Thursday, February 19, 2009

Devivio 3 (R5)

Last round Carla quickly flew through the ranks in the Dance Career. She also made a lot of waves in the apartment complex hot tub if you know what I mean :) Lets see how she got along this week shall we? ((this is going to be a short update, Carla didn't really do much except woohoo))

Carla wasted no time picking out her next victim. She met Brandon Lillard downtown at Rodney's

And he agreed to come back to the Coral Villas with her

Brandon Lillard (woohoo #10)

((note the snow on the ground... Carla's apartment bugged out so nobody could enter but her -- even though the door was unlocked -- she had to do her business in the hottub.))

After Brandon headed home for the night, Carla's friend Hun Vu was passing by, she invited him to join her in the hottub as well

Carla maxed out her lifetime aspiration points ((she rolled the knowledge power want to max all skills which she achieved -- too bad there aren't points for that))

Carla also maximized her cuisine enthusiasm but the apartment was so buggy that the hobby person never showed up to give her the plaque ((I'm still going to count it though!))

The Gypsy dropped off a genie lamp to reward Carla for her hobby devotion

And Carla wished 3 times for fortune so she could move out of her buggy apartment and into a nice little house across the street from her mother ((will post a picture of the house next round -- I forgot to take one!))

This super stud, Jason Menon, came on the welcome wagon, he and Carla have 3 bolts so it was an easy conquest for her

Jason Menon (woohoo #12)

To wrap up the week, Carla invited over another one of her down-townie friends, Charlie Copur, to see her new place

Charlie Copur (woohoo #13)

We'll end this entry with Carla busy at her new flower arranging bench. Will Carla meet her lifetime want next week? Will she take to flower arranging like she has taken to the men of Silvervale?

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Carla's cuisine hobby plaque, 3 points for maxing the lifetime aspiration meter)

Household Net-Worth: 79,683

((It's kinda boring playing two Romance Sims in a row so Carla just woohooed this week. I'm thinking she may open a small home flower business just to build some customer relationships -- I think woohoo will definitely help her customer loyalty, lol. On to the non-romance Kurt Devivio next))

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