Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Devivio (R2)

Last round at the Devivio house Pamela started romancing the men of Silvervale and moving through the ranks of the Science career track. The family adopted a kitten named Bonkers as a reward for Carla doing well in school. Kurt grew into a child and Carla into a teen following in her mother's footsteps as a romance sim. Nita took a part time job in law and advanced to the top of the career track, Guy also took a part time job in Music and found a prospective mate in Sofia Teer. Lets see what happened in this hectic household this round.

((This house extremely buggy this week. It bugged out so bad that I couldn't even load the lot, so the Devivio's got a new house which I don't have a screenshot of yet))

Here's a shot of Carla and her lifetime want:

Carla Devivio - Pisces
Romance (LTW: woohoo with 20 different sims)

Well I guess Carla is really following in her mother's footsteps... Oh well, at least I have some practice working on Pamela's

Carla is also totally repulsed by her brother

Instead of doing his homework, Kurt decided to play in the bathtub

Pamela brings home her first promotion for the week... for a romance sim, she's pretty good at skilling

She also gets kurt out of the bathtub long enough to get him to do his homework ((after the Eich homework scare, I really kept on top of it this time))

Bonkers grows up into a really pretty adult Cat

and Nita promptly teaches him how to use the toilet

Nita also earns a cooking plaque

Here's a picture of her plaque and blue cooking contest ribbon which are now gone because of the house bugging out :(

All that cooking enthusiasm really helped Kurt at school

Looks like grandma Nita's brownies were pretty darn good :)

This is Amin Sims, if you remember last time he hooked Pamela up with a promotion at work. Well now she's hooking him up ;)

That's 2/20... I still have a long way to go.

Apparently Hugh didn't appreciate Amin and Pamela's escapades because when Amin goes downstairs Hugh starts and argument with him

In order to keep the family from getting neglected while Pamela was on her date with Amin, I had them train Bonkers some more

Bonkers was getting so much training I figured they may as well get him a job (Pamela has a lot more dates to go on)

The next day, Guy got a small bonus for having some drum skills

Pamela also got a good hobby chance card

maybe these hobby chance cards aren't as stupid as I thought...

Amin Sims snuck over that evening to leave Pamela a thank you gift for their dream date

and promptly trapped himself on the porch with the Florid Font ((I didn't realize he was still on the porch until the red needs thought bubbles popped up over his head, I figured I should probably let him out before he died))

The next day, Pamela invites Toby Bruening over for a date, you may remember him from her evening at Cafe Petite

Her Romancing of Toby causes me to miss Kurt's birthday...

And now for his aspiration:

Fortune... that works :)

Kurt Devivio - Capricorn
Fortune (LTW: become Hand of Poseidon)

In all the commotion Guy also got a promotion (hey that rhymes!)

So back to Pamela's date

Toby really liked the hot tub, he spent the whole next day in it after spending the night at the Devivio's ((this hot tub is also no longer around since I had to build them a new house))

Another date for Pamela means the family was busy inside training the cat and skilling

Guy has a good day the next day first with a good chance card

((this is how I knew this lot was about to crash... this Michelle woman walked on to the lot while the chance card was changing and for some reason the game registered it as her chance card... ugh)

And then guy reached the top of his music career track

After becoming an over-achiever Guy was off to Sim State University

Once I clicked "yes" Guy just disappeared from the lot... He got like $4000 in scholarships I think

Pamela came home with another promotion

And that evening Carla has her first kiss

with that creep Orlando Bertino

I guess he likes Carla better than Serena. Which is funny because Carla is going to rip his heart out.

Scoring: 1 point for Nita's cooking plaque

((That's it for the Devivio's. OMG this week was hectic! At least I can set the family to doing something while Pamela is on her dates. I'm pretty sure I'm going to move Pamela into her own place next round because it's just too much to keep up with. I was keeping her around in case Nita and Hugh croaked before Guy gets back from uni to inherit the house. For some reason Hugh isn't rolling wants to increase skill points, so I had him skilling but he was cranky all week.))

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