Thursday, February 4, 2010

University H1

Last Round at the Annya Var house, Janet and Ricky graduated and went off to start their adult lives in Silvervale. Before they left Sim State they passed on stewardship of the Greek House to Janet's brother, Brad and his girlfriend Tessa. Tessa got knocked up halfway through freshman year and gave birth to a daughter that they named Carmen at the beginning of Sophomore year. As a result of the pregnancy, Tessa was put on the accelerated program (i.e. college clock). Despite the addition of a baby into the Greek house, life went on pretty much as normal. This round things get a little crazy with the addition of 6 Silvervale young adults into the Annya Var house.

University Part 1: Annya Var House
Top Row (from Left): Emmett Hoppes (J), Brad Devivio (J), Sierra Seif (J), Victoria Pushard (F),
Marty Hoppes (J) Bottom Row (from Left): Magenta Devivio (F), Frank Devivio (F)
Not Pictured: Tessa Ramirez (J)

At the start of Junior year Tessa found out that she was pregnant again

Trying to juggle schoolwork and a toddler were hard enough for her, let alone doing this, managing a house-full of people, and being pregnant. She knew what she had to do

Brad was upset, but understood why Tessa was making this decision. He vowed that he would drive out to Bluewater to visit her whenever he had a break in his schedule. It would be better for Carmen to get out of the crazy Greek house too.

After helping Tessa back to Silvervale, Brad had Greek house business to attend to. His cousins, Emmet and Marty, had expressed interest in joining the Annya Var house.

Brad went on over to the Hoppes' brothers rental and initiated them into the Greek house

Across campus the new Freshmen were moving in. Frank, who had not remotely been interested in the teen girls back in Silvervale surprised everyone when he went wild for a pretty College Girl that walked by. Having such pretty ladies living in the dorms was bound to make it difficult for Frank to move to the Greek House like he planned

Another surprise was that Magenta and Victoria got along famously right from the start of unloading the vans.

The two girls decided to go out shopping with one another once they had claimed their dorm rooms. They both got fresh new looks for college.

Victoria Pushard

Magenta Devivio

All of the Freshmen decided to pledge the Greek house, though Annatto Eich decided that he would rather go live with his sister and girlfriend at their rental on campus. While waiting for Brad to arrive, they all enjoyed a waterballoon fight out front of the dorms

When Brad arrived, Frank and Magenta got into the Greek house almost intantly

It took Victoria and Annatto a little longer to convince Brad to let them join because he didn't really know them that well

While the others were trying to get into the Greek House, Frank was trying to find out more about the elusive young lady that had crossed his path earlier. He found out that her name was Whitney Alioto

The next day, before packing up their stuff and trucking over the Annya Var house, the new Freshmen decided to make college official by declaring their majors. Victoria chose a Psychology major, she figured it would be helpful in seducing the young men of Sim State, and spinning it if Emmett ever caught her

A true Fortune Sim, Frank chose to study Economics

And Magenta, not really knowing what she wants out of life yet ((she will change her aspiration after Sophomore year)) chose to study Political Science

After getting settled in, Marty called Sierra over and invited her to join the Greek house, since her living situation with Angelica wasn't going too well

It didn't take long for the new pledges to get settled into Greek house life

While most of their housemates were playing cards, Emmett and Victoria got reacquainted in the hot tub

Luckily Victoria had brought something along to college to prevent her from being in the same situation as Tessa

The next morning, Brad and Frank enjoyed a game of chess. Frank took the opportunity to ask his older brother's advice about Whitney. Brad urged him to go for it.

Following his brother's advice, Frank invited Whitney over later that night, and found out his feelings for her were mutual

With a new lady in his life, Frank decided it was time for a makeover, luckily Sierra had brought her make-over station to the Greek house with her

He and Sierra decided that he would look good with a ponytail, Frank was thrilled with his new look

((sorry no close-up, whoops!))

