Thursday, June 11, 2009

Devivio 4 (R7)

When last we visited Kurt and his Atrociously Evil Witch wife, Brittany, Corey Sell was the unfortunate victim of the cow plant. The couple continued to advance in their careers and their first daughter, Tabitha, was born. How will Tabitha grow up in such a strange living environment?

**Sorry no loading screen pic for this house -- Whoops. Also supplemental material is on hold until I figure out how to make do what I want it to do**

When I left the lot last round both Kurt and Brittany were at work and the nanny was on the lot to take care of Tabitha... This is what I came back to at the beginning of this round

That was the nanny getting eaten by the cow plant. Luckily Brittany had arrived home moments earlier so Tabitha wouldn't get taken away by Social Services for being alone.

Kurt arrived home that day with a promotion

For some reason I didn't get the congratulatory top of career pop-up, but Kurt did reach Ecological Guru. Now hopefully he can find something in his desired career of Oceanography.

That evening it was time for Tabitha to grow up into a toddler... doesn't daddy Kurt look thrilled to be there ((lol lazy sims are silly))

And here is Miss Tabitha complete with Brooke Shields eyebrows

Here is Tabitha after a new hairstyle which I think complements her face a lot more than those fugly bangs

Tabitha Devivio - Scorpio

With one nice point it looks like she will be following in her mother's footsteps

The next day Brittany headed off to the Evil Witch fortress so she could gain more magical skill. She ended up skilling up to level 10 and wanted to play around with her new spells -- Vivificus Zombiae looked like fun. She chose the first of two of the cowplant's vicitims, Corey Sell.

Zombie Corey came with a Gold Sales Badge, this might come in handy when someone in town needs to hire an employee.

While Brittany was away raising the dead, Kurt got a start on teaching Tabitha her toddler skills

After Brittany had finished with her magics and made her throne of darkness, she returned home and headed off to work. That day, Brittany received a promotion

Zombie Corey, who is also in the military career track received a chance card

Corey also received a promotion

Here's a close-up of Brittany looking very stoic in her throne

((I'm not sure yellow is quite the right color for a witches sanctum...))

Time flies when you're zombi-fying people, soon it was time for Tabitha's transition into a child. Kurt looks a little more engaged this time.

And here's a close-up portrait, those eyebrows are actually pretty nice, I'm glad she grew into them

After her birthday party, Tabitha and her daddy played some catch and Tabitha found out that her OTH is sports

The next day, Brittany got a chance card that resulted in a promotion

To round out the week, Tabitha brought home her cousin Columbia on the bus. Columbia had more fun playing with her uncle Kurt though

At the end of the round, Kurt finishes teaching Tabitha how to study

Scoring: 1 point for Kurt reaching TOC Natural Science

Household Net-Worth: 53,132

((Well that wraps it up for the last Devivio house on the playlist. I was experimenting with Brittany's spells and was completely ignorant of zombies... I didn't know they didn't age like normal sims, so it looks like I'm stuck with zombie Corey for the rest of the challenge... unless the cowplant gate comes unlocked again... Oh well... that's one more creature toward the creature bonus. I'm not counting points for zombie Corey because of his indefinite lifespan just like Servos. The witch default skin replacement is "less obnoxious green" by Phaenoh at MTS2. It looks so much... well... less obnoxious :) We're off to visit Tia Eich next))


jungfrun68 said...

You could have named this update "different shades of green"
Nice update as usual, even though I'm not sure about zombie Corey...
I never had a zombie, and never a cowplant either. I'm not sure I would enjoy it, but never say never. I thought I would never get Uni either.

Anonymous said...

That is the absolute best picture ever I think--the cowplant eating the nanny! We all know they aren't very bright.

The first time I got a zombie I was appalled by her personality AND her dragging around. At least yours has a gold badge!

I got HP's default replacement witch skins and like them tons better than default.

And I think ecological guru is SUCH a great costume. Isn't it the one with body paint?

Liz said...

@J68: That would be a good name for this entry! I wasn't feeling particularly inspired last night when I wrote this (not feeling up to par since I got back from vacation). I'm not too sure that I like the zombie either, I wish I would have known that they didn't age, I would have waited until later in the challenge. Well since I'm not counting any points for him I reserve the right to kill him off when/if I get sick of him

@Ms. Editor: I could have sworn I kept that gate locked to everyone except household... oh well nannies are a dime a dozen. The only thing I don't like about the default skins I have installed is if the sim is fit and pregnant they still show the 6pack abs over their pregnant belly, which looks silly. I LOVE the witch default though!!! This house is actually on a Wed-Wed schedule so Kurt didn't go to work yet. But yes, I think the eco. guru costume is the leaf over the unmentionable parts with body paint, hehe.

Mao said...

LOL! The cowplant eating the nanny, oh my goodness... good thing Brittany came home. That would suck, cowplant eats nanny, child gets taken!

Witches are definitely fun. I am very fond of the 'boost motives of all sims on lot' spell.

SK said...

I looooooooove the less obnoxious witchy skin. I think I'm going to look for some default replacement skins for witches and vampires, which are the only two that really bother me... I think the aliens are pretty, though I wish I could get that purple default Mao uses for aliens for the vamps. :[