Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cormier (R9)

Last round at the Cormiers, Ricky made an honest woman out of Janet and married her in the park. Ricky got a job in Politics and Janet in Gaming, her preferred career path. Unfortunately Janet wasn't able to work too much at her Gamer job before she realized she was pregnant. Janet paid the matchmaker $10 for a cheap date with a man named Justice who later got shocked (literally) by Vinaya ((this still makes me LOL!)). Vinaya grew up into a teen declaring a Knowledge aspiration with a desire to become Head of the SCIA like her grandma, Sofia. At the end of the round Janet gave birth to a bouncing baby boy that they named Mahran. Lets see how this delightful family fares this week.

Cormier (Lot 12) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (from left): Vinaya Devivio, Ricky Cormier, Janet Cormier holding Mahran Cormier
Jar Card 38: Play with a Paper Airplane

As a family sim, Ricky was smitten with Mahran. He was always playing and fussing with him

Mahran wasn't going to be a baby for long though, it was time for him to enter toddlerhood

Mahran Cormier - Libra

Of course, Ricky took almost full charge of teaching Mahran his skills

With Ricky doting on Mahran, the ladies of the house had a lot of free time. Vinaya and Janet took advantage of the quiet and had a girl to girl chat

Janet thought it was time for Vinaya to look for a job.

Vinaya had off on weekends so she was pretty much free to do as she pleased. She decided to visit the new boardwalk that was built down the road ((this is an idea inspired by Twoflower's Stay-cation lots... I didn't particularly care for her Twikki themed lot when I put it in my hood, so I built my own))

Despite being fall it was still relatively warm, Vinaya decided to dig in the sand and see if she could find any trinkets that were dredged up by the construction of the boardwalk

She also watched the firedancer performing on the beach

That afternoon Ricky brought home a promotion to Judge, all the schmoozing really started to pay off for him

Monday came pretty quickly and soon it was time for Vinaya to head off to her new job in the intelligence field. She decided that it would help her look more inconspicuous if she took her baby brother with her ((she just walked right out of the house with him!))

Apparently taking Mahran to work with her helped her to charm her superiors because she came home with a promotion

Luckily she remembered to bring Mahran home with her

When she wasn't working, Vinaya was usually out of the house having fun and meeting people. She met a particularly cute boy named Kennedy Smith and they started dating

Kennedy liked Vinaya a lot and even gave her her first kiss

While Vinaya was out on her date with Kennedy, Janet returned with a big promotion. She finally made it to the top of the Gamer career, achieving her lifetime want

The promotion allowed Janet to maximize her Lifetime aspiration meter as well

After Janet got home, it was time to celebrate another birthday for Mahran.

Mahran grew up into a very handsome young man, closely resembling his sister

Mahran Cormier

Mahran was excited to start elementary school, however the snow prevented him and Janet from heading out to school the next day

Mahran didn't let the snow get him down, he was just as playful and fun-loving as his sister. He invited a friend over for a snowball fight

and passed the day making snow angels in the knee deep snow

Scoring: 5 points (1 point for Janet reaching TOC Gamer, 1 point for Janet achieving her LTW, 3 points for Janet maximizing her LTA meter)

Household Net-Worth: 50,443

((I love this family so much, they are just so endearing and wonderful. Mahran is adorable! I was really scared with Vinaya took him off to the carpool with her, his needs just kept dropping while he was at work with Vinaya and I couldn't get him back even with the teleporter shrub. Needless to say, I was relieved when he popped out of the carpool when it returned home. Vinaya is having a hard time finding a boyfriend. She likes Kennedy OK, but they only have 2 bolts, I'm kinda holding out for a 3 bolter for her, though getting Kennedy's elf ears into the hood might be neat. Janet's promotion finally gave the household enough funds to completely renovate the house. I'll post some pics next round. It looks pretty good IMO. And now to the jar card:

Ricky was highly amused by the paper airplane, lol. We're off to a new lot next to check up on Brad and Tessa, stay tuned))


jungfrun68 said...

Paper airplanes are so underestimated as sources of fun :D

Liz said...

Indeed, though I was never any good at making them ;)

SK said...

Vinaya is such an unusual but pretty girl. I think Mahran is going to be an absolute hunk when he gets older too.

That's so weird that she took him to work with her! I have never seen that before. O.o Scary. I wonder if he could have died due to low needs on another lot?

Also, your pics are making me want to download custom eye colors, le sigh.

Chrissy Brown said...

Vinaya is a pretty sim and Mahran is cute! :)