Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Allan Pushard

Allan Pushard is a Generation 1 CAS child who is currently in the Elder stage of life. He resides with his wife Jaiden [Hurt] Pushard. Allan is the grandson of Mathew and Kenya Pushard

Allan Pushard

Sign: Leo
Personality: 4 neat /4 outgoing /4 active / 10 playful /3 nice
Generation: 1

Aspiration: Fortune
Lifetime Want: Become a Criminal Mastermind (achieved)
Secondary Aspiration: Romance

Achievements: Greek House, Graduated SCL in Biology, TOC Culinary and Criminal, Arts&Crafts Hobby Plaque, Gold Pottery Badge

Relatives (Pushard Family Tree):
Grandparents: Mathew Pushard, Kenya Pushard
Parents: Brittany Pushard (placeholder)
Fiance: Jaiden Hurt
Children: Victoria Hurt, James Hurt

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