Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pushard (R3)

Last round the Pushards enjoyed being snowed in. Mathew and Kenya had a few more dream dates. In the spring, Margery's time was up and the grim reaper came to take her away. The Pushards put the inheritance money toward some nice upgrades just in time for the visit from the headmaster of private school and Allan was able to get admitted. Round 3 was much more eventful, lets see what happened shall we?

The family started off adopting yet another dog

Here's a shot of Allan in his spiffy school uniform

That private school is working out pretty well because Allan earns a skill point while he's at school

Mathew and Kenya had time for a quick dream date before Kenya had to go to work

Here's Kenya in her llama uniform

That day at work, Kenya got a chance card

((yeah, I learned my lesson with that one...))
When she gets home from work, Kenya tends to the garden earning a bronze talent badge

She doesn't get to garden long though before a lightning storm starts their birch tree on fire

She was too far away from the phone to call the fire company and everyone else was already in bed, so I had her extinguish the fire herself (thank goodness she didn't catch on fire)

The dogs are out playing in the yard when the stinky skunk passes through

This can't possibly end well ((note: the expression on Leroy's face ::giggle::))

When Allan gets home from school he works on his dance moves in hopes of impressing the ladies and working toward the Tsang Footwork award scholarship

Mathew and Kenya have yet another dream date (I think this is #5) it starts with a pillowfight

then moves out to the driveway

and ends with a water balloon fight

All the while Kenya is donning the llama suit

Jessie is outside working on his body skill when Brittany decides to sneak up on him again

The next day, Jessie finishes up his body skill, and his lifetime want

Yay! ((now he'll probably just be a bump on a log for the rest of the round))

Kenya also earns her silver gardening talent badge

and Allan brings a lovely young lady home from school. Her name is Jaiden Hurt

They have instant crushes on each other so Allan asks her downtown to the 50's diner for dinner

Jaiden gives Allan his first kiss

Mathew and Kenya also head downtown to the Botanical dining restaurant for dream date #6

Time was running out so they had to woohoo before heading home and there was a convenient photobooth handy

and everyone in the restaurant cheered them on! ((lol, I didn't realize this would happen but it was hilarious! It wouldn't have been a dream date without the woohoo I had like 35 sim-minutes left since dining out takes sooooooooooo long))

Cymoril finally got promoted to the top of his pet career via chance card ((I think my pets are bugged they don't get promoted and I don't think that they even get pay when they get home from work anymore))

Mathew also gets a good chance card

Suspecting the pet job bug, I changed Leroy's career to see if he would get any promotions

For which he needed to learn how to speak

Suzi grew into an adult dog

and promptly got into a fight with Leroy

The females in this town are such trouble makers...

Allan invited Jaiden over so he could see her before he went off to Sim State

The relationship was going so well that she decided that she would apply to go to university as well

After reviewing his schoarships...

Awww, no footwork award :(

Allan was off to Sim State

With all his skillpoints maxxed out, Jessie decided to see if she could train their doofus dog, Suzi

It took a while, but finally he was able to teach Suzi to come

And after that last achievement, Jessie's time had run it's course

and he died a happy man

((Whoops, I guess I should have worked harder to build relationships in this house. I didn't even realize that Jessie and Ericka Eich were friends, lol))

And to close out the week, Kenya earns her Gold gardening talent badge

Here she is talking to her plants

Scoring: 21.5 points (10 points for Jessie fulfilling his LTW, 10 points for Jessie fulfilling an impossible want, 1 point for Jessie's platinum grave, .5 point for Kenya's gold gardening badge)

((So that's it for the Pushards. This round was a lot of fun and there was a lot going on. I'm excited that Allan found a girlfriend, they are best friends and going steady, so she will be joining him at uni this round. I'll take a nice portrait and update her stats when uni gets started. I was sad to see Jessie go, but his LTW was easy. I'm not actually sure it its legal to count the LTW and the impossible want separate as far as points but I'm going to. I added in the half point for Kenya's gold gardening badge since it's 1 point for ever 2 gold badges earned I figured half a point was fair ::wink::))


jessa_livelife said...

I noticed that Allan took his girlfriend with him to Uni. I've tried multiple times to send townies to college with my sims, but it never seems to work. do you know how you did that?

Liz said...

Hey Jessa,

You do it from the neighborhood screen. There is a button on the sim bin screen where you can send eligible townie sims to Uni. They then show up in the Uni Sim bin as YAs and you can move them in to uni housing