Thursday, June 4, 2009

Devivio 2 (R7)

Last round, Pamela informed Jack Copur that they had a daughter together and Jack moved in so he could have a relationship with Flora. Flora grew up into a very cute child causing Pamela to see the importance of Family in her life. Jack worked on his athletic career and also delved into the art of toy-making. Will Pamela be able to build and maintain relationships with her other grown children in her golden years? How will Flora grow up in her unique living situation? Lets find out

Devivio Family Tree and Information about the family members
Tour of the Devivio/Copur cottage

I opened the lot and found out that Pamela had maxed out her lifetime aspiration points

Jack also bought Cookie from Jaiden Hurt over at the Pushard lot earlier in the round. Pamela had Cookie take a job in the showbiz career track

Since the dogs didn't get much training at the Pushards, Pamela started training Cookie the skills she would need to do well in the career

Her training must not really be working, Cookie made a bad decision with a chance card

Despite the bad chance card, Cookie still managed to get a promotion

Jack continued to hone his toy-making skills and finally received a gold toy-making badge

The next day while making water wigglers, Jack received his Arts&Crafts hobby plaque

With Flora's birthday drawing near, Pamela and Jack discussed what they could get her as a present

The next day, Flora transitioned into a teen

Flora declared a fortune aspiration

She also decided that her braids weren't "professional" enough so she went for a shorter cut

Flora Devivio - Libra
Fortune: Become a Hall of Famer

Pamela and Jack decided to invest in a toy shop that Jack and Flora can run together until she is old enough to take it over

While Flora was at school, Jack went to set up the store. He immediately started to see that there was a demand for his toys in the neighborhood

While helping his customers, Jack earned his gold sales talent badge ((he had moved in with silver already))

Jack restocked the sold items and headed home for the evening intending to spend the weekend at the shop with Flora

Meanwhile back at the house, Cookie got another chance card

This time it worked in her favor

Being a stunt-double required that Cookie know very well how to roll over, so Pamela worked at teaching her the new trick

Despite being a fortune-minded sim, Flora still enjoyed hanging out with other teens in the neighborhood, lest we forget, a lot of them are her family members. She thought it was funny that Brad Devivio is her nephew even though they are the same age.

The next day Jack had to go to his real job before heading out to the business with Flora. He received a hobby chance card while at work

Building strong rapport with his co-workers, Jack manages to reach the top of the athletic career, fulfilling his lifetime want in the process

After the school bus drops Flora off, Jack takes her to visit the toy store. She is so excited she jumps right into working the many aspects of the business

Flora is eager to make sales

Perhaps she is a little too eager and it comes off as pushy -- Benjamin Long complains to Jack about his daughter's over-zealous sales technique

Despite the complaints, Flora manages to work her way up to a gold sales talent badge by the end of the weekend

With more techniques at her disposal, Flora managed to sell many products

With so many sales being made, Flora also had to man the cash register

By the end of the weekend Flora had managed to gain her Bronze register badge

Jack and Flora worked in tandem making sales, while Flora was ringing up customers, Jack would work on stocking the shelves

with the toys flying off the shelves it was easy for Jack to earn his Bronze stocking badge

All the positive selling also earned Jack good reputation with his customers

By the end of the weekend the toy shop had managed to reach Rank 5

While Jack and Flora were working on the business, Pamela had a lot of time alone. She kept working on Cookie's tricks

With all her new tricks, Cookie brought home another promotion

Pamela also had a lot of alone time to devote to her interest in science. She managed to earn her Science hobby plaque

The family discussed their various achievements over breakfast Monday morning

And while Flora was at school, Pamela and Jack got some alone time

Scoring: 6.5 points (3 points for Pamela maxing lifetime aspiration meter, .5 point for Jack's Gold Toy-Making badge, 1 point for Jack's A&C hobby plaque, .5 point for Jack's Gold Sales Badge, .5 point for Flora's Gold Sales Badge, 1 point for Pamela's Science hobby plaque)

Household Net-Worth: 184,474

((That wraps it up for the Devivio/Copur House. I'm really having a blast with businesses. Flora is a fortune sim so I figured that a family business would be nice to start for her -- This means I have to find her a husband at some point [she's not slated to marry anyone in the hood yet] so she can have a baby to pass the business down to. I think she turned out very cute. Pamela and Jack only roll up wants for eachother which is unusual for 2 romance sims... sometimes I forget that Jack is romance at all! Off to visit Carla and Connor next.))


SK said...

Pamela is such a hip elder, I love it. I also really dig Flora's hair style and shirt. CC? How funny she likes fat dudes with beards. :')

Liz said...

Flora's hair is CC -- I think Xandher at TSR the outfit is maxis, teen style stuff mebbe?

Liz said...

I lied... Flora's hair is the daydream style by Marko at TSR

Anonymous said...

Your sims are very successful, with 'in the zone," and talent badges all over the place. I'm also really getting into businesses more than I have before. The prosperity 'hood really lends itself to it better than legacy in my opinion.

Oh, and I like your population rule--only sims with the want to have a baby will try. I have ACR beta and I'm wondering if its causing a population explosion!

Anonymous said...

Good job with the business...that looks fun. Also, I love Flora's teen hair too.

Anonymous said...

Your game is well good .. Well done ;) x