Thursday, February 19, 2009

Devivo 4 (R5)

After graduating from Sim State with a degree in Biology, Kurt Devivio moved back to Silvervale and bought a small starter home on GoldTone Road next door to his mother and across the street from his sister, Carla. Lets see how he's doing in his first week as an adult.

The first thing Kurt did in his new house was invite over his girlfriend Brittany Upsnott and pop the question

They immediately got hitched in the backyard with a small group of friends, welcome wagon wedding crashers, and family

With only one nice point, I'm surprised Brittany didn't smash cake in Kurt's face

The guests enjoyed food and smustle and the party was a big success

Here's a nice portrait of Brittany and her stats:

Brittany (Upsnott) Devivio - Capricorn
Popularity (LTW: become General)

Here's also a nice picture of Kurt, he grew some facial hair in college because it was one of Brit's turn-ons

Right after the wedding, Brittany was able to find an entry level job in the Military ((I rushed her through uni so I could move her in with Kurt so she didn't have a ton of skills and I don't even think she had the appropriate major))

There were no openings in the Oceanography career, so Kurt took a job in Natural Science as a poopsmith

Brittany and Kurt both brought home promotions right away

((Yay cowplant!))

While she was out buying some new clothes, Brittany ran into the atrociously evil witch, Sheila Buckingham

Brittany invited Sheila over to the house where she asked to be taught the ways of darkness. Sheila was more than happy to oblige.

I don't know how the degree of affiliation is determined but Brittany was immediately atrociously evil ((When Ericka Eich turned into a witch she was just a little over center))

Brittany Devivio the Atrociously Evil Witch

Brittany enjoyed going to work on her broom instead of taking the carpool

Kurt got a nice chance card

Kurt and Brittany bring home another round of promotions

To round out the week, Kurt brings home one final promotion

And Brittany tries an outing with her co-worker Joy Seiff

Not only will the outing get Brittany a promotion she also got some skill points out of it :)

Will this household become a totally evil dwelling? How will Kurt adjust to having an evil witch as his wife? Will Kurt use the Cowplant or will it just become a nice lawn ornament?

Points: 1 point for adding Brittany to the neighborhood

Household Net-Worth: 48,802

((That's the last Devivio household for this round. Brittany had only one nice point so it seemed fitting for her to become an evil witch especially since I didn't really get to play around with it for more than a day with Ericka Eich. Between the evil witch and the cowplant townies best beware!!! Off to Tia next))

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