Friday, June 12, 2009

Eich 2 (R7)

Last round Tia Eich visited Twikki Island to see the sights and meet some more lovers. She also received a voodoo doll from the witch doctor. Tia returned from vacation with a maxed out lifetime aspiration meter and many benefits. She reached the top of the culinary career and continued with her quest of 20 simultaneous lovers. Will Tia reach her goal this week? Lets find out.

Tia purchased a small community lot in Bluewater Village and turned it into a massage parlor and spa.

Her first customer, Abhijeet Almassizadeh received a hot stone massage

And became another notch in Tia's bedpost

(Abhijeet Almassizadeh - lover #16)

Tia romanced some of her other customers

During her date with Gilbert Jacquet, the business gained it's first level

Tia also gained another lover

(Gilbert Jacquet - lover #17)

Joe Car came to the establishment and fell under Tia's spell

(Joe Carr - lover #18)

Tia and Joe had a little fun in the sauna

Unfortunately Pamela Devivio, one of Joe's past lovers was also a patron of Tia's establisment at the time

That evening a suspected reviewer came in. She had reviewed other businesses in Bluewater before

Tia wanted to make it appear that this is a legitimate establishment so she offered the reviewer a free massage

And then she socialized with her customers in the hot springs

The reviewer left without a word on the business ((guess she was just a plain 'ole customer today)) But Tia did gain another rank for her business

The next business day Tia resumed her search for lovers. She decided to use the voodoo doll gifted to her by the witch doctor in Twikki Island

It worked!

(Corbin Jakobsons - lover #19)

Malcolm: "Yes please, where can I buy some?"

Tia's next victim was Goopy Gilscarbo

Tia's date with Goopy allowed her to achieve her goal of 20 simultaneous lovers

(Goopy Gilscarbo - lover #20)

It also gained her another rank in her business

out of curiosity I checked Tia's new LTW... I was not pleased...

Out of 20 Lovers, Tia has woohooed with 14 of them... Time to get moving with 6 more... and While she's at it I decided it would be a good time to try for 30 simultaneous lovers

Before Tia left the lot she managed to earn a bronze sales badge

She was also flirting up some other customers which Benjamin Long wasn't too happy about

The weird thing is that she was at like 30-something daily relationship with him, and very low (like 1 or 2) lifetime relationship with him and didn't even have crush hearts... I guess he did. He walked by her house 4 times a day for the rest of the round stealing the newspaper and kicking the trashcan... I was like WTF dude stop being so sensative...

Despite Benjamin's unfounded accusation of cheating, Tia managed to get the business to rank 4 by the time she left to head home

The evening Tia came home a burglar came calling

Silvervale's finest showed up before the burglar could steal anything

But unfortunately the burglar won the fight and escaped... this time

After the burglar fled the premises, Abhijeet brought Tia a nice thank-you-gift for their lovely date

Tia couldn't get back to sleep after the robbery so she invited one of her customers over for some after-hours relaxation

and woohoo

(Alon Couderc - lover #21/woohoo #15)

Tia had used some of her spa earnings to buy a junker car that she can fix up. After her romp with Alon, she started working on the car until the morning

The next evening, Tia invited over another one of her customers ((this is the one she was "cheating" on Ben Long with))

(Bruce Benson - lover #22/woohoo #16)

In the morning, Tia invited over the Garden Club President, Armando Cox. She assured an easy entry into the Garden Club if she ever decided to apply for membership

(Armando Cox - lover #23/woohoo #17)

Tia decided that a career change was in order so she looked at the openings online to see if there was anything of interest to her. She chose a life of crime to match her rebellious lifestyle

Tia didn't feel like heading to her massage parlor to meet more men so she decided to try her luck with a local matchmaking service

The matchmaker hooked her up with Hunky Jason Menon. Jason was very receptive to Tia's advances

Tia: "so we're going to fall in love then we're going to woohoo... sound good?"

Jason: ::nods in agreement::

(Jason Menon - lover #24/whoohoo #18)

Tia bid Jason farewell and then headed off to her first night as a criminal. Tia came home that evening with a promotion

The cat burglar ring-leader sent one of Tia's co-workers to initiate her into their ranks ((note: this is the SECOND burglary that Tia has had this week...))

Luckily, Tia had finished her car earlier that day and had a burglar alarm installed. The alarm in the car alerted the authorities before the thief even entered her house

This time the burglar didn't get so lucky as to win the fight

Scoring: 1 point for Tia fulfilling her LTW

Household Net-Worth: 145,606

((That wraps it up for Tia this round. The business was a lot of fun, I had her there for close to a sim week working on lovers. The dream dates kept her needs full so she didn't even have to use the emergency energizer I had on the lot. I was debating going for the 30 loves LTW... Ruby makes it look so easy... so when the woohoo with 20 sims came up as her new LTW I knew I had to go with it. I seriously can't believe Tia's Luck... getting robbed twice in one week. Does anyone know if the robber gets away if that increases the chances of another robbery in the same week? Well we're back to Sim State next to check on Janet Devivio and Ricky Cormier.))


jungfrun68 said...

Wow, Tia sure has kept busy!

Liz said...

She sure has! I had a ton of fun this round with her. Consequently, I'm very close to being caught up with Mattsmyra (halfway through round 14!)

SK said...

Omgggg I loooooooove the wallpaper in her kitchen. Totally fab. One of your millions of CC downloads? ;)

Also, I cannot WAIT for this to be Kimi. :')

Liz said...

yeah it's Donnha modern walls set 4 at TSR - she makes great wallpapers and floors and bedcoverings too :) I use them alot. Romance sims are quickly becoming my favorite... I used to hate playing them

reksims said...

You're doing so well with Tia! I'm hoping to hit 30 loves too, as I've already gotten 20 wooHoos. But I think keeping the loves from finding out about each other could get tricky soon.

Also, I love the matchmaker doing the basketball shooting move.

Mao said...

Whoa, a business lot is a good idea for a romance sim! Especially in gaining all those lovers. ;) Loved the comment about having to prove it was a legit business, LOL!

Liz said...

@Rachel: yeah, Tia is growing on me, it's refreshing to play a single sim once in a while and I figure she'll be single for the rest of her little simmy life. I might borrow an idea from J68 and have her niece, Angelica, move in with her to have an heir to he house, and less households on the playlists.

@Mao: The business makes the LTW and IW actually pretty easy. open business, meet perspective lovers, close business, invite over lovers one by one. The great thing is, relationships don't decay while the sim is on a community lot! So she doesn't even really have to keep up with those past loves that she made so many rounds ago.