Thursday, February 19, 2009

Devivio 2 (R5)

When last we visited Pamela Devivio she had taken a vacation to Three Lakes where she met many an eligible lumberjack to woohoo with. Pamela returned from vacation with the mysterious want to woohoo with 5 service sims. She got lucky with two - the fireman, Neil LeTourneau, and the maid, Reminton Harris. We left Pamela chatting up the Bartender at a local club with 16/20 woohoos. Will Pamela achieve her want of service sim woohoo and finally fulfill her lifetime want? Lets see...

Pamela was pretty wealthy living by herself so she decided to buy a nice cottage close to the apartment she was renting on GoldTone Road.

Sadie stopped over to chat and ended up spending some quality time with Pamela

Sadie Royce (woohoo #17/service sim #3)

Pamela really had it bad for an old fling, Jack Copur and decided, against her better judgement, to invite him over again

The next day after a nice breakfast with Jack, Pamela wasn't feeling so well -- must be the stress of moving right?

Oh well... a little stomach upset wasn't enough to deter Pamela from her goals. She invited over the Marcel Hart, the host from Rodney's, for a little romance

In the middle of their date, Pamela got a disturbing surprise

A little belly pudge didn't bother Marcel, he still wanted to finish his date with Pamela

Marcel Hart (woohoo #18/service sim #4)

((This was a funny shot so I'm including it))

A few short days later it was time for Pamela to give birth

Welcome to Silvervale Flora Devivio. ((I was hoping for a redhead /sad))

All of Pamela's romantic exploits weren't making her too many friends so the trashcan spent more time spilled over on the sidewalk than in its upright position. Sure enough, the roaches ensued. Pamela put a positive spin on the roach situation and looked at it as an opportunity.

Why yes Rabi... we'd like you to come over and take care of the... er... roaches ::evil grin::

Ravi was a little annoyed about Pamela not letting him do his job but after a while he warmed up to her

Ravi Charvat (woohoo #19/service sim #5)

To Pamela's chagrin, the roaches never did get sprayed so she had to do it herself

Soon it was time for a double birthday

Flora turned into a toddler

Flora Devivio - [need star sign]

((wow she looks a lot like her daddy))

And Pamela transitioned into elderhood

Unusual for a Romance Sim, Pamela rolled up wants to interact with Flora

At the end of the week, Pamela fulfills her lifetime goal with the help of they gypsy matchmaker

Nicholas McCullogh (woohoo #20)

What will Pamela decide to do next with her life? Will she tell Jack about his daughter? Stay tuned in Round 6 to find out!

Scoring: 1 point for baby Flora

Household Net-Worth: 105,845

((well that's it for Pamela, she has finally achieved her 20 woohoos lifetime want and I actually had a lot of fun with it. I was already past time playing this lot but I couldn't close it with her being so close! I didn't have a chance to check out her new LTW but will surely update next round -- although I'm sure I won't fill it. Flora was intentional as I was trying for a redhead but alas it did not happen. Oh well, she's a cutie. Off to the next romance sim -- Carla Devivio))

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Flora's Hair: RaonSims

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