Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pushard (R4)

Last time at the Pushard house Cymorial got skunked, Mathew and Kenya shared a few more dream dates (which I have decided to give up on btw), Allan found a steady girlfriend in Jaiden Hurt and headed off to Sim State with her, Jessie passed on to the big blue hula club in the sky, and Kenya earned her gold gardening talent badge. Lets see what Mathew and Keyna got up to in their empty house this week. ((Just a warning... it's pretty boring))

Mathew and Kenya enjoyed their time alone in the house

Mathew gained a skill point from their date

Kenya used some of the fruits from her garden to make strawberry lemonade for her and Mathew ((giving them platinum mood and drinking elixir of life is going to be the easiest way to keep them alive until Allan moves back from uni))

Mathew also decided to head to Sue's Kitchen and enter a cooking contest in hopes of brining in some extra cash to the house

Unfortunately his Crepes Suzette lost to the chef's Lobster Thermidor

But he was able to make some extra cash by making and selling candies

Mathew was able to teach Suzi how to shake which is the command she needed to learn in order to get promoted

Here's her promotion ((by sheer chance I figured out that if there is a taxi/carpool sitting on the road when the pet's carpool drives up to drop them off, then the pet will earn money or get promoted... otherwise it's hopelessly bugged... at least I know a work-around if I ever get a fortune sim that wants 6 pets to get to top of career))

Leroy and Cymoril aged into elders and retired ((since they were bugged anyway I figured they could at least get some pension money))

Because I was bored, Mathew taught Suzi to sit up

Kenya invited her friend Jill Hoppes over to give her a present ((I'll leave you in suspense and not tell you what it was until we get to Jill's house))

The ghosts were also very active this week... and by active I mean they were out haunting things and scaring Mathew and Kenya every night. Here's some shots of Jessie being a nuisance.

This one is funny because Kenya is in the llama costume

I thought Mathew was done for after this (3rd) scare... he clutched his chest, etc...

((And that's it for the Pushards... See told you it was boring. I was sad to see the doggies age :( Next round Allan will be rejoining the household and embarking on his criminal career and then I can finally let Mathew and Kenya die.))

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ASimWen said...

I'll bet if he took a fourth scare he would have been a goner......