Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brittany Upsnott

Brittany [Upsnott] Devivio is a Maxis YA currently in the Adult stage of life. She belongs to Generation 1. Brittany resides with her husband, Kurt Devivio and their children Tabitha, Nicholas, Germain and Jaina.

Brittany [Upsnott] Devivio, the Atrociously Evil Witch

Sign: Capricorn
Personality: -- neat /-- outgoing /-- active / -- playful /-- nice
Generation: 1

Aspiration: Popularity
Lifetime Want: Become General (achieved!)
Secondary Aspiration:

Achievements: Fitness Hobby Plaque, Sports Hobby Plaque, Atrociously Evil Witch, TOC military

Relatives (Devivio Family Tree):
Spouse: Kurt Devivio
Children: Tabitha Devivio, Nicholas Devivio, Germain Devivio, Jaina Devivio

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