Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wade (R9)

Last round at the Wade household, townie couple Brittany and William continued to grow their fledgling family. Their toddler son, Byron grew up into quite a little antagonist. Brittany got pregnant again and gave birth to twins -- Michael and Lindsay. Nobody has succeeded in guessing the naming theme for this house yet (/disappointed). Lets see how the family does this week.

Wade (Lot 11) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Brittany Wade holding Lindsay Wade, William Wade holding Michael Wade, Byron Wade
[open from R8] Jar Card 104: Become a Warewolf
Jar Card 157: Learn the Hula Dance

Brittany and William (and the Nanny) were so busy with the twins that Bryon had the run of the house. He could eat what he wanted, when he wanted

And he could also bring friends home whenever he wanted

The twins' birthday crept up pretty quickly and soon it was time for them to transition into toddlers

Michael and Lindsay grew up in the cute red-headed toddlers with matching tuxedos

Lindsay Wade - Gemini

Michael Wade - Leo

Michael and Lindsay may have been twins but they were as different as could be. Lindsay was always content to amuse herself but Michael was always screaming for attention

Both were smart as a whip though and learned all of their skills quickly

With the kids a little more self sufficient, and a competent babysitter, Brittany and William were both able to go back to work. After many years of hard work at the Architecture firm, Brittany finally made it to the top

William was getting a work out from his job, literally, he needed to be really fit and strong in order to apprehend the badguys around SimCity

Both of them were working so hard that they decided a little break was in order. They called the nanny and booked a long weekend getaway to the beach

Unfortunately their trip was too short to learn all of the local customs (i.e. no hula!) but they returned home refreshed and rejuvenated

William's bosses could tell the vacation did him good, his mind, and body were sharper than ever. They gave him a promotion to police chief

Brittany was surprised to have a message from Sim State when she returned home, they wanted to give her a job at the college teaching in the Art and Architecture department

Unfortunately Brittany would have to take some leave from her new job... One unexpected result of their vacation was a pregnancy. Brittany was unsure they would be able to handle a new addition to the family with the twins still being in the terrible toddler stage

She didn't think it was possible to have a rougher pregnancy than she had with the twins... but when she wasn't in the bathroom or eating, Brittany spent much of her pregnancy in bed. She couldn't even congratulate Byron on his A+ report card

One morning, somewhere in her second trimester, Brittany started getting awful pains, it was too early to go into labor though

The doctor put her on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy

Brittany was able to get out of bed long enough to help with the twins' birthday though. They would finally be self sufficient children, just in time for her to give birth to the new baby

Both of the twins grew up into adorable children

Lindsay Wade

Michael Wade

After the party, Brittany went back to bed and William made the kids dinner

Michael and Lindsay got along famously, Byron was more studious and didn't feel like participating in his younger siblings' silly games

Late in the evening Brittany started having real contractions

Not surprisingly ((considering my twins streak this round!)) she gave birth to twins that they named Gob and Maebe.

After the exhausting night, William was forced to call in sick to work so that they could both recover.

Scoring: 3 points (1 point for Brittany reaching TOC Architecture, 1 each for Gob and Maebe)

Household Net-Worth: 92,502

((Lindsay and Michael are very gregarious, they get along really well. It was funny when they were toddlers, Lindsay would sit contentedly in her crib until someone let her out but Michael just screamed and screamed. The vacation was a bust, nobody hula dancing at all... boo! Tia Eich knows the hula so maybe I'll have her invite the Wades over and teach them so I can at least close one jar card on this house. I'll also keep trying to find the leader of the pack to warewolf-ify William. So yeah, twins again. I didn't think it was possible for Brittany to have any worse of a pregnancy than she had with the other twins, but she did. It was awful, I just couldn't keep her needs up. Maybe I should have just let her have the miscarriage, heh. We're off to my most favorite family, the Cormiers, next!))


jungfrun68 said...

I didn't crack your name scheme. It sounds like a book, like "Sense and Sensibility" or something.
What I found on the internet when trying to cheat was this:
but I don't now... It might be close to your usual film themes

Liz said...

Yup! The naming scheme is Arrested Development! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Wow, for late miscarriage/stillbirth, does inteen give that warning box before it happens?? It doesn't give that with early miscarriages.

Those pregnancies can be so hard, but with twins, I guess its understandable.

Michael, and especially Lindsay, are beautiful children!

Liz said...

I tend to micromanage my pregnant sims a lot... although I've been slipping as of late. I think that's the first time I've gotten that warning... it was after the second pop though. I'm so excited for Michael and Lindsay, and I geneticized the skintone so it's exciting to see that Brittany's kids are still being born with it!

Anonymous said...

Eek, more twins. And I love the freckles!

SK said...

Holy cow, the kids in this house are so adorable! You're going to have those nice recessive redheads all over the neighborhood! Also LOVELOVELOVE the geneticised freckles. Lindsay is absolutely a gorgeous little girl.

I cannot believe twins again. O.o

And Francesca: yeah, it only happens after the second pop. When Gretchen miscarried in the first stage of pregnancy in the Vinci house, there was no warning, but when Fiona came close while pregnant with the twins, it gave a warning.

I guess twojeffs figured that if you let the pregnancy get to late-term, you probably wanted the kids around; thus, the warning.