Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hoppes (R3)

Last week at the Hoppes' house, Amar grew into a teen declaring a popularity aspiration. Jill quit her job and sold paintings and Hugh started developing his robotics skill in hopes of being able to build a servo to take care of his family when he passes on. The family's puppy Shelly grew into a very cute dog. Lets see what happened this round:

Here's an updated family picture

Darryl wasted no time earning his silver robotics badge

He also used his mechanical skill to fix the computer

Here's a typical day in the Hoppes' household ((you can see why I usually play this house on fast forward...))

Jill paints, Amar does homework or skills or socializes on the phone and Darryl relaxes after working on the robotics bench

Amar plays with Shelly

And she pays him back by eating his homework

((I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Shelly was chewing everything and then after she destroyed the couch to a pile of sawdust, I realized that I never got her a chew toy... whoops!))

All that tinkering with the robotics bench earns Darryl a tinkering hobby plaque

And his gold robotics badge

Amar also found a part-time job in his preferred career of Law Enforcement

Since Amar had found himself a job and Darryl was spending so much time building robots, Jill decided she would try and cook breakfast.

and promptly started the kitchen on fire

Shelly found a playmate walking by the house

((this was funny because the cat is bigger than little shelly, lol))

The next day when he came home from work, Darryl's time came to an end

((This was totally unexpected because he had just taken a swig of the elixir of life -- at gold aspiration level! -- I was ticked because he was 3/4 of the way done with a servo! Since I'm worried that Jill will die before Amar gets back from Uni she'll be heading on vacation for the entire next round with the $20,000 inheritance she got))

To console herself, Jill adopted a kitten named Alegra

At the end of the week, Alegra grew into an adult cat

Scoring: 1.5 points (1 point for Darryl's tinkering plaque, .5 point for Darryl's gold robotics badge)

((This week was super boring... like the most boring so far in the challenge. I'm really worried that Jill is going to croak before Amar returns from uni... it's so hard to keep her aspiration up. I really don't understand the death thing... Darryl was gold and Jill had just dipped down into the red on her aspiration meter ::boggle::. Anyway, once Amar heads off to uni at the beginning of round 4, Jill will be spending the rest of the round on vacation))

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