Monday, January 26, 2009

Hoppes (R4)

Last week at the Hoppes' household Darryl earned his tinkering hobby plaque and then his time ran out (when he was 2/3 of the way finished with making a servo -- grr!) and Jill adopted a kitten named Alegra. This week was just as boring, care to check out what happened?

Amar got off to a good start in the Law Enforcement career track bringning home his first promotion on Monday

With the Darryl gone, Jill needed to learn how to cook so she didn't set the kitchen ablaze again. She studied so much that she earned her cuisine hobby plaque

she looks very surprised doesn't she?

Amar spent the majority of the week skilling and working his way to the top of the teen law enforcement career. He brought home his last promotion

And then it was time for him to head off to Sim State

Having the house to herself, Jill decided to declare a secondary aspiration as pleasure.

She also took advantage of the present her friend Kenya gave her -- some mouthwatering strawberries and lemons to make strawberry lemonade!

Scoring: 1 point for Jill's cuisine hobby plaque

((well that's it for the Hoppes' household -- like I said, super boring. Jill is using the strawberry lemonade to get platinum so she can partake of the elixir of life, hopefully she keeps kicking until Amar gets back from Uni in round 6. Uni is next, stay tuned!))

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