Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Devivio 3 (R9)

Last round at the third Devivio house on the playlist, Gibson got lost in sim-oblivion, but I was able to recover him. Carla and Connor trained their kitties and kid. They both got promotions and Gibson transitioned into a child. That's about it. What will this week bring? Lets find out

Devivio (Lot 7) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Carla Devivio, Connor Johnston, Gibson Devivio
Jar Card 277: [Romance] Take 2 guests on vacation and public woohoo with both

The Family was growing at the Devivio household. It was time for Snolanna to give birth

She had one kitten that they named Snickers

Connor also decided to adopt another cat from the shelter

Heidi arrived on the same day snickers was born

Heidi instantly took to Gibson and became his favorite cat

Unfortunately, with so many cats in the house, sometimes the food bowls got a little crowded

Things were going in the right direction for this family. The cats continued to perform well at their jobs, Snolanna received a promotion for her intuition

Carla and Connor were also moving up in their respective careers. Carla got promoted to College Dean of Students

and Connor was moving up the ranks to CEO of his company

To celebrate their success, the Devivio's decided to take a long weekend to the mountains. They asked Connor and Carla's college buddy, Mitch to join them

((and now I present you with a slideshow and idea shamlessly ripped off from Shannon's Rosebud Prosperity))

The family and Mitch had a wonderful time on their vacation but before leaving they had one thing left to do. Carla felt badly for Alec Bigfoot living all alone so they went back to his hut and asked him to come back to Silvervale with them

Alec was ecstatic with the invitation and gladly accepted

When the Devivio's returned home, everyone had some adjusting to do. Alec wanted to show off his cooking skills, unfortunately he left the lobster thermidor in the oven too long and it caught fire

In all the stress of adjusting to a new family member, Carla thought she might have caught a bug. She was running to the bathroom constantly

Despite the new-ness of the living situation, Alec Bigfoot was a huge asset to the family. He and Gibson became fast friends. Alec was always there to welcome Gibson home from school and cheer for his A+ marks

He also was a huge help with Carla's flower shoppe. Living in the mountains really helped Alec become knowledgeable about the different flora and fauna.

His knowledge also helped him sell lots and lots of flower arrangements

Despite his strange looks, the customers loved Alec. By the end of the day he was selling so many arrangements that the store reached level 5

Alec's sales skills allowed Carla to work at the register and build her skills

When Carla saw the reviewer walk in, she took a break from the register to show the reviewer around the shop

Alec and Carla's combined skills earned the shop a good review in the paper

While Carla and Alec were out working at the Flower shoppe, the cats continued to do well in their careers. Heidi got her first promotion in the showbiz career

And Snolanna finally reached the top of the Security career ((2 out of 6 toward Connor's LTW))

Snickers also grew into a cat resembling his father, Sebastian

Connor promptly got Snickers a job in the Security field

During her nightly workout, Carla discovered why she had been feeling a little queasy since coming back from vacation... she was pregnant ((Lets hope it's Connors!))

During the pregnancy, things went on in a relatively normal fashion. One more addition was made to the family, they adopted another kitten named Heath

Carla's pregnancy flew by, she was surprised how easy it was considering the pregnancy was so late in life

Carla gave birth to a baby girl who favored her father in looks, they named her Kay

Scoring: 1 point for Kay (+Bigfoot toward creature bonus)

Household Net-Worth: 142,100

((So I've been working on this entry for over a week, I just kept getting interrupted and sidetracked. Anyway, pretty uneventful round all in all. There was a lot of cat skilling going on to work toward Connor's LTW. Alec Bigfoot is awesome -- yay for Gold Talent Badges in everything and full skill points. Plus he likes the Cats, I thought bigfoot wasn't supposed to like cats? As for Kay, Carla is late in life just like the other CAS sims so it was a surprise when she got pregnant, I'm just glad it wasn't twins! We're on to the next Devivio house -- Kurt and Brittany next! Hopefully that entry doesn't take me a week to write ;) ))


Francesca Dean said...

Kay is so pretty!

Big Foot is awesome for businesses!

jungfrun68 said...

Luckily it was the right father, eh?

Liz said...

@Francesca: Kay is going to be a cutie when she grows up, I love the purple eye/red hair combo on the light complexion! Alec is going to be such a boon to the businesses in the neighborhood. Hopefully he can be-friend some business owners in the neighborhood and work for them also!

@J68: Yes, I was glad to see that it was Connor's baby after all! Silent pregnancy usually has me on edge with my romance simmies!

Mao said...

LOL! I loved the picture of Gibson cheering about his report card to Alec Bigfoot. That is too funny. You'd think Bigfoot would find some pants when stepping into "civilization". ;)

Liz said...

@Mao: That might possibly one of my all time favorite pictures! I agree with you about the clothes on Bigfoot -- I've seen some blogs where he has clothes on, I guess it must be a mod of some sort, but I'm too lazy/apathetic and it really doesn't bother me too much really.

reksims said...

I've never not known who the father of the baby was with mine...maybe I'll do that next! And yay for Big Foot.