Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wade (R10)

Last round at the Wade household, Lindsay and Michael grew up into toddlers and exhausted Brittany and William. They took a much needed long weekend to the beach and let the nanny sit with the kids. When they returned from their beach vacation, Brittany found out she was pregnant and gave birth to yet another set of twins that they named Gob and Maebe. In the meantime, Michael and Lindsay grew up into children. Lets see what went on in this crazy house this round...

Wade (lot 11) Thursday-Tuesday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Byron Wade, Brittany Wade holding Gob Wade, William Wade holding Maebe Wade, Michael Wade, Lindsay Wade
Jar Card 104 (open from R8): Become a Warewolf
Jar Card 157 (open from R9): Learn to Hula Dance
Jar Card 10: Bad Headmaster visit

The Wade lot was bare so I gave it a make-over in attempt to coax the leader of the pack to pay a visit ((sorry the pics are dark))

In addition to planting a lot of trees on the property, Brittany and William decided to have a pond dug in the backyard. All of the kids enjoyed fishing so they thought that it would help keep the older children busy while they took care of the infants

((There is a preview of Zora Wong as a child -- I played their lot a couple extra days to avoid another alien abduction pregnancy bug like what happened at the Teer's))

After a long day of fishing, it was time for Byron's transition into a teen. All of the family gathered around to watch him blow out the candles

Byron grew having a good mix of both of his parents' features but a very unstylish outfit.

A big surprise to his parents, Byron chose the pursuit of knowledge as his aspiration for life. He was looking for a cleanly dark haired woman that preferably had no facial hair

After a quick makeover, Byron was ready to hit the town with his friends.

Bryon Devivio -
Knowledge (LTW: become Presidigitator)

He called up some members of the Devivio clan to head downtown

Pictured (from left): Nicholas Devivio, Gibson Devivio, Eddie Devivio, Byron Wade

The teens were having a blast out on the town, it was the weekend and they wanted to live it up

While the boys cut a rug on the dance floor, Eddie had a good laugh at their expense

By the end of the night, everyone had had a fantastic time. Nicholas was especially excited to hang out again

Meanwhile, back at the house, William was making some friends of his own

William found the dog very unique, he had never seen a dog with glowing yellow eyes before. He was excited to make friends with this unique creature

Despite the successful outing, Byron was more interested in intellectual pursuits than social ones. He begged his parents to invite over the local headmaster for dinner to see if he could be accepted into private school. Brittany and William were exhausted, and the house was a mess, but they obliged

The headmaster thought Brittany and William and the kids were agreeable enough, but he was disappointed that they didn't even take the time to tidy up the house before he came to visit. He had to tell them that their house was just not up to snuff for a potential family of his prestigious institution

Of course, Murphy's law of headmaster visits struck while Brittany was leading the headmaster to the dining room for dinner. William had stepped away from the oven for just a moment and the pork chops he had slaved over all night caught fire...

Luckily the fire department arrived quickly and put out the flames. Even though the fire was extinguished, neither William nor Brittany had the energy to prepare new food, so the headmaster was forced to eat char broiled pork chops

Needless to say, the headmaster visit was not successful and the kids didn't make it into private school. Brittany and William resolved to try again once Gob and Maebe were grown into self sufficient children and get all 5 kids in at the same time

Byron was upset about the failure of the headmaster visit, but he decided the next best thing would be to date a girl that attended private school. He and Eddie got along famously ((2 bolts with no interference from me)) on their downtown outing. One day he decided to invite her over after school and she agreed. Byron was surprised when she was receptive to all of his advances as well. Finally he worked up enough guts to go in for the kiss... it was magical.

Time flew by and everyone in the house was relieved that Gob and Maebe were transitioning into toddler-hood. Brittany brought Maebe to her cake first and helped her blow out the candles

After Maebe transitioned, William helped Gob with his transition

((sorry no toddler close-ups of these two -- pics for the rest of the round are sparse, I just couldn't keep up with the insanity))

Brittany and William's relief was short lived. Maybe it was that they were getting older, but they both felt that Maebe and Gob were even more of a handful than Lindsay and Michael had been. Neither one of the twins were very amenable to learning their toddler skills and it was especially hard to get them to toilet train.

In addition to full time jobs, and training the twins, William and Brittany had a hard time keeping up with the rest of the household chores... it seemed something was always breaking, and the rest of the house was in disarray. Brittany tried to find time to fix the computer, but one of the children always seemed to need her attention

Byron escaped the crazy household by hanging out with Eddie. The eldest twins escaped by fishing in the pond in the back yard... it also helped when they could catch fish for dinner

Michael: Do you think Byron is going to marry that Eddie girl?
Lindsay: I don't know, but I caught them making out over by the pine trees yesterday ::snigger::

The twins did so much fishing that they ended up earning their bronze fishing talent badges

Real relief finally came when Maebe and Gob transitioned from the terrible twos into (hopefully) more self sufficient children who wouldn't need the constant attention of both parents

Maebe Wade - Gemini

Gob Wade - Leo

Despite having a great love for all things family, Brittany and William sincerely hoped they would not have to deal with toddlers again until they had their first grandchild... at least with grandchildren you could give them back to their parents...

Scoring: 0 points this round

Houldhold Net-Worth:

((Phew, this house was seriously insane. Maebe and Gob were on completely different sleep schedules the entire round and with Brittany and William both working it was impossible to keep everyone in the house happy. I came very close to a social worker visit this round... the first time in a long time that that has happened. Brittany and William were in red aspiration most of the round... I finally had to start sending Byron on chain dates with Eddie so that the twins could learn their toddler skills. On another note, I'm so happy Byron and Eddie get along, I would have been seriously annoyed if they didn't. William got his relationship with the Leader of the Pack up to somewhere around 75 before he took off, but Byron is the one in the household that has the obsessive want to become a warewolf, so I guess we'll see what happens on that front. At least I was able to tick off one jar card this round. Hopefully subsequent rounds will be a little easier now that there aren't any more babies. We're on to a much easier household, the Cormier's, next))


SK said...

Wow, now I see why this household was NOT relaxing to play after a long day! This is real insanity! So much good stuff happened in this round, though...Eddie and Byron, the awesome makeover to the lot, the addition of a busy-making fishing hole, the appearance of the leader of the pack, and the absolute adorableness that is Maebe and Gob. You're right, Gob looks like a total little shit, but he's cute as heck. :) I love this little redheaded family.

jungfrun68 said...

Insane house indeed! Too bad that the werewolf thing didn't happen, too :)

Eien Herrison said...

Phew, I feel stressed just reading about this! Glad to see that the youngest twins are now children and won't need so much attention.

I cannot believe you got 32 points for burned pork chops -- at least failing the headmaster scenario got one jar card out of the way. Shame William didn't become a werewolf while the twins were toddlers, would have made that easier (I believe werewolves get a bump to their energy levels at seven PM when they transform).

Hoping that the Cormiers are a much more relaxed household than this one.

Liz said...

@Shannon: It really was stressful, I'm not letting these two have any more babies! I'm so excited about Byron and Eddie :)

@J68: The warewolf thing will happen eventually, most likely to William b/c Byron will head off to uni in 2 rounds

@Eien: If I was stressed with this house, I can only imagine the insanity with some of your lots! That's a good tip about the warewolves getting a boost when they change, I'll have to keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is really insane. And good job getting 34 food points with burnt pork chops! -Rachel