Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eich 2 (R9)

Last Round Tia took a mountain vacation and met some more men toward having 30 simultaneous lovers. When she arrived home from vacation she worked hard at her spa seducing more eligible bachelors. At the end of the Round she had gained 29 simultaneous lovers. This round Angelica and Kana will be moving in with Auntie Tia. How will Tia adjust to having others in the house with her? Will she be able to make it to 30 simultaneous loves this round? Lets find out...

Eich (Lot 9) Wednesday-Monday
Pictured (from left): Angelica Eich, Tia Eich, Kana Wong
Jar Card 214 (modified): Dig for Treasure

Angelica and Kana, fresh out of college, decided that instead of trying to get a place of their own, they would move in with Angelica's Aunt Tia. As much as she didn't want to admit it, Tia knew she was getting up in years and would need someone to help her out when she reached her golden years.

When Angelica and Kana arrived at the house, Tia was off at work, so they had some time to get settled in

Both were able to find jobs in their chosen career paths. Angelica found a job in the military, not surprising since she did ROTC in high school

With all the development downtown, Kana was easily able to find a job in a restaurant. Being a hostess wasn't ideal but maybe she'd be able to make it into the kitchen one day

While Angelica and Kana were getting settled in, what Tia thought would be a fun evening after a day of hard work turned into a risky situation

Tia's quick thinking during the concert earned her a promotion

Angelica and Kana had heard that Tia found some maps while digging in the garden, and they thought maybe if they found they'd be able to take a vacation

The next morning, Tia really got to know her nieces girlfriend. Tia thought Kana was a very nice girl and that Angelica was luck to have found her

While Kana and Tia were off at work, Angelica decided that she would put her digging to good work and start a vegetable garden

That afternoon Kana came home with her first promotion to waitress

Later that evening, Tia came home with a promotion as well

While making breakfast the next morning, tragedy struck. Angelica has dripped some oil on the stove burner and before she knew it, her pajamas had caught fire as well

Fortunately, the fire department arrived quickly and they were able to extinguish the flames

The traumatic experience had a very negative effect on Angelica

She and Kana had visited a fertility clinic earlier in the week to see if they could conceive a child. Angelica found out that she lost the baby before she even knew she was pregnant

After visiting the doctor, Angelica decided to take a few days off to recover from her miscarriage. She found gardening very theraputic and managed to earn her silver gardening badge while on leave from work

Kana managed to bring home another promotion that day even though she was feeling very queasy for the majority of the day. She chalked it up to stress from losing their baby and almost losing her partner

Tia followed behind Kana with a promotion herself

Tia arrived home just in time to greet her brother, Darren and his family who had come over to comfort Angelica and Kana

Melody and Kana got along famously, Kana really fit into the family well

After their guests had left, Kana learned why she had been feeling nauseous earlier in the day. Both she and Angelica had eggs implanted to increase their chances of having a baby. It turned out that Kana's eggs took and she was pregnant

Kana wasn't taking any chances, she completely relaxed during the pregnancy, and Angelica waited on her like she was royalty. Kana spent most of her days in the company of friends enjoying her pregnancy and taking it easy

Scoring: 0 points

Household Net-Worth: 168,625

((So I didnt' even know that Tia was 1 lover away from her IW... For some reason I thought she had achieved it last round and it slipped my mind to check. I made a note that I needed to finish this next round. Kana and Angelica mostly had my attention this round because somehow they both managed to get pregnant, heh. I'm sad for Angelica that she lost the baby, her needs were dropping so fast that I rushed her to make breakfast and then she started on fire, I'm just glad I didn't lose her too! Other than the baby drama, things were pretty routine in the house. We're off to check in on Wesley and Jeannie next!))


Anonymous said...

Poor Angelica. I'm glad she's ok but so sorry she lost her baby. It is good she had some time off to recuperate and be outdoors.

Tia--30 simultaneous lovers!! (well, 29) That is amazing.

SK said...

WHEW, I am so glad that Angelica was okay! The miscarriage is a bummer, but at least Kana can continue the family line. Those spontaneous fires are scary, man. I hate when my sims catch fire, lol.

Tia looks so old to me this round, for some reason. I'm glad she decided to have the girls move in with her. She looks like she could use a hand.

Eien Herrison said...

:( I hate it when sims have a miscarriage. If I know a sim is going to be pregnant, I try to keep leftovers in the fridge -- of course, it usually means they miscarry because of low energy instead of hunger.

Good to see that Kana's pregnancy is okay, although I am wondering what would have happened if they had both given birth.

jungfrun68 said...

It's strange how different sims are. Some don't seem to be able to keep a featus at all, and some are popping out one kid after another without even throwing up once. Just like IRL :)

Anonymous said...

Jungfrun, some of the differences could be attributed to personality--for example Gemini's lose energy much slower. Also the aspiration bonuses could make a difference.

Liz said...

@Francesca: I think Angelica only went to work one day in the whole round for some reason. She took the miscarriage pretty rough. I can't wait to get 30 loves for Tia, I can't believe it slipped my mind this round.

@SK: I hate when my simmies catch fire too! Tia does seem tired, she's not nearly as spunky as she used to be. She'll have a nice cushy retirement though, that I can gaurentee!

@Eien Herrison: It would have been fairly amusing if both Kana and Angelica gave birth. Considering how quickly Angelica's needs were dropping and my twins streak this round, I suspect she was carrying twins... hehe

@J68: Angelica has always been a handful even when she was a kid so it doesn't much surprise me that she had a rough pregnancy even if it only lasted one day.