Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Magenta Devivio

Magenta Devivio is a member of Generation 2 who is currently in the Adult stage of life. She currently resides with her extended family but will (hopefully) move in with her boyfriend, James Pushard in the near future.

Magenta Devivio

Sign: Aries
Personality: 10 neat /10 outgoing /9 active / 3 playful /1 nice
Generation: 2

Aspiration: Family
Lifetime Want: Marry off 6 Children
Secondary Aspiration:

Achievements: Greek House, Secret Society, Games Hobby Plaque

Relatives (Devivio Family Tree):
Parents: Guy Devivio, Sofia [Teer] Devivio
Siblings: Janet Devivio, Brad Devivio, Frank Devivio, Columbia Devivio, Eddie Devivio
Significant Other: James Pushard
Children: Frederick Devivio

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