Tuesday, February 23, 2010

University H2

And we're back at university. Last Round this house was drama central, this time we'll check up on Juniors, Angelica Eich, Kana Wong, Flora Devivio; and new Freshman, Annatto Eich. Have things calmed down with the two couples living in this house? Lets find out ((Just a warning, this entry is completely uneventful))

When Annatto moved into the Dorms, Flora was there to welcome him to College

Flora told Annatto that their 4th roommate had moved out and that there would be room in the rental if he wanted to join them. Annatto agreed that he would move in when Sierra had gotten all of her things moved into the Greek house. In the meantime, Annatto had decided to pledge the Greek House himself

He also declared his major to history

When Annatto finally was able to move out of the dorms and into his sister and girlfriend's rental he was met with an unexpected sight, his sister's girlfriend in her underwear

Kana was very nice and welcoming, but Annatto thought to himself that it was going to be a very long 2 years if he had to see all the females in the house wandering around in their underwear

Annatto insisted that Angelica and Kana pledge into the Greek house so that they could join he and Flora at the Greek house parties

In the middle of pledging a strange man showed up and insisted Angelica come with him. She figured that it was all part of the hazing process so she agreed to go

She later found out that it wasn't part of being inducted into the Greek House, but an even more Elite club on campus, the Landgrabbe Society

When Angelica arrived home the Greek house members cheered her on then admitted her and Kana into the Greek House

Flora just chuckled to herself about Angelica's ordeal and told her that she shouldn't tell Kana and Annatto what would inevitably be happening to them as well

Kana was a semester behind Flora and Angelica but at the end of Sophomore year, she decided that she loved Angelica too much to continue her Romance aspirations. She thought that she and Angelica would have the best possible life meeting people and having a good time, so she switched to Pleasure to complement Angelica's Popularity aspirations.

New LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef

Angelica was exstatic to hear about Kana's change of heart regarding aspirations, they celebrated the best way they knew how

The year moved along quickly ((thanks to College Clock)). Angelica, Flora and Kana had some major cases of senioritis, but Annatto had to keep working on his homework and papers to excel at his classes

In the middle of a snack break one night, a young blonde man barged through the front door and not-so-nicely demanded that Annatto come with him. Annatto was uneasy, but too tired to fight back, so he went

He was happy to see many of his college acquaintances at the Secret Society lot, and chatted with them a little bit before heading back to the rental for bed

A couple weeks later, almost on cue, Kana got her secret society induction. It happened the same way as the others before

Kana wasn't nearly as popular as her girlfriend and she didn't know many of the other members, but she figured that Angelica was able to pull some strings to get her in

Graduation was fast approaching for the seniors, Angelica invited her parents over to finally meet Kana and to take some of her things back to her Aunt Tia's house in Silvervale so she would have less to lug along when she graduated

Despite their slacking, all three seniors graduated with top honors. Angelica came home with a 4.0 in history

And Kana received a 4.0 in Literature

Both ladies promptly called the taxi to head back to Silvervale where they would be moving in with Angelica's Aunt Tia

Flora came home later, also earning a 4.0 in Drama

With the house to themselves, Flora and Annatto said their goodbyes promising to talk every day until Annatto finished college

Later that evening, Flora went back to Silvervale, planning to move back in with her father, Jack Copur

((Geez all my girls grew up in Kimonos... lol))

Scoring: 3 points for the SCL graduates

((Yeah, so completely uneventful I know but I was on University burn out after playing the Greek House. Plus this group is pretty boring, they never really want to do anything fun. Flora will be going back to live with Jack, Annatto will move in there when he graduates. Angelica and Kana are going to live with Tia to carry on the Eich family name there. And that's where we're headed next!))


Anonymous said...

They grow up in the lamest clothes sometimes. It was a real bummer in my legacy when they couldn't change for a while--or I had to try to work in why they had on such ridiculous outfits.

Your new round 9 stuff sounds great, I hope it goes well!

jungfrun68 said...

I usually don't react to sims clothing, but sometimes even me - like these kimonos! I'm actually happy I don't have Bon Voyage installed. I would like the sauna though...

SK said...

I loooove that outfit you have on Flora; it really fits her. It's funny, now when I look at your lots, I suddenly notice all the CC. Gee, I wonder why. :) Anyway, I'm looking forward to following both couples when they get back to Rosebud. Angelica and Kana are so sweet.

Anonymous said...

It is so romantic that she changed aspirations for Angelica.

Eien Herrison said...

Hah, I know what you mean about boring houses -- I'm hoping when one of the Bishop twins moves back home things will get more interesting!

Still, reading it is a nice break from other, more frantic households.

Liz said...

@Francesca: yeah, the outfits were pretty bad but I change them immediately when they get back to the hood, it's part of my adjustment process for recent grads ;)

@J68: The kimonos are OK on some sims but look kinda silly when random people are walking around with them, I love BV though.

@SK: Yeah, I have entirely too much CC... and its constantly growing. At least I'm making efforts to be more restrained, heh.

@Eien Herrison: Boring houses at University are pretty excruciating, luckily college clock is allowed and I could zoom them through. I agree though, it was a breath of fresh air after playing the Greek House lot!

Chammalia said...

Hah, kimonos! What a fun coincidence.
And I agree, Floras' black/red/white outfit is wonderful. Especially the shoes (: