Tuesday, January 27, 2009

University C2

Amar Hoppes and Serena Teer moved into the dorms at Sim State -- they decided to stay there even though they were made full members of the Annya Var house. Lets see how they made out their first half at University

((Amar transitioned into the bowling outfit which I think is quite cute ::grin::))

Amar felt so strongly for Serena that he decided college would be the best time to propose to her

of course she accepted his proposal

The couple then declared their majors

Amar wanted to be a Political Science Major

Serena didn't choose, so I chose Psychology for her

One of Amar's dorm buddies, JJ, had some beef with the cheerleader ((I still think the random fights are hilarious))

I don't really remember who won, I guess it doesn't really matter.

Being a popularity sim -- Amar started making friends

...strange... they all seem to be wearing llama jackets ((sidenote: the high-five gesture is full of win))

Late one evening, Amar was working on his term paper when this girl busted into the dorm and started clucking at him

She then handcuffed him

and stuffed him in a limo

A few minutes later they arrived at the Landgraab Society

And Amar ditched the bowling shirt in favor of a spiffy new suit

((At this point I saved my game, exited, and turned off my computer for the evening... I realized when I finished this house for the round that I didn't have my frapps running /facepalm!)) So here's the rundown of what happened the rest of the round:

Amar and Serena shared 10 dream dates... it got so tedious that when given the option to change Serena's aspiration at the end of sophomore year I jumped at it -- I won't be doing the 50 dream dates LTW -- it's really the worst that I've experienced so far. So anyway, Serena changed to Knowledge aspiration and her new LTW is to become a Game Designer. In accordance with her new LTW, Serena's major has also been changed to Mathematics. Amar is also 1 friend away from big sim on campus.

((That wraps it up for Amar and Serena -- sorry about the lack of screenshots... 10 dream dates was really boring anyway... so boring and tedious that Pleasure is now my most hated aspiration [yes I'm actually warming up to my romance simmies!] They'll be moving into the Annya Var House next round to join Tia and Kurt. Next we head back to Silvervale to check up on Pamela Devivio.))


jungfrun68 said...

I totally agree with you - 50 dream dates is my worst LTW of all! I never beared to go through with it.


CarlaluvsSims said...

I'm not sure I would even try to do 50 dream dates. This should be an impossible want! ACR has made the romance sims VERY interesting (and a little exasperating) in my prosperity.

QueenofSimtopia said...

50 first dates is my LEAST FAVORITE. 50 dream dates is time consuming... but it makes them platinum from all the wants they roll up and complete :). Actually 20 pet friends... *shudder*