Saturday, June 19, 2010

Teer 2 (R10)

Last round, Wesley and Jeannie both went on a lot of dates with other sims, and eachother. Jeannie kept working her way up the Slacker career ladder and Wesley made it to the top of the Showbiz career and filled up his lifetime aspiration bar as a result. Will Wes and Jeannie keep seeing other people this round or will they slip back into the monogamous ways? Lets see

Teer 2 (lot 10) Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (from left): Jeannie Vijayakar, Wesley Teer
Jar Card 186: Woohoo in Photobooth

Jeannie was feeling strange, she kept having to run to the bathroom to toss her cookies and thought she had a monster case of food poisoning

A few weeks later she realized that it wasn't food poisoning at all... she was pregnant!

She was slightly worried that the baby didn't belong to Wesley... but figured that as long as the baby wasn't born with flaming red hair like her lover, Jack Coper, she would be in the clear

Wesley didn't seem to mind, he and Jeannie went about life the way they normally did. When they were both home at the same time, the had home dates to keep themselves in a good mood. Wesley even seemed to be more devoted to Jeannie during her pregnancy

Wesley finally managed to find a job in his dream career... it was a relief since they weren't getting any younger

Wesley did very well in the Culinary career, everyone wanted to eat in a restaurant owned by a celebrity. It didn't take Wesley long to reach the top of the career ladder and become a Celebrity Chef!

One evening after Wesley arrived home and had begun his nightly workout, Jeannie went into labor

Wes was working out so hard on the exercise bike that he didn't even realize what was going on until he heard the cry of a baby behind him

Jeannie gave birth to a lovely little girl with brown eyes and her grandfather, Clayton's, brown hair, they named her Wendy

Jeannie and Wesley were still on opposing schedules despite his career change. The benefit was that they wouldn't have to hire a nanny to care for Wendy during the day... the drawback was that Wesley really had no idea how to care for an infant... he didn't consider himself parent material. To help out while Jeannie was at work, Wesley frequently invited family over. One afternoon his brother, Addison and the family stopped by... Wes figured Stella would be able to help him if Wendy needed attention

Wesley socialized with his nieces a while until they got bored and went inside to play some Mary Mack in the kitchen

While the girls were inside keeping themselves busy, Wes, Addie and Stella caught up in the hot tub. Addie and Stella offered some tips for Wes to help Wendy grow up to be a well adjusted young lady... They weren't very good a hiding their concern for Wesley and Jeannie's parenting skills

After Addison, Stella and family had left, Jeannie returned home with another promotion under her belt. She was certainly becoming a Jack of all Trades

Jeannie decided to leave Wendy in Wesley's care a little bit longer and called up the Mailman, Pao, with whom she had had many interactions during her pregnancy for an outing to the Silvervale Boardwalk

Pao was clearly smitten with Jeannie and she made no attempts to dissuade him from pursuing her... in fact, she encouraged it by relentless flirting. It didn't take her long to convince Pao to join her in the photobooth

It was hard to deny that there was more than just photos being taken in the booth... anyone who has ears could tell what was going on in there, the other boardwalk patrons cheered Jeannie and Pao when they stepped out of the booth

Jeannie figured that since she was already at the beach that she would do some sunbathing... it would be a more credible excuse to take home to Wesley if she had a little bit of a tan to show for it

Wendy was growing quickly, her parents hadn't managed to neglect her too badly and it was time for her to grow into a toddler where she would require even more attention and care.

Despite not being the most attentive parents in the world, it was hard to deny that Jeannie and Wes still loved Wendy, they just showed it a little differently, they were both excited to welcome Wendy into Toddlerhood

Wendy grew up highly resembling she even had sandy brown hair, instead of a dark brown

Wendy Vijayakar - Aries

Most of the child rearing responsibilities but, surprisingly, she didn't really mind it. She actually took pride in teaching Wendy how to walk and talk

Jeannie and Wesley agreed on a trade-off, since Wes was adverse to changing diapers, and everything baby related, he generally took care of the yard work and cleaning responsibilities around the house. He did so much work around the yard that fall that he earned a Gold Gardening badge

((Wes actually earned this in the garden, but I didn't get a shot until he was raking the leaves))

Aside from helping Wendy with her toddler skills, Jeannie still managed to excel in her job. She came home with another promotion when she went back to work after maternity leave

The constant promotions and dates gave Jeannie a huge boost in her mood, she was able to choose a secondary aspiration, for which she chose fortune

She also had been awarded so many aspiration points that she was able to max out her lifetime aspiration meter

Despite the perpetual good mood she was in, Jeannie was feeling a little under the weather. She attributed it to the stress from having to care for Wendy and work while Wesley did whatever he wanted

A few nights later she realized that she was pregnant again... She didn't know how it was possible, she and Wesley had been so busy and working entirely opposite schedules, they barely saw each other

When Jeannie went into labor again she realized how it had been possible that she had gotten pregnant again...

The baby girl, she named Phoebe, was born with piercing blue eyes, a color that neither she nor Wesley had in their families... she hoped Wes was too self absorbed to notice that the baby wasn't his

Scoring: (1 point for Wesley reaching TOC culinary, 1 point for Wesley fulfilling his LTW, 1 point for Wendy, 3 points for Jeannie maxing her LTA meter, 1 point for Phoebe)

Household Net-Worth:

((This house was sooooooooooo boring, it got played on super fast speed most of the time. I'm kinda happy there are kids in the house now though, Wendy is a cutie, except her face is somewhat scrunched in the toddler stage... I exported her and aged her up and they go away when she transitions into a child and looks almost exactly like Jeannie which is good b/c Jeannie is adorable. I guess it's pretty obvious who Phoebe's father is, since there weren't many dates this round, but I'll leave you hanging until I can get a shot of the family tree. I have a storyline brewing in my head now hopefully it plays out. We're going to check on the Wade's next [which I have yet to play] so stay tuned!))


SK said...

I love the way Jeannie looks; always have. I can't wait to see Wendy grow up if she takes after her mama!

Oooooh, naughty Pao! Wonder if he'll figure out he has a kid before he's delivering the mail to her door someday...

Liz said...

I agree, Jeannie is really a pretty townie! Pao has nice genes too so I'm hoping that they will mix well ;) That would be funny if the kid ran out to the mailbox and hugged him, kinda like when the children run out and greet the parents when they come home from work.

jungfrun68 said...

With luck, Phoebe will inherit Pao's slanted eyes and look gorgeous when she grows up!

Liz said...

@J68: I hope Phoebe does inherit some of Pao's genes, I was excited when I found out Jeannie was pregnant and that it was most likely Pao's :)