Saturday, June 5, 2010

Devivo 3 (R10)

Last round at the Devivio's, Carla and Connor and the cats continued to move up the career ladder. To celebrate their string of promotions the family took a Mountain vacation and came back with another furry friend -- Alec Bigfoot. Carla returned from vacation to find out she was pregnant and at the end of the round gave birth to a little girl they named Kay. Lets see what happens this round!

Devivio 3 (lot 7)
Pictured (from left): Connor Johnston, Carla Devivio holding Kay Devivio, Gibson Devivio
Jar Card 257: Build a pet area for your pets

Promotions were going around the Devivio house like the contagious sim-flu. First Connor came home with the good news that he had been promoted to Business Tycoon

Carla also came home promoted to the top of the education career, fulfilling a desire she had had for a long time

The third of the promotions was Heidi, who was working her way through the showbiz career

While Carla and Connor were at work, Alec watched the children. He was a more than capable caregiver and was always fussing over Kay

He also allowed Gibson a lot of freedoms to spend with new friends. Gibson was very popular at school and even brought home friends many grades younger than himself

Once everyone was settled into their evening routine it was time for a double birthday party. The Devivio's invited over their close friends, the Wades for the birthdays of Gibson and Kay. Gibson insisted that he go first

He grew up into a lanky and somewhat awkward-looking teenager whose hair was badly in need of a trim

With all of the friends he had made in elementary school, it was no surprise that Gibson decided that Popularity was his passion and that he wanted to make as many friends as possible

He didn't just want to make passive friends though, he wanted to control them and make them worship him

Gibson Devivio
Popularity (LTW: Become a Cult Leader)

Connor took Kay to her cake next and helped her blow out the candles

She grew into a lovely, but mean spirited Aries

Kay Devivio - Aries

All of the guests had a good time, especially enjoying two birthday cakes for the price of one

The next day brought good and bad news for the cats. Heidi continued to excel at her job deciding to put the job before her aversion to water

Because of her willingness and wonderful performance she received a promotion to top of the Showbiz career ((3/6 for Connor's LTW))

On the negative side, Snickers, fresh on his job makes a poor decision and is fired, setting back Connor on his lifetime want

Despite the setback, Connor gets Snickers right back to work, this time finding him a job in the service career

To help Snickers along, Connor started teaching him new tricks that he would be able to use on the job

Snickers wasn't the only member of the Family that was experiencing some setbacks. Carla's plan for Gibson wasn't quite going well either. Carla introduced Gibson to a lovely blonde with whom she was acquainted. To Carla's ((and my)) chagrin, Gibson and Meadow didn't really hit it off

Despite Gibson assuring Meadow that he was interested in marriage and family life, there was just no spark between them

Gibson was frustrated that the girl his mother thought would be perfect for him turned out to be a dud... so he sought out a more suitable girl to date. A very pretty girl, Allyn Creelman, from school accepted his invitation over one evening

Allyn and Gibson hit it off very well, and Gibson even managed to snag his first kiss from her

Gibson had thought that he had found his new girlfriend and asked Allyn to go steady, and she accepted. Despite having his first kiss and asking Allyn to go steady with him, the date didn't turn out to be a dream date like Gibson had hoped it would be

Gibson wasn't anticipating that he would be an equally pretty and agreeable young woman named Shelby Zaidi. Shelby also agreed to come over after school with Gibson one day

Shelby even got along with Gibson's little sister, something everyone in the family found endearing

Gibson really wasn't anticipating being more than friends with Shelby, but they hit it off so well, and their date reached dream date status. Gibson was puzzled how he could get along so well with a girl that wasn't even officially his girlfriend

While Gibson wasn't trying out different girls from his high school, he and Connor could be found playing soccer out in the backyard on most afternoons

The rest of the house was abuzz with activity. Carla, despite her aging years, was attempting to teach Kay all the skills she would need to be a well-rounded toddler

Connor pitched in with the teaching duties in the mornings and evenings when he wasn't at work

Despite their busy schedules, there was no shortage of romance between Carla and Connor and they often snuck off together out of eyeshot from the kids to flirt and tease like the used to in college

More birthdays were sneaking up on the household. The youngest cat, Heath, aged into a beautiful adult cat

Gibson promptly found Heath a job in the Security Career track

Before they knew it, it was time for another double birthday. This time, it was Carla's turn to blow out the candles and enter into her golden years

Carla aged into a fashionable elder. To Connor she was just as attractive as ever.

Carla vowed that there was no way she was going to fall prey to the grannie stereotypes and styled her hair and dress in a fashionable manner

Carla Devivio

The next birthday on the agenda was Kay's transition into childhood. Newly made over Carla helped Kay with her birthday cake

Kay turned out to be just as gorgeous as a child as she was as a toddler

Kay Devivio - Aries

Once all the birthday hullabaloo was over, Carla made a call to her employer to officiall retire her position. She would work on her flower shop for income if they needed it

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Connor's TOC business, 1 point for Carla's TOC education)

Household Net-Worth: 188,608

((Let me just say that I am so very annoyed with Gibson for thwarting my attempt to fix him up with the lovely Meadow Thayer... grrrrr... Anyway, now I have a dilemma, he gets along equally well with both Allyn and Shelby so I'm not sure who to fix him up with so I will pose the question to you, who do you think Gibson should get together with? He got his first kiss from Allyn and is going steady with her but he had a dream date with Shelby. Allyn's aspiration is fortune, Shelby's is Popularity. I'm so torn... Other than Gibson's romance woes, I'm quite pleased with this round. Carla turned out to be a wonderful looking elder, and is just a spunky as she was in her earlier years. Kay is also super adorable and quite a firecracker. They're going to need to adopt or breed another cat in order for Connor to reach his lifetime want... so far Sebastian, Snolanna and Heidi have reached TOC, so he's halfway there. We're off to the next Devivio house -- Kurt and Brittany and their 4! children -- next!))


jungfrun68 said...

Future will tell what Gibson really wants. Send them all to Uni and see what happens!
I love Connor's sweater by the way (the one he wears at one of the birthdays)

SK said...

This is a really fun house. I enjoy reading Connor and Carla and the kids. I really love that you have that thing that allows university careers to be LTWs. Maybe I'll have to download it as well. I'm getting pretty sick of all the standard LTWs that I get over and over and OVER again.

You're really starting to breed some pretty children, Miz Liz. :) I can't wait to see what Kay looks like as a teen; I think she'll be stunning.

I need to download some new elder clothes. Carla looks amazing. I second j68's suggestion of sending them all to uni! I bet he'll figure it out.