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Eich 2 (R10)

Last round at the Eich home, Angelica and her girlfriend Kana moved in with Aunt Tia. Angelica got pregnant but set herself on fire and lost the baby before she even knew she was expecting. Luckily Kana was also able to conceive a baby and her pregnancy was progressing into the end of the round. This round we'll have a baby and other things, lets check in

Eich 2 (lot 9) Monday-Saturday
Pictured (from left): Angelica Eich, Tia Eich, Kana Wong
Jar Card 96: Become a Vampire

Kana's pregnancy was progressing along a lot more smoothly than Angelica's had. One evening after dinner Kana felt a horrible pain and realized it was time for her to give birth

She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with wide brown eyes and her grandmother Melody's brown hair. They named their beautiful daughter Zora

Kana took so much pride in her daughter that she didn't mind taking a few extra days off of work so that Angelica could continue her career in the military.

General Brittany had just stepped down and taken a move into politics, so the top military slot was open and Angelica was a prime candidate. Her superiors recognized this too and she was swiftly promoted to fill the vacancy left by Brittany.

New LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
((Probably not going to happen))

The promotion to top of her career combined with the birth of Zora allowed Angelica to declare a secondary aspiration. Angelica grew up learning the love for Grilled Cheese from her father, so naturally she chose it as her secondary aspiration.

She wasn't the only member of the household that made it to the top of her career that day. Later in the evening, Tia came home with a promotion to Rock God... something she had been wishing for since she got a taste of the Celebrity life in the Culinary scene

To celebrate (and to give Angelica and Kana some alone time), Tia decided that she would head downtown to Crypt-O Nightclub and mingle with the locals.

At the club she ran into a regal looking woman with a faint hint of an ancient accent who introduced herself as a Countess

Tia was so intrigued with the Countess that she invited her back to the house. After some conversation, Kana managed to figure out that the Countess' intrigue came from her undead status

After a few nights of getting to know Countess Karen, Tia invited the Countess and her old lover, Mr. Big, Ryker over for a little get together. Tia was curious how the whole "Vampire thing" worked and Ryker was going to be her test subject... Countess Karen was only too happy to oblige

Now that Ryker had the Vampire intrigue it was hard for Tia to resist his charms. They fell back into their old habits easily...

Tia knew she was getting older ((3 days away from elder at this point)) and was eager to join the realm of the undead and never age again. Unfortunately it seemed that Countess Karen's appetite was satiated by her snack on Ryker... After some persistence, Tia was finally able to convince the Countess to turn her too

Now Tia would truly be able to call herself a man eater. She was pleased with her new form and the fact that she would never beyond her prime

Tia Eich -- Vampiress of the Night

((at this point I saved and exited out and downloaded a vampire overlay where they get to keep their original skintone and just have pink colored eyes))

Tia was relegated to the basement during the day, so the house was fairly quiet. Since she was at the top of her career, Angelica didn't have to put in many hours in the office. She spent a lot of time working in the garden and managed to earn her Gold Gardening badge

Having someone at home most days allowed Kana to go back to work. She got the opportunity to write a cookbook and her choice of newly-popular eastern cuisine allowed her to bring home a fat royalty check that would come in handy to help raise Zora

Zora was growing quickly, and one night after Aunt Tia was out of her coffin for the evening, Angelica and Kana decided to have a little household birthday party to welcome Zora into her toddler years

Zora grew up into an exceptionally lovely but somewhat mean little girl

Zora Wong - Gemini

Despite her mean streak, Angelica was delighted by Zora, she was so intelligent, and Angelica liked that Zora didn't seem as delicate as she did when she was a newborn. They could spend hours playing peak-a-boo or reading stories

Zora was as smart as a whip too. Both Angelica and Kana took turns teaching her toddler skills and before they knew it she was walking a talking like a little lady

One evening after putting Zora to bed, Angelica noticed that Kana was nowhere to be found. When she looked outside she noticed a faint efflorescent glow around the telescope and was horrified to think that what happened to her father, Darren, could happen to the love of her life also

Confirming Angelica's suspicions, a UFO unceremoneously dropped Kana off at the doorstep early the next morning

Later in the day, Kana began to feel the familiar pains of morning sickness. She was confused how she could become pregnant when she and Angelica hadn't been intimate since Zora's birth

Angelica told Kana the story of Darren's abduction and how Darren gave birth to her sister Anise who is of extraterrestrial origin as well. Kana was relieved but also afraid of the little green baby growing inside of her.

Angelica thought of something that would distract her, she decided to make honest women of them both and got down on her knee and proposed to Kana right on the spot

They decided to get married right then and there.

Angelica and Kana were happy, life was good

Scoring: 4.5 points (1 point for Zora, 1 point for Angelica's TOC Military, 1 point for Angelica achieving her LTW, 1 point for Tia's TOC Music, .5 point for Angelica's Gold Gardening Badge)

Household Net-Worth:

((Well I was considering making Tia a vampire anyway so I took the jar card slip as a sign that my thinking was correct and that Tia was supposed to be vamped. I don't know if she'll continue living in this house or not. I had a hard time making Tia stay in her coffin during the day, everytime the phone rang or the doorbell rang she wanted to get out and go answer it. She almost died when Kana got dropped off from the UFO because she wouldn't go back inside! There are now snapdragons around the coffin to boost her needs just in case. Zora is lovely I can't wait for her to grow up :) As far as Kana's abduction, it was completely unintended and unplanned. She needed 2 logic points for a promotion at work and since the household was pretty much nocturnal from Tia's late night meetings with the Countess the telescope was the way she was going to get them. I didn't even notice Kana was gone until her portrait dipped into red then I looked and she had the abducted tooltip in her queue. I'm kinda bummed though that the Eich namesake will have no actual Eich genes... Zora has the Wong surname... perhaps Angelica and Kana will have to try for a biological boy the Eich's do make some damn good looking children afterall... We're going to check on Wesley and Jeannie next stay tuned!))


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AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Number one, I love Kana and Angelica! Number two, yay, marriage! Number three, Zora is GORGEOUS. Number four, YAY ALIEN BEBES! And number five... HOLY CRAP, IT'S TIA!!! fdjslkfd This entry just made me excited all the way through!!!

Also, next girls night: you teach me how to turn one of the paler skin tones into a vamp skintone with a default CC eye setting! I love this entry and the fact that you are more savvy with this game than I am!

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Yay, vampire Tia!
I could guess from your pictures that you missed the abduction ;)

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Wow, that round was super exciting! -Rachel