Tuesday, June 16, 2009

University F2

Earlier this round at Sim State there were many hobby plaques earned and all the kids got inducted into the secret society. Wesley and Jeannie and Brittany and William graduated and headed back to Silvervale. Addison and Stella decided to stay in the greek house a bit longer to welcome Addie's niece, Janet to college. Lets see how Janet and Ricky make out in the first half of their college careers.

Before heading back to Silvervale, Addison decided it would only be right to propose to his girlfriend, Stella

After Janet was moved in, Addie and Stella were ready to head back to Silvervale

Janet paid a visit to the dorms to pledge Ricky into the Annya Var House

Janet and Ricky settled into the Greek House by playing some poker

Sofia even stopped by to help Janet get settled in. She was amazed at how much the Greek House had grown since she and Guy founded it so many years back

The next day after class the couple declared their majors

Ricky chose a drama major

And Janet chose a physics major

With his desire to become a Hall of Fame athlete, Ricky needed to work on his body skill... he figured it would also make him more attractive to the lovely ladies on campus. He hit the exercise room hard most of his first semester

Since Ricky spent so much time in the exercise room, Janet had to fix things around the Greek House

Despite their skilling and chores, the couple still had time for many many dates throughout their first half of college

With their newly found freedom, you can guess where most of their dates ended up...

After one of their many Dream Dates, Janet got a big surprise. She called Sofia to get advice, hopefully her parents wouldn't be disappointed with her... and hopefully they wouldn't kill Ricky!

Janet: "Hi, Mom... I have some news...

... I'm pregnant"

For a few seconds all Janet could hear on the other end of the line was silence... then suddenly she heard the muffled yell of Sofia

Sofia: "Guy! Get down here... we're going to be grandparents!"

Surprisingly, Janet's very family oriented parents were overjoyed to hear the news and they supported her any way they could even though she was several towns away at college. Janet was able to attend classes like normal and even manage to keep her grades up during her pregnancy.

Ricky wasn't so sure about what the pregnancy would mean for the couple but he pitched in any way he could. Ricky even started a garden at the Greek House so Janet could enjoy organic, homegrown vegetables during her pregnancy. He managed to earn a bronze talent badge

In the beginning of Sophomore year, Janet went into labor.

Luckily Ricky had just gotten home from class so he was there for the birth of his daughter

Janet gave birth to a healthy baby girl that heavily resembled her father in complexion

The couple named their daughter Vinaya meaning "modest" in Ricky's ancestral language

Janet wanted to make sure that they wouldn't have any more surprises for the duration of their college career so she headed over to the campus health center to pick up a prescription for the Pill

Being a father really changed Ricky's outlook on life. He no longer chased after women... after all, he didn't want his daughter to end up with a guy like him

The presence of an infant on campus changed some other Greek House regulars as well... Angel, the cow mascot didn't know what to make of the baby living there

By the end of their Sophomore year, it was time for Vinaya to transition into a toddler. Assuredly it would make things even tougher around the Greek House

Following finals, Ricky had a big decision to make...

For the sake of his daughter, he chose to give up his dreams of Romance and became more Family oriented

Scoring: 2 points (1 point for Ricky, 1 point for Vinaya)

((Well that was a new experience for me. I was really concerned about YA pregnancy and I'm still concerned that Vinaya will get stuck at the Greek House and not make it back to the neighborhood after Janet and Ricky graduate. I have the teleporter shrub on standby just in case. Vinaya is beautiful, just like her mommy except more exotic looking... and YAY for her getting the Devivio nose :) Let me just say that infants are the best cow distractors. The cow would stand in the nursery for HOURS and stare at the baby... look at the camera and do the mischevious "I'm going to prank someone" hand rubbing together animation and then just go back to staring at the baby... it was hilarity. Here are some bloopers:

Vinaya is only a toddler and already she hates the cow mascot

And here is a pic of the cow mascot sans mascot uniform. She has an interesting look to her, I might try and get her into the hood at some point

Well that wraps it up for university for Round 7. We're going to go check in on Wesley Teer and his live-in girlfriend Jeannie next and see how they are adjusting to post college life))


jungfrun68 said...

This message is a major spoiler to my own Mattsmyra, but I can tell you that an infant/toddler will mess up your Greek House! I had students pledging from the dorms, and the infant would be in the group coming over, and the baby was not possible to interact with.

The child will move out with the last playable in your house, so if you keep playables in the GH (which is normal to maintain it), the child will remain there.

Also - beware teenhood! One hour after teenhood, the baby will become a YA!

SK said...

Sigh, Janet has turned into such a lovely YA. I look forward to following her through her life. :') And wow, I love the black skin/green eyes look. I really like those new eye defaults. Lolol @ the cow. :') Vinaya: Effing cow...what's SHE staring at anyway?

SK said...

OHOH, P.S. You know what would be funny? Cow mascot eaten by cow plant. Just a thought.

Liz said...

@J68: Yeah that's what I'm worried about. I'm planning on having Brad and Tessa move into the Greek house right away. If I play my cards right Vinaya shouldn't hit teenhood while in the greek house... worst case scenario I'll teleport her back to Silvervale early if I need to.

@SK: Yeah, good genes there although the Teer nose is recessive in Janet and omg about Ricky's nose... I'm thinking long and hard about allowing them to reproduce again. Vinaya certainly won the genetic lottery this time.

Anonymous said...

I love Ricky thinking Janet is hot while she's in labor. I also love Ricky's shirt. Also, good job getting him to be family! That will help.

Mao said...

Oh boy, a YA pregnancy! I always kick my YAs out of college once they get knocked up, lol. Though there are hacks out there that enable them to live/function/leave normally.

At least the baby seemed to straighten Ricky out!

Liz said...

@Mao: I am definitely scared for what might happen to little Vinaya. Uni is such a time sink she will soon be a teen. I downloaded the college clock mod to speed them through the last 2 years of uni in Round 8.

@Rachel and Mao: I'm glad I re-rolled Family for Ricky although I'm sure Pleasure sim Janet will not be all too pleased to have more children. Ricky was rolling up family related wants ever since Vinaya was born, so the re-roll was very appropriate. I seem to recall ASimWen over at Prosperity Falls had Ricky and re-rolled him Family as well. It was a nice story line to follow.