Thursday, February 5, 2009

University D

Last round at Sim State Serena Teer, Tia Eich, Kurt Devivio, and Amar Hoppes started college. Tia and Kurt moved into the Annya Var house and Serena and Amar stayed together in the dorms. Tia got a start on her LTW while Kurt didn't get much blog time. Amar and Serena got engaged, and Serena changed her aspiration to Knowledge with a new LTW to be a game designer (with a new major in Mathematics). This round Amar and Serena have moved into the Annya Var house. Lets see what the kids got up to in their last years at Sim State

Since Kurt got neglected last time I let him call over the Gypsy matchmaker to see if we could find him a nice girl

He paid her the full amount...

And this is what he got:

the nanny! wtf?!?!?!

Kurt ended the date right away... you can see in the pic that the nanny had a few bolts for Kurt... I didn't let her stick around long enough to find out if Kurt had chemistry with her

Brittany Upsnott from one of the rival greek houses passed by and Kurt invited her in (I'll admit, I have played some of the other Maxis YA's including this one))

Kurt hit it off with Brittany right away (yay!)

Meanwhile, Amar got big sim on campus

one of Carla's previous lovers also dropped off a telescope

Tia invited Bill Dalton over... She had to wait to do this until Carla moved out because if you'll remember, Bill was one of Carla's lovers too...

they fell in love while Tia was giving Bill a glitchy backrub

This was too funny so I had to include it -- Amar had bought an MP3 player last round when he came back from class he just started jamming

The kids indulged in some hobbies

Amar got his Music & Dance plaque

Kurt got his Cuisine plaque

and Serena got a start on her Sports enthusiasm (it's her pre-destined hobby) and maxed out her body skill in the process

Tia's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard... this is lover #3, John Miller

Being a sneaky secret society member, Amar tried to hack his grades... unfortunately it didn't go so well

The police officer then confiscated the computer right as Tia was sitting down to do some blogging

Why do campus police officers have to be so uptight?

Since she couldn't do her blogging, Tia invited lover #4 over Joshua Ruben

this was the first one she rolled a want to woohoo with so I allowed her to indulge ((the hottub is the reason I couldn't afford to replace the computer yet))

You can see Amar's feet in the picture... he kept queueing up interactions with Tia so he was there through the whole hottub woohoo cinematic since I couldn't send him elsewhere.

With all her romantic exploits, Tia easily managed big sim on campus

A round of uni just wouldn't be the same without a mascot fight (...or 7...)

The llama always wins though which is a good thing

The end of senior year was rapidly approaching. Tia managed to get lover #5 Toby Collin

Serena finally earned her sports hobby plaque (and man it was a pain!)

Tia invited over her friend, Stella Terrano, who became the placeholder since there are no college eligible students for the next round

After finding a placeholder, it was time for the graduates to move back to Silvervale

nice Hugh Hefner robe there Amar -- yeah that's his everyday wear


((Yeah, I was really a slacker about keeping the kids grades up this time around))

Scoring: 6 points (1 point for Amar's Music & Dance plaque, 1 point for Kurt's Cuisine plaque, 1 point for Serena's Sports plaque, 2 points for Amar and Tia getting big sim on campus, 1 point for Serena graduating Summa Cum Laude)

Household Net-Worth: 22,157

((Well that's it for uni for a while as Addie and Wes won't be ready to come until Round 6. I played this earlier than I usually do because I didn't think I could stand playing Jill Hoppes by herself for a whole round. I like Stella that's why she's the placeholder -- because I want her to be playable sometime in the future. Uni was somewhat boring and I pretty much let them do whatever they wanted and didn't micromanage except for Tia's dates. Anyway, we'll catch up with the graduates in the rest of the round. Off to the Hoppes house next))

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