Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eich (R5)

Last round at the Eich's Tia went off Sim State at the beginning of the week. Julio accepted an autonomous flirt from Vincent Benson which sent Tyrone into a fury for being cheated on. To make it up to Tyrone, Julio booked a Far East vacation and the two men made amends at the mysterious Pagoda in the Shadows. On their first night home, the house was broken into, luckily only the bookcase and the fountain from the garden were stolen. Julio and Tyrone climbed higher toward their goals to reach the top of their career paths and at the end of the week they aged into elders. Meanwhile Darren graduated Sim State and has returned home with his girlfriend Melody Tinker.

I didn't take a loading screen picture at the beginning of the round -- I just couldn't stomach it with Darren's black unitard, I will post one at the end but I don't want to spoil the post :)

Melody was outside looking through the telescope when Darren popped the big question

of course, she accepted

With both Darren and Melody being knowledge sims, neither of them wanted a big to-do, so they exchanged vows privately out on the balcony that evening

I didn't screen cap it, but Darren took a career in the architecture career path, and Melody was able to find a career in her chosen path of science.

On his first day, Darren got a nice bonus from a chance card

Melody and Tyrone both brought home promotions

That evening Melody finds out that she's pregnant

Tyrone brings home a bonus from a chance card

((man this family is going to be loaded by the end of the week!))

Darren brings home his first promotion

Julio gets a promotion, finally reaching the top of the athletic career track -- YAY!!!

And he promptly retires

Soon it's time for Melody to give birth to the baby

Meet baby Angelica! She looks just like her daddy.

Since Julio is retired, he has time to take care of the baby so Melody can go back to work

Julio really loves his grand-daughter, he doesn't stop fussing over her cuddling and playing with her all the time, it's so cute.

Melody keeps moving up in the science career

Darren brings home another bonus

and promotion, bringing him to the top of the Architecture career

and finally, Tyrone reaches the top of the Law career

((he's still a little steamed about the house getting robbed))

To wrap up the week, Melody brings home her third promotion

She also brings home a very pregnant Sofia Devivio.

And as promised, here's the shot of the family with baby Angelica

Scoring: 4 points (1 point each for Julio, Darren and Tyrone reaching top of career, 1 point for baby Angelica)

Household Net-Worth: 207,982

((That wraps it up for the Eich's. I'm so glad that the guys finally achieved their LTWs, I was worried there for a little with all the bad luck I had in previous rounds with their jobs. They'll be able to enjoy their retirements now. The family just racked up the sioleans this week so I'm debating a house remodel, although I really like the shape of the house so I'll have to figure out how to expand and still keep the same style/shape. Hopefully the medical career will come up for Darren, he maxxed on skill points associate with the career, so he should be able to reach the top pretty quickly when it comes up. Anyway... off to the Devivio's next))

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