Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Devivio 4 (R10)

Last round at the Devivio Coven, Kurt reached TOC in Oceanography fulfilling his LTW... his new LTW is to reach the top of the Oceanography career = fail! Tabitha transitioned into a teen declaring a family aspiration with a LTW to marry off 6 children. She also was made into an evil witch. Nicholas aged into a toddler then a child later in the round. Brittany got pregnant and fell victim to the twins epidemic, giving birth to a girl named Jaina and a boy named Germain during a headmaster visit. Brittany also received a hobby plaque for Sports. Zombie Corey was fed to the cowplant because I was tired of him... Lets see what happens this round shall we?

Devivio 4 (lot 8) Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Tabitha Devivio, Kurt Devivio holding Germain Devivio, Brittany Devivio holding Jaina Devivio, Nicholas Devivio
Jar Card 217: Buy and object you never buy and use it

Things were going quite well for Brittany Devivio, the atrociously evil witch. She finally magick-ed ... er ... worked her way up to the top of the military career

Achieving her Lifetime want allowed Brittany to declare a secondary aspiration. As evil as she was, she still had a soft spot for her husband and children and decided to go with a family secondary

She also contemplated a career change... she was able to influence the recruits in the Sim-Army, she would definitely be able to exact her influence on regular citizens. Luckily for Brittany, there was a position open on the Sim City Council

Things were also going well for Tabitha, she found a boy that she got along with very well, even though she was more socially awkward than her classmates, being a witch gave her a little more confidence

Timothy came over after school most days of the week. Most of the time they just ran around the yard playing like school-children

One day Tabitha finally got up enough guts to take their relationship to the next level

When Tabitha wasn't busy with Timothy, she and Nicholas were working on their toy train set. They both enjoyed constructing trees and mountains and adding the miniature houses

When the set was finished, they enjoyed watching the little steam trains whiz around the tracks

Tabitha also loved reading cookbooks, she figured if she was going to raise a large family, she was going to need to know how to feed them well. She read so many cookbooks that she managed to earn a recognition plaque from the local culinary club

Before anyone realized, it was time for the twins' birthdays. Kurt brought Jaina to her cake first and blew out the candles for her

Jaina grew up to be a visual clone of her father, but with thick black hair

Jaina Devivio - Pisces

Next up, Brittany helped Germain with his birthday cake

Germain also grew up with a mop of thick, dark hair on his head...

Germain Devivio - Scorpio

With two platinum parents, toddler training took place at a breakneck speed and usually in tandem, with each parent working with a different child

Potty training was especially a breeze, the twins found encouragement when both of them were learning the same thing at the same time

Kurt and Brittany continued to excel in their careers. Brittany was able to exact so much influence over her constituents that she was soon elected to be on the Sim State assembly

Kurt worked as Hand of Poseidon and raked in the dough... he met an impossible goal of earning 100,000 simoleans in his lifetime

Nicholas was next in line for a birthday party... it was time for him to transition to teenager-hood

Nicholas grew up into an incredibly handsome young man... And he knew it too

Nobody was surprised that Nicholas chose Romance for his primary aspiration. He would charm the ladies with his handsome looks and impeccable charm

Nicholas Devivio - Libra
Romance (LTW: Woohoo with 20 different Sims)

Of course, teenager-hood was the time where the Devivio's were initiated into the magical arts. The next morning before school, Brittany brought Nicholas over to the dark side

Nich didn't really feel that the dark arts suited him, he was definitely more interested in Love spells and spells to make people feel good ((Nicholas has 10 nice points = good witch)

The next evening there was another birthday, the twins were transitioning out of the terrible twos and into more self-sufficient children. Like most of their toddler years, the twins blew out their candles in tandem

Both of the twins grew up into cute children. Jaina still looked like a female clone of her father

Jaina Devivio

Germain had more of a mix of both of his parents features

Germain Devivio

The twins were happy to be grown up and going to school, they were disappointed, however, when the next day when it snowed and their older siblings got the day off, but they still had to go to school

The snow didn't keep Brittany from going to work either. She had the brain and influence and she was going to put it to good use. When given the opportunity to run for Congress she didn't even hesitate in her decision... and the decision paid off with a big promotion

Brittany was well on her way to becoming Mayor of Sim City...

Scoring: 6 points (1 point for Brittany reaching TOC military, 1 point for Brittany achieving her LTW, 1 point for Tabitha's cuisine plaque, 3 points for Kurt's IW)

Household Net-Worth: 110,238

((I adore this house and all their witchy awesomeness. Brittany's move into politics seemed really natural and appropriate for her. She has the drive and ambition to succeed as mayor, and even if she doesn't, she can always magic her way into the hearts and minds of her constituents... I fulfilled the jar card buying a toy train set. I never use these because I'm afraid of the train mishap that happened over at Mao's Boreal Springs I'm was too scared of it! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Tabitha and Timothy. She doesn't seem very smitten with him and never really rolls up any wants related to him even though they have 2 bolts and he calls her all the time... I have a little inkling in my mind of who I want her to marry but we'll have to wait until she's in college to see if that will workout. I may not even send her to college since she doesn't have a career-related LTW. For now she is just studying and building up her skills to be a good stay-at-home mom. As soon as Nicholas transitioned I had a feeling that he was going to be a heartbreaker, and his LTW proves it. The woohoo with 20 sims LTW is totally perfect for him and I will have fun whoring him around all over Sim State and Silvervale :) The twins are also cuties, and they both have completely different personalities, come to think of it, all of the kids in this household have different personalities, but they all get along very well. We're off to visit Tia, Angelica and Kana at the Eich household next!))

CC note:
Nicholas' hair is a Pooklet'd recolor of Peggy Aug. '09 special gift by Randall @ Garden of Shadows
Jaina's hair is Sugar Sweet Hair by Nouk -- Nouk is retired to so you can find all of her hairs hosted at SimsCave


Chammalia said...

I really love this family too! They're all adoreable. I have been waiting for this post like forever (so it feels). I got a crush on everything witchy.
All the kids are really nice looking too! (:

Where did you download Nicholas' and Jaina's hair, if you remember?

SK said...

Maybe Nicholas can just start breeding with random playables in the neighborhood so you can have lots of beautiful Devivio babies running around. :)

I like that Brittany went into politics, and I look forward to her promotion...because that blue suit clashes with her skin tone!

I can't wait to see the kids grow up...even though Jaina has an unusual facial structure, I bet she'll be pretty as a picture.

Liz said...

@Chammalia: I added a CC note in the main post where you can find Nicholas' and Jaina's hair. I used to do this a while back for posts but my CC folder is a monster so I stopped, lol

@SK: I already have lots of beautiful Devivio babies -- half the hood is related to the Devivio clan!! I agree with the green skintone clashing, I think I'm going to download something that gets rid of that and just has the sparklies. Jaina looks like a female version of Kurt, I think she'll be alright when she grows up :)

Chammalia said...

Thanks (:

jungfrun68 said...

Woah! Nicholas is so gorgeous! The cougar warning bells start ringing in my ears here ;)