Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hoppes (R5)

Last round at the Hoppes' house was boring... this round Amar moved back in with his fiance, Serena Teer... it will be much more eventful, check it out :)

After graduating from Sim State, Amar and his fiance, Serena, moved into the Hoppes family home. Very luckily both Amar and Serena were able to find jobs in their chosen fields

Amar in Law Enforcement

and Serena in the Gamer career

Jill bonded with her soon-to-be daughter-in-law

Serena: "Did you know I have the ability to summon aliens?"

Here's the wall 'o hobby plaques ((did you know the hobby plaques have simlish etching on the back as well? it's pretty neat))

On his first day of work, Amar got a chance card

And a promotion -- those doughnuts must have impressed the higher-ups

Jill was bored so she taught Alegra how to use the toilet

Amar earned his Gaming hobby plaque while building up his logic skill for his next promotion

And Serena found out that she was expecting

The next day, Amar gets another chance card

And yet another promotion

Since Serena was sleeping through her pregnancy, Amar figured that he would have an outing with his work friend Jill and it turned out to be a success

Here's Serena's baby bump #2

The outing with his coworker worked and Amar got another promotion

With spring in full swing and a little one on the way, Amar and Serena decided to get married. They had a small ceremony in the backyard with just their families in attendance

more autonomous belly rubbing... aww how cute the sisters are pregnant and the same time

Serena and Amar had wracked up enough lifetime aspiration points to declare secondary aspirations. Amar chose grilled cheese

And Serena chose popularity

Somehow Jill managed to max out her lifetime aspiration points

Since she now had the benefit of being able to write a restaurant guide and she has max enthusiasm for cuisine and max cooking skill... and the house needed some renovations... Jill wrote a couple guides that sold very well

The gypsy dropped off a genie lamp ((this family is lucking out this round))

Serena wished for... labor?? ((I don't remember what she wished for because she went into labor immediately after making her wish))

~~~ We interrupt the normal flow of this program to bring you this surprise announcement...

There was no cheesecake this time... Serena most certainly did not wish for twins

This is baby Emmett (blue eyes, brown hair, pale complexion)

And here is baby Marty (blue eyes, brown hair, medium complexion)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post ~~~

Since they needed to make room for twins, Amar wished for fortune

And Jill wished for the ability to cheat death

The birth of the twins allowed Serena to max out her lifetime aspiration points

Grandma Kelly randomly walked in and started feeding the boys

Which was good because Grandma Jill was outside extinguishing the bamboo that got struck by lightning

To end the week, Amar brings home another promotion

and the boys turn into toddlers

Synchronous baby tossing!

Emmett Hoppes - Scorpio

Marty Hoppes - Gemini

And we'll end the post with a little pet snuggling

Alegra: "nucular cat no liek cuddlez"

Scoring: 9 points (1 point for Amar's Gaming Plaque, 3 Points for Jill maxing LT aspiration points, 3 points for Serena maxing LT aspiration points, 2 points for Emmett and Marty)

Household Net-Worth: 109,114

((Well I'm really glad that I played uni before I returned to the Hoppes house. I think this is the longest Hoppes post ever. Jill is also the only surviving CAS elder. I'm really surprised she didn't kick the bucket this round. The twins were also a complete surprise as I was only going to let Amar and Serena have one baby since the house was pretty small and there isn't much room for renovations. I will post pics of the house renovations next round. On to Pamela Devivio next.))

Custom Content:
Serena's Glasses: Leopard print glasses by Ses @ TSR
Marty's Hair: Cherub hair by HystericalParoxysm @ MTS2

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