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