Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stella Terrano

Stella (Terrano) Teer is a Generation 2 Maxis YA who is currently in the Adult stage of life. She resides with her husband, Addison Teer, and their children, Harley-Quinn, Lexis, Nexis and Wiley.

Stella (Terrano) Teer

Sign: Cancer
Personality: 7 neat /2 outgoing /6 active / 4 playful /6 nice
Generation: 2

Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Want: Become a Space Pirate
Secondary Aspiration:

Achievements: Greek House, Majored in Physics, Secret Society Member, Gold Gardening Badge

Relatives (Teer Family Tree):
Spouse: Addison Teer
Children: Harley-Quinn Teer, Lexis Teer, Nexis Teer, Wiley Teer

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