Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hoppes 2 (R9)

Emmett Hoppes is a freshly minted graduate of Sim State and bach-ing it up on his own this round. How will he do with his girlfriend, Victoria still off at school? Lets find out... ((This will be short and sweet... you know how single sims are))

Hoppes (Lot 14) Monday-Saturday
Pictured: Emmett Hoppes
Jar Card 63: Throw a theme party

Emmett settled into an unfinished house in Silvervale and managed to get a mid-level job in the Artist career track.

With his love of painting he figured it would give him a good graphics background to break into the game design industry one day. Plus... he was good at it

The job not only required him to be good at painting, but he also had to be social with people. Emmett frequently visited community gathering places to meet people and talk about his art

The socializing paid off and Emmett was able to earn another promotion

To celebrate the promotion, Emmett decided to throw a little party so his family and friends could see the house that he was working on fixing up. Plus it would be nice to be able to watch the big game together

After the game, everyone stuck around and caught up. They were impressed how well Emmett seemed to be doing so soon after college

The party turned out to be a great success and the family was glad to be able to catch up

Of course, Victoria ended up spending the night after all the other guests left

Victoria left the next day and Emmett headed off to work. Unfortunately for him he made a very costly mistake and took on a project that was just too large for him at the point in his career

Scoring: 0 points this round

Household Net-Worth: 36,875

((Yeah, like I said, short and sweet round. Emmett didn't do much other than skill and socialize for promotions. I built Emmett a victorian style house but the land and the shell of the house cost almost his entire 20k so it's not decorated or furnished too much yet. The party was nice and Emmett got to socialize with his family. The 50k penalty didn't really hurt too much because Emmett had less than 1000 simoleans. I ended up spending his money immediately after he got it so the 50k took him down to 0 but really it wasn't that much anyway. Just a few bloopers... while Emmett was out at a community lot, Columbia Devivio really had it out for this townie, they constantly were picking on each other

Moral of the story: Don't mess with Columbia. This is the last house on the playlist this round so we'll be cycling back to the Pushard's next and the beginning of Round 10 -- woot!))


jungfrun68 said...

Emmet's house looks great, and the community lot, too!

Liz said...

Haha, the 2 rooms that I actually have painted and decorated are the ones in the screenshots, every other room in the house is just unpainted drywall with the cheapest tile floor I could find. The community lot is twoflower's staycation mountain lot that can be found here:

SK said...

Fun fun, building from the ground up. I think I'm going to start doing that more often. It's such a blast. :)