Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Devivio (R5)

Last round at the Devivio's Guy and Sofia had an amazing wedding party even though Guy's grandfather Hugh passed away in the middle of it. Guy and Sofia got a start on Guy's LTW to graduate 3 children from college when Sofia gave birth to their first child, a baby girl named Janet. At the end of the week Janet grew into a toddler and Sofia found out that she was pregnant again. Will Guy and Sofia have a baby boy to inherit the house? lets find out

Here's a picture of Janet playing with her activity table

The first day of the week, Guy gets a chance card ((with how lucky I was with chance cards over at the Eich's I hoped that this one would turn out well))

Hmm, wonder what would have happened if he chose to engage it? I'm guessing this one was a lose-lose situation)) Despite the bad chance card, Guy still manages to bring home a promotion

Guy is so happy that they're going to have another baby, he rubs Sofia's belly pretty frequently

Guy teaches Janet how to talk before bed

Soon it was time for Sofia to give birth

It's a boy! Meet Brad Devivio. He looks just like his daddy!

With all the confusion, poor Janet never got put in her crib

The Devivio's hired a butler to help out around the house, with an infant and a toddler, they had their hands full

Guy received another promotion at work

In the middle of the week, it was time for Janet to grow into a child

Janet was pretty much a clone of Sofia (except with Guy's green eyes) so I changed her hair:

Brad also grew into a toddler

Bonkers also grew into an elder

Brad quickly learns all of the essential toddler skills (yay for smart milk)

Brad also really likes drawing at the activity table ((the expression on his face is just so precious in this shot))

Brad: "oh noes! smart milk bye byes"

Janet really likes her doll house

Despite being engrossed in the toys, Janet stays on top of her homework

Since the kids are more self sufficient, Sofia and Guy have more time to socialize with the neighbors ((Sofia needs friends to reach the top of the science career so they're randomly inviting people in off the street))

This lady (with the weird facial expressions) helps Sofia out with a promotion ((maybe they don't need friends after all))

Too bad Sofia won't be going to work again for a few days... Since she's pregnant again

To round out the week Sofia maxes out the lifetime aspiration meter

How very fortuitous that Sofia rolled family as a secondary aspiration ((Wow I just realized my mistake -- since Sofia went to the wedding arch first last round, the family has Teer as a surname... I can fix this with SimPE right?))

Guy brings home another promotion

Janet brings home her first A+

And Brad transitions into a child

Behold the phantom birthday candle flames

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Brad, 3 points for Sofia maxing out the lifetime aspiration meter)

Household Net-Worth: 58,977

((Wow this family is adorably cute! I love them!!! Anyway, here are my thoughts on the butler... they suck way less than the nanny... but they're kind of annoying. I didn't include the photos but the butler started the kitchen on fire twice because he put a meal in and then went to feed Brad and forgot about the food in the oven. Butlers waste food big time because they cook 3 meals a day whether the sims are home or not. I think once the kids are grown up the family will probably fire the butler and go back to a maid. On to Uni next -- since I don't want to play Jill Hoppes all by herself for a whole round I decided to play uni and then the Hoppes house ::grin::))

Custom Content:
Janet's Hair: XMSims
Brad's Hair: cherub hair by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2

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