Sunday, January 31, 2010

Devivio 2 (R9)

((Yeah... time for Liz to stop being a slacker and pound out a few entries ;P ))

Last time we visited Pamela and Jack, Flora was a super over-achiever. In the beginning of the round she had managed to get admitted into private school, got a job in the Athletic field, and started dating Annatto Eich. Not to be outdone by their daughter, Pamela and Jack both brought home large bonuses from work. At the end of the Round, Flora headed off to Sim State. How will Pamela and Jack feel now that they are by themselves, for the first time in their relationship? Lets see!

Devivio (Lot 6) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured ( from left): Pamela Devivio, Jack Copur
Jar Card 241: Make a Customer Angry

Since there was a baby boom ((yup... you'll see in a few entries!)) going on in Silvervale, Jack's business, Tyke's Tower Toys, had been doing really well. Jack had no choice but to hire another employee to help with the massive amount of customers coming in the door. He hired a young lady named Allyn Creelman. She wasn't the best help, but Jack was desperate for another body on the floor to help customers.

One day Jack spotted a reviewer walk into the store

This would be a good lesson for Allyn, he thought, and he sent her over to be a personal shopper for the reviewer

Allyn was giving exceptional customer service to the reviewer, unfortunately this was at the expense of the other customers. Some of them complained to Jack that they weren't receiving satisfactory service from the new, young employee

Despite the complaints from the other customers, the reviewer was impressed with the toy shop. She promised Jack a good review in the paper the next day

Unfortunately when Jack called Allyn out back to discuss her lack of multi-tasking skills, Allyn lost it...

"You told me to pay undivided attention to the reviewer!" Allyn yelled befuddled by why she was getting reprimanded in the first place.

When Jack tried to explain, Allyn threw off her apron and walked out of the gate, screaming that she couldn't handle working there anymore, after only one day on the job.

Jack and Brandon had to work the rest of the day one short, again... The customers were not pleased, and Jack and Brandon were run ragged by the end of the day

Luckily Jack had been getting better at the cash register and finally earned his Bronze register badge

So many products flew off the shelves that day that Jack also managed to earn his Silver restocking badge

With Jack off at the Toy store all day, Pamela didn't really know what to do with herself. She usually just sat around in her PJ's watching TV with Cookie

Sometimes she would head off to Sue's Secret Kitchen to participate in Cooking contests. Flora would even join her occasionally if it fit into her course schedule

Pamela had years experience over Flora though and usually managed to win the contests

She also managed to win a Cooking hobby plaque as a result of her frequent visits to Sue's

When Jack got home that evening, he collapsed on the bed exhausted. Pamela felt a little guilty that she was lounging around all day while he was busting his butt at the shop. Luckily Jack wasn't to exhausted for a little relaxation woohoo...

Next time Jack went off to the shop, Pamela went with him. She helped him pick out a much more suitable employee for the store. Pamela told Jack they needed someone with experience

Shea was definitely the right man to help Jack... maybe one day they could even promote him to manager

The store ran like a well oiled machine with Pamela there... Shea manned the register, Jack made toys to fill the shelves and Brandon filled the shelves and tidied up after the custmers. Pamela was left to woo everyone that came in the door... and woo them she did...

First Bronze

Then silver

And finally a Gold sales badge... all in one afternoon!

The four of them were an unstoppable team, no customers complained and they made tons of profits. That day, with Pamela's help, the store reached level 10

Jack and Pamela were on top of the world when they got home that afternoon

Pamela went out to the living room to call Flora and tell her the good news, sadly, before she could pick up the phone, a visitor came to see Pamela

Pamela went quietly, she was satisfied with her life and had no regrets, though she wasn't ready to leave Jack behind.

Jack was devastated, he didn't expect that Pamela would leave him as soon as they got the house to themselves

With the business at level 10 and Shea acting as manager, Jack didn't have to go into the shop... So he wouldn't have to be in the house, he threw himself behind his job. He attempted to console himself in money

Jack was especially pleased when he had managed to earn 100,000 simoleans, though the money did nothing to console the loss of Pamela in his mind

Jack even tried to date some of his co-workers...

His efforts to divert his attention to something other than the loss of Pamela and feelings of lonliness that he was having usually didn't work. He spent a lot of sleepless nights gazing up at the stars hoping that Pamela was gazing back at him...

Scoring: 2.5 points (-1 point for Allyn quitting, +1 for Pamela's Cuisine hobby plaque, +.5 for Pamela's Gold sales badge, +1 for Pamela's platinum grave, +1 for Pamela having max influence)

Household Net-Worth: 416,763

((I was quite pleased with the jar card for this round because it gave me an excuse to play the Toy Store. Once I got into it, it was time to get that sucker to level 10 -- worked my butt off to get it there too. The key is to have more than one controllable sim on the lot that way you can really micromanage :). Other than that, Farewell Pamela! She's my last CAS adult to pass away. Jack really doesn't want anything to do with other women, he had the want to ask a sim on a date soon after Pamela's death, so I took advantage of him bringing his friend Ivy Zarubin home from work. Their date was OK, but nothing spectacular, and Jack was still crying from Pamela dying! One blooper from this round... the clean-bot went berzerk which was kinda amusing:

it littered up 4 out of the 6 rooms in the house before anyone could turn it off

We're going to check in at University next... stay tuned!))


SK said...

Pamela, nooooooo! Man, that sucks that just as they got the business to level ten, she keeled over. It's so sad to see your CAS simmies go. :( I know I'm going to hate it when my CAS adults start dying off in a round or two.

Great job with the store, though! I still have to get Stella's place up to ten; maybe I'll try your trick and take Mari along next time!

jungfrun68 said...

Pamela really took herslf a toy boy. Poor Jack, being left all alone. In my game he was the one who died, all too young.

That girl he's dating looks a lot like the girl that quit the shop. (But I guess it's Alicia, as she's called in my game, my Indian beauty)

And the angry male customer looks a lot like Kevin B, did you find him?! :)

Liz said...

I was expecting Pamela to go this round. She spent a lot of time on the phone with her kids trying to work her relationships with them up. Honestly, I took her to the store so I'd get some extra playtime with her and keep her around a little longer :)

Liz said...

@j68: Yes, poor Jack indeed... although you'll see him again in another entry this round. He and Ivy didn't really have the best date... I only indulged his want to "ask sim on date" because I was bored the last couple days of the round with the shop at level 10 and a perma-plat single sim in the house, heh. I'm not sure if that angry male customer is Kevin B... I think he might be a generated townie with the first round of default face templates I installed (Spookymuffin's over at GOS). I'll have to look through my teens and see if I can find "Kevin B" ;)

Mao said...

LOL! I hate how terrible employees are. They throw tantrums over nothing. So glad to have JM's Business Runs You. It seems to stave off at least a small part of the ridiculousness. ;)

Aww, rest in peace, Pamela. The last CAS sim, wow! :D

reksims said...

Awww, bye Pamela! Also I love how you make customers angry by getting a good review!