Frank continued to see Whitney and things progressed rapidly between them them

When Whitney saw Frank's haircut, she thought she might do well to ask Sierra for a make-over too

Whitney Alioto - Family

((I won't be moving Whitney in because that's just one more sim that I'll have to play, she'll be moving in with Frank after he graduates if things keep progressing between them))

Things at the Greek house went pretty much like they normally do. Most times the residents were busy studying

When they weren't studying, pursuit of hobbys was the main focus of the house. Victoria was the first in the house to receive a hobby plaque, he plaque was for her pursuit of Music&Dance

Emmett received his Fitness hobby plaque not long after, never mind the fact that he received it while sitting on his butt and not doing anything "fit"

With all the poker played in the Greek house, it wasn't a surprise when Frank received a Games hobby plaque

Soon after, Emmett also received his plaque for Games enthusiasm

The Silvervale YA's got together frequently for parties at the Greek house, Angelica, Kana, Flora and Annatto came over at least weekly

Emmett even was able to convince Flora to pledge

At one of their weekly get togethers a strange limo pulled up outside the Greek house. The man inside started harassing Victoria

Emmett had to leave the room or else he would have ruined Victoria's surprise Secret Society induction by his laughter at the situation

The next night, it was Sierra's turn, Victoria hadn't told anyone what happened, so Sierra was just as confused when the limo pulled up and took her away

She got it pretty quickly though when they pulled up a grand mansion on the outskirts of campus

Sierra was thrilled, the Secret Society was a great place for her to practice giving haircuts

She even managed to earn her Bronze cosmetology badge while visiting one evening

it became common place for a limo to pull up late at night and take one of the Greek house residents away, the twins got inducted next

Finals crept up before the kids knew it. But before heading off to their final exam and leaving college behind forever, Marty had something he had been meaning to ask Sierra

Of course she happily accepted his proposal

With all their affairs in order, the Seniors went off to their final exams

All of the seniors graduated with honors and moved back to Silvervale

Brad Devivio:

Emmett Hoppes:

Marty Hoppes:

Sierra Seif:

See you guys back in the hood!

After 2 years of college, Magenta had had a lot of time to think about what she wanted to do with her life. She decided to change her aspiration to Family (from Pleasure)

New LTW: Marry off 6 Children (/facepalm)

Scoring: 7 points (-1 point for Tessa dropping out, 1 point for Victoria's M&D plaque, 1 point for Emmett's fitness plaque, 1 point each for Emmett and Frank's games plaque, 4 points for the summa cum laude graduates)

((Well that round took for freakin' ever! I think I prefer to put as many sims as I can in a house for university rather than splitting it up into smaller households though. I'll probably switch back and forth depending on how many students there are at uni. I was surprised when Frank heart-farted all over Whitney the minute he set foot in the dorms, this is the kid who didn't want anything to do with ANY of the teen girls in Silvervale. I waffled between moving her in or not, and decided not to just because that would give me 8 sims living in the Greek house. The only thing I'm worried about is Whitney's lifetime want because I have no idea what it is, and she's a family sim. Ugh. Also ugh is that I cannot believe that Magenta re-rolled from 50 dream dates to get the LTW to marry of 6 kids. I guess good for me, bad for my hood population! Anyway, we haz out-takes:

Emmett... I'm not sure the street is the best place to do homework...

Frank, ever the fortune sim, always has money on his mind, even when he's making out with his girlfriend

Moar Fuglicide Plx
Since I don't have the other Uni pics edited [yeah... totally a slacker] We're off to visit Carla, Connor and Gibson next!))


SK said...

Wow, every time I see Magenta, she gets more beautiful! I love that girl! I know your 'hood is exploding already, but at least she'll make a pretty half-dozen babies?

Poor Tessa having to drop out. Apparently Tessa is just an extremely fertile sim. I managed to keep her from getting knocked up again in my 'hood (no moar sex for you, Tessa!), but I hope that the babies come out with a good mix of genes. She's got a pretty but angular face...I'd like to see the eyes and mouth paired with more feminine cheekbones and jawline!

I still cannot believe you played 7 sims in a house at uni. O.o Insanity, Miz Liz, insanity!

Liz said...

I agree, Magenta is soooo pretty (just like her sister Janet). Hopefully her and Jay Len... er James Pushard's genes mix well, lol. When Tessa got preggers again, I was like "oh hellz nah" she's dropping out, there was NO WAY I was going to play that many sims, plus I wouldn't have been able to move all the kidlets in (since there would have been 4 with just brad, Tessa and their kids... SPOILER: she ends up with twins this round BTW so I'm glad I dropped her out.

jungfrun68 said...

I'm so impressed that you manage SCL all the time. I give my sims too much freedom I think. Sometimes they even miss their exams! But somehow, I trust my sims to be more realistic, with differing grades. At least, that's what I tell myself when I fail once again ;)

Liz said...

@j68: I get so bored with university that I barely even try to get SCL, it just happens. I was thinking of installing ACR just for my university houses and taking it out when I'm not playing uni. I try to let my sims do what they want in college by following their wants. Also, snapdragons make writing a term paper easy because the only need that drops is energy.