Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teer 2 (R9)

ZOMG -- two updates in one night!

Last Round Jeannie and Wesley didn't have such a good week. Jeannie got fired from her job. As a result both Jeannie and Wes ended up earning themselves bad reputations downtown. Their mutual monogamy came to an end when Wesley hopped in the sack with and old college fling. How will things go this round?

Teer (Lot 10) Saturday - Thursday
Pictured (from left): Jeannie Vijayakar, Wesley Teer
Jar Card 11: [male] pee in a shrub

Spring was on its way and Wes was getting into the spirit of the season by landscaping the yard

He also decided it would be nice to have fresh veggies, so he started a small vegetable garden

And sprayed down the fruit trees that were growing in the yard

Wesley was working so hard outside that he had to spray something else as well

I'm not sure that's the best way to water the nicely trimmed bushes Wes!

While Wes busied himself in the yard, Jeannie was busy working her way up the slacker career ladder. She was moving right along and managed to earn back to back promotions

Jeannie's promotion to Party D.J. had her working most evenings and put her and Wes on completely opposite schedules. Wes took advantages of Jeannie being out late by inviting a lovely young lady named Rose over

One thing led to another and soon they were both in the hot tub

They lost track of time, and Rose just managed to slip out the back gate as Jeannie's carpool was pulling up to the house

Jeannie came home with another promotion that evening. It still had her working nights but paid a whole lot more

While Wes was at work the next day, Jeannie invited over her friend Jack Copur. Jack had just lost his cougar girlfriend, Pamela and Jeannie thought it would be nice for Jack to get out of the house.

Leave it to two romancers though to end up in the hot tub together as consolation!

That afternoon, Wes came home with a promotion to the top of the Show Business career. Maybe he'd be able to use his celebrity to finally break into the Culinary career.

The promotion allowed Wes to declare a secondary aspiration, for which he chose knowledge

And also allowed him to maximize his lifetime aspiration meter

Jeannie also got a promotion

For the first time in a while, Wes and Jeannie were home at the same time. They both celebrated their respective promotions

The next morning Jeannie went out to spray the plants while Wes was getting ready for his first day as a Celebrity Icon

It was her first day off in a whole week so Jeannie took full advantage and invited over her friend Jihoon Scott for a quickie

Scoring: 4 points (1 point for Wes reaching TOC Show Business, 3 points for Wes maxing LTA meter)

Household Net-Worth: 117,177

((LOL at the jar card this round! My strategy for this one was to lock all the doors to the house and just make Wes's bladder need deplete and it worked! I was so excited that I made my boyfriend come upstairs and look, he wasn't too impressed. Jeannie and Wes were on completely opposite schedules this round, they were never home at the same time except for maybe a few hours overlap. Both of them had typical Romance wants to I had to indulge them with outsiders. I was kinda surprised about Jeannie and Jack, he was the highest relationship points she had and she needed more friends for work so I had her invite them over... and then she rolled up all kinds of romantic wants for him... silly Romance sims! Now that Wes is perma-plat from filling the LTA meter, I'm debating whether to even bother to get him a job in culinary for his LTW. I probably will, but I guess I don't really have to. We're off to check up on the Wade's next!))


Francesca Dean said...

Yay for Wesley, filling up his whole aspiration bonus panel!! And gardening is so much fun, especially in the spring.

SK said...

HA! I didn't even know sims could pee in the bushes!!!! Did you have to command him to do it, or did he do it on his own once he hit bladder need?

It's kind of a drag how romance sims always want to depresses me. But I'm glad they're both happy getting their ya-ya's out. :p Fun round.

Eien Herrison said...

Wow, very successful round with the promotions -- I wonder how long they can continue romancing other people before one of them finds out.

jungfrun68 said...

Huh! I never saw a sim pee in a bush before! When did that become possible?

Liz said...

@Francesca: Yes, I love gardening, esp IRL... and it's been so beautiful here lately that I actually got seeds planted... oh yeah, you were talking about sims, lol

@SK: I locked all the doors and he just did it when his bladder got to about 1/4. I was so excited that I made Ryan come look, he wasn't too excited though

@Eien Herrison: The promotions were pretty easy for Jeannie because she got demoted to the lowest rank last week so she had all the skills and friends to work herself back up pretty quickly. There were a couple close calls to be honest, but Wes and Jeannie were on completely opposite schedules, so it wasn't too terribly hard.

@J68: apparently it's been possible since base game considering those are base game bushes ;) I'm thinking it could have come with BV though because sometimes when you're camping you don't have indoor facilities, ya know? lol