Monday, February 2, 2009

Teer (R5)

Last round at the Teer's, cheesecake twins Addison and Wesley grew into children and spent lots of time skilling and dancing. Serena headed off to Sim State with her steady boyfriend, Amar Hoppes. And Kelly and Clayton continued to climb up the ladders of their respective careers and then aged into elders. How are Addie and Wes going to do as teenagers? Will Kelly and Clayton make it to the top this round? lets find out

At the beggining of the week it was time for the boys to grow into teens ((somehow they got to be a day apart... I'm not sure how...))

First Wes grew up

He declared a Romance aspiration

Next it was Addie's turn

And declared a Pleasure aspiration

Here are the boys after their respective makeovers ((LTW's are below the pictures))

Wesley Teer - Leo
Romance (LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef)

Addison Teer - Pisces
Pleasure (LTW: 50 dream dates)

Addie... are you effing kidding me?!?!?! ((::sigh::))

Meanwhile, Kelly got a good chance card

And a promotion

The next day Clayton also got a promotion

Addison rolled up a want to get the Extraterrestrial Reparations Grant so he spent a lot of the week at the telescope. Unfortunately no abductions took place... but he did make some money with discoveries and gained 9/10 Science enthusiasm

To round out the week, Clayton brought home another promotion bringing him one step closer to Captain Hero

And Kelly brought home her last promotion, finally achieving her lifetime want of being Education Minister

Kelly: "That's it... I don't have to go to work anymore?"

To celebrate, the Teer's got an extreme home makeover. I need to do some landscaping and figure out something with the porch, but otherwise I think it looks pretty fantastic :)

Scoring: 1 point for Kelly reaching the top of the Education career

Household Net-Worth: 72, 964

((That's it for the Teers... nothing too terribly eventful, just a lot of skilling to prepare the boys for college and to get Kelly and Clayon to the top of their careers. I will update Kelly's new LTW in the next round. Off to the Eich's next))

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Wesley's teen hair:
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