Thursday, June 3, 2010

Devivio 2 (R10)

When last we saw Jack and Pamela they were working hard to get the toystore to level 10. With a lot of hard work, and some new employees, they managed to get the store to the top level. At the end of the round, Pamela passed away, leaving Jack alone and depressed. He tried to distract himself by dating other woman, but they just didn't live up to his late love. This round, Flora and her fiance, Annatto, will be moving into the house. Lets see how they are doing.

Devivio 2 (lot 6): Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (from left): Annatto Eich, Jack Copur, Flora Devivio
Jar Card 155: Give someone a massage

Flora welcomed Annatto with open arms when he pulled up in the taxi from Sim State, she was so excited that he would be living with her though she wasn't so sure about his choice of a kilt

Flora and Annatto were getting older, but their lives to this point felt disjointed, it was nice to finally be settled.

Flora Devivio
Fortune (LTW: Become a Hall of Famer)

They also felt much more mature. Annatto even decided to start growing some facial hair

Annatto Eich
Family (LTW: Raise 20 puppies or kittens)

They both slept perfectly on their first night together as adults

Unfortunately Jack couldn't say the same, he was awake most nights with insomnia thinking about his departed Pamela

Flora jumped right into the Adult world quickly finding a high-paying job in the Architecture field. The closest she would get to sports, however, was designing plans for new statiums and arenas

Despite not being her ideal career, Flora excelled in the Architecture track. She had good sense and made good decisions that got her noticed in the firm

It didn't take long for Flora to climb up the ranks

Coming home from her big promotion, Flora found out she was pregnant, something she had been suspecting but wasn't sure of ((Flora got pregnant before she left college and this is the first time I'm playing her since then))

Annatto was exstatic to find out about Flora's pregnancy but he didn't just want to raise lots of kids, he wanted to raise a lot of dogs as well. He decided to get started adopting a puppy that he could train

Cookie was confused about the new addition to the household but reluctantly accepted that she wouldn't be the only dog in the house anymore

It didn't take long for Jake to grow into an adult dog

Annatto didn't take a job right away, he figured that he would be able to sell his dogs eventually and that their new son or daughter would need stay-at-home care while Flora pursued her career ambitions. He and Flora talked a lot about how they would raise and educate the new baby

Annatto: "I read a study saying that blocks are the best toys for early brain development"
Flora: thinking... [This bass is quite delicious]

Annatto spent a lot of time training Jake so that Jake could earn his keep in the house

Flora thought that if there were going to be a ton of dogs around, at least they could earn some money. She got Jake a job in the service career track

Jack was still trying to console himself over the loss of Pamela. He tried to date Jeannie Vijayakar who he had been intimate with before

Jack also went on a few dates with a lovely red-head named Lynette that he met while shopping in Bluewater one afternoon

Usually Jack tried to be discreet about his dating, he didn't think Flora would approve of him dating so soon after Pamela's death. He was right, when she found out about Jack and Lynette she was none too happy with them... Jack blamed it on the pregnancy hormones

The pregnancy was progressing quickly, and it wasn't long until Flora started having contractions

She gave birth to a very handsome baby boy that they named Camron.

Camron had his fathers brown eyes, and his grandmother, Melody's brown hair, and a skintone in between Annatto and Flora's

Camron Devivio

Flora was very pleased to have such a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Camron's birth allowed her enough lifetime aspiration points to select a secondary aspiration, she chose Grilled Cheese

Despite their lovely son, Flora was overjoyed to get back to work. Pregnancy was boring for her, and she was ready to re-join the workforce and work to the top of the Architecture career ladder

As they planned, the child rearing fell to Annatto. He would sometimes spend all day playing with his son

Camron was a cheerful and intelligent boy and Annatto loved interacting with him. As baby's often do, Camron didn't stay an infant for long. One evening after Flora returned home from work, it was time to celebrate Camron's transition into the terrible two's

Everyone gathered around to watch Annatto blow out Camron's birthday candles and watch Camron's transition. Camron grew up into an adorable toddler largely favoring his father's features

Camron Devivio - Gemini

Despite Annatto being around all day with him, Camron loved being played with by Flora in the evening before bed

In the morning, Annatto would wake him and play some games before helping him learn his toddler skills

Both Flora and Annatto were in agreement that Camron was an adorable little guy. One night Annatto suggested that they try for another, Flora agreed...

Scoring: 1 point for Camron

Household Net-Worth:

((I was so excited to play this household and it turns out that I had reason to be -- Camron is soooooooooo adorable. The house got an expansion in order to accomodate Flora, Annatto and their soon-to-be-growing family, if I think of it, I'll take some shots next round. I think I already mentioned it, but I installed a bunch of new geneticized skintones -- Kids in Technicolor by Pooklet and Venice Ephemra Skinblends by Pyxis, and it looks like Camron got one of the in-between skins so I'm excited to see them popping up. Annatto adopted another puppy named Sandi but I guess I didn't get a shot of it. I was going to have Jake and Cookie breed, but they hate each other despite the cute of Cookie greeting Jake when he got out of the police car. I'm hopeful about Jake and Sandi being able to breed, otherwise Annatto will be putting them up for adoption or selling them. The jar card is still open, mostly because I forgot about it, and the fact that none of the sims in this house know any massages. I guess someone will be heading on vacation next round to learn one. We're off to another Devivio lot next to check up on Carla, Connor, Gibson, Kay and their many cats!))


Eien Herrison said...

Camron's definitely a cutie :) Annatto's LTW looks to be a drag, but hopefully you'll get a few dogs that're happy to breed with each other -- thankfully Flora's LTW is relatively easy.

SK said...

Yay for beautiful babies and geneticized skintones!!! I'm looking forward to Paolo and Caitlin's next baby for that reason. Should be an in-betweener for them too since their tones are so different. There hasn't been one kid as swarthy as Paolo, with the exception of Willow, and she was adopted!

Holy crap, Camron is so cute, and his name makes me think of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which makes me smile. They should have lots more gorgeous babies. Good luck with Annatto's LTW... :\ It's not fun. Good thing he's so dang good-looking to make up for it.

Also, I really like the profile pages that you link to on every post. It's a nice refresher for readers, even if I know it's a lot of work for you to maintain.

SK said...

P.S. WOW, was Flora really that angry just because Jack was dating again? O.o Holy cow. Never seen that before.

Also, I think your Jake is the same adoptee as my Sebastian. :)

jungfrun68 said...

It's a bit confusing with a guy named Jack and a dog named Jake, but I think I can handle it :)
Annatto looks really good with his facial hair!

Liz said...

@Eien: I can't say I'm really looking forward to Annatto's LTW, my strategy is to breed pups in other houses and put them up for adoption so Annatto can raise them. Flora's should be a breeze in comparison!

@SK: Haha I didn't even think of Ferris Bueller's Day Off but I think you just gave me a brilliant naming scheme for this house!!!!

@J68: haha, I didn't even consider the similarities of Jack/Jake. I was considering moving Jack into his own house next round, but he'll be turning into an Elder I think. Maybe I can build an apartment complex retirement community, that would be amusing. I'm not really a fan of facial hair (in sims or IRL) but I agree, it does look good on Annatto (Flora's turn on's are Facial hair and Fatness)

Anonymous said...

Gah, it's not letting me post comments. Anyway, I've never seen a sim so mad as Flora with -100/0 relationship. I've also never seen a sim get mad at a parent for dating after the death of a spouse. That's crazy stuff! -Rachel