Thursday, February 18, 2010

Devivio 4 (R9)

When last we visited this lot, Brittany became pregnant. With hormones running wild, Brittany couldn't resist playing tricks and casting spells while she was out shopping. Kurt found a job in the Oceanography career, and started advancing toward his goal of becoming Hand of Poseidon. Tabitha adopted a puppy that she named Scout and he became her only source of companionship because she didn't like socializing with anyone else. At the end of the round, Brittany gave birth to a son they named Nicholas. Lets see what happens this round.

Devivio (Lot 8) Saturday-Thursday
Pictured (clockwise from left): Zombie Corey, Kurt Devivio,
Brittany Devivio holding Nicholas Devivio,
Tabitha Devivio
Jar Card 136: Add soap to a fountain when the Garden Club is visiting

Being pretty high-up in the Oceanography career, Kurt had a lot of time off of work. He decided to start a garden to keep him busy on the days he had off

Unfortunately, while Kurt was off at work, the other members of the family had to pitch in and help with the gardening. Kurt planned to invite the Garden Club over and apply for membership, he wanted the plants to be in tip-top shape

Surely enough, When Kurt got home from work, he called up Armando Cox, head of the garden club and begged them to come do an inspection even though it was late in the evening

Brittany, perturbed about the backbreaking work she had to do in the garden decided to try and thwart her husband's attempt to get admission into the club, she added some detergent to the fountain that Kurt had installed in the front yard for the occasion

To Brittany's chagrin, the Garden Club inspectors didn't notice the soap, they didn't, however, think that the pink flamingos were in very good taste

Similar to the plants outside, baby Nicholas was growing like a weed, soon it was time for his transition into toddler-hood

Brittany and Kurt were definitely looking forward to the fact that Nicholas would be able to communicate a little better and not just eat, sleep and poop

Nicholas grew into a very handsome little guy and definitely favored his Dad in looks and personality

Nicholas Devivio - Libra

Luckily for Nicholas, Kurt and Brittany were on opposite schedules so they didn't have to hire a nanny for the time being. When one parent was at work, the other handled the toddler training

The next day when Kurt arrived home from work, he achieved his dream of being Hand of Poseidon. The family was definitely on the road to success

That evening it was time for another birthday. Tabitha was about to cross the threshold into being a teenager.

Tabitha waited patiently for her family to gather around and then blew out her candles

She may not have been the most social creature, but she was definitely the nurturing type, it was no surprise to her parents that Tabitha declared that she wanted to devote her life to family

Tabitha hoped she could find a chubby mechanic who wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer

Tabitha Devivio - Scorpio
Family (LTW: Marry off 6 Children)

Becoming a teenager was a pivotal moment not only for Tabitha but for her mother too. Now that Tabitha was old enough, she could cross the realm into the occult and learn her mother's witchy ways. As soon as they got a moment alone, Brittany bestowed the rite on her daughter

Under Brittany's tutelage, it didn't take long for Tabitha to advance in her mother's Dark ways. Brittany wanted to help Tabitha in any way she could, so she conjured up an evil throne for Tabitha to have all to herself

As Tabitha was advancing in her magical prowess, Brittany was slowly moving forward in the Military track thanks to a smart decision

As per their arrangement, it was Kurt's turn to take care of Nicholas for the afternoon

Brittany had been feeling very sluggish lately, she chalked it up to having a toddler until one day she was in her study practicing her magic and the tell-tale signs of pregnancy crept up on her

Brittany had a very rough pregnancy, she stayed in bed most of the time. However, when she wasn't sleeping, she was usually watching sports on the TV

9 months is a long time to watch game after game, it was no surprise that Brittany earned a plaque for her devotion to the hobby

Before anyone realized, Nicholas' was ready to leave his toddler year behind and transition into a child. Since Brittany was very highly pregnant by this point, Tabitha helped Nicholas blow out his birthday candles

If it was possible, Nicholas was even more handsome as a child than he had been as a toddler

Nicholas Devivio

He and Tabitha were polar opposites, Nicholas craved attention from anyone around him, and he was nice to boot.

He was also always bringing home kids from school and actually got along well with them.

Nicholas was so outgoing that he didn't hesitate to ask if his parents would try and get him and Tabitha into private school. Despite Brittany reaching the end of her pregnancy, Kurt and Brittany reluctantly agreed

The pleasantries were short-lived during the headmaster visit. Brittany was just coming to the table to join the family and headmaster for dinner when her water broke

In all his years as an educator visiting people's homes, the headmaster had never gotten to experience a birth during one of his visits

Just as surprising as Brittany going into labor during the headmaster visit was the fact that she didn't give birth to one baby, but twins!

Just when they thought they were in the clear, Kurt and Brittany would have two more babies to raise, not just one that they hoped for. They had one girl that they named Jaina who favored her mother, and a boy that they named Germain

Jaina Devivio

Germain Devivio

Despite being an evening of surprises, Tabitha and Nicholas got accepted into private school and the headmaster promised to come back when the twins were ready to apply as well.

Scoring: 5 points (1 point for Kurt's TOC, 1 point for Kurt fulfilling his LTW, 1 point for Brittany's Sports Hobby Plaque, 1 point each for Jaina and Germain)

Household Net-Worth: 107,521

((Well this round was full of surprises. Surprise #1: Nicholas has 10 nice points! He's such a sweet kid, too bad his pre-destined aspiration is romance /sadface. Surprise #2: Brittany getting pregnant. This was only a semi surprise considering she's fairly youthful having consumed all that cow plant juice. I was hoping she'd get pregnant with another son that can inherit the house... well I got my wish +1. Surprise #3: MOAR twins! Seriously what is with my game giving me so many twins lately. This is set 2 out of 4 -- yes 4 lots this round ended up with twins, argh! I think all my sims are taking vows of celibacy next round otherwise my hood population is going to explode even more than it has been. Needless to say, Brittany is now on birth control. Here are a few out-takes:

The nanny is definitely not happy with Kurt, or being eaten by the cow plant.

The zombie thing just wasn't doing it for me... it was time to let Corey go

We're going to head back to Sim State again and see what Flora, Angelica, Kana and Annatto got into hopefully things are more peaceful this round.))


jungfrun68 said...

Tabitha seems destined to a life as "white trash", except the fact that she's an evil witch too! It will be fun to follow her!

SK said...

I love your witchy family; they are so darling. I really want your witch skin default replacement; I love it!

I can't wait to see what happens to Tabitha and Nicholas...they are both so adorable! I definitely think there is something in the water at Silvervale: fertility drugs! Muzzle your sims, woman!

Liz said...

@J68: Lol! You're right, Tabitha doesn't have too high of standards. I'm thinking Kevin Beare from the Sim State University Frat Brothers house might be good to fix up with her... She might have to adopt those 6 kids though because she doesn't really get along with anyone that well!

@SK: This family is actually one of my favorites, it's always fun when I get to their house. And damn right about the water, it's driving me bonkers... my sims definitely do need muzzles or chastity belts ;)

reksims said...

I love this: "a chubby mechanic who wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer." Ha! But true.

And Nicholas is a beautiful boy.

Chrissy Brown said...

I love Nicholas and Tabitha too! Cute witch-like family, love it :)