Saturday, June 6, 2009

Devivio 3 (R7)

Last Round, Carla opened a flower shop in Bluewater to help her achieve her lifetime want of woohooing with 20 sims which she achieved. She then asked one of her 3 bolt matches, Connor Johnston (who was also her first conquest), to move in with her. Connor is a fortune sim with the lifetime want to get 6 pets to top of career -- unfortunately right after Connor moved in, Bonkers went to the big litter box in the sky. After Bonkers' passing they adopted a kitten named Snolanna and Connor took a job in the business field. Lets see if Carla has settled down into her new life.

**I installed custom skin and eye replacements a few days into this house to try them out -- so far I like them but I think I might change the skins. Details listed at the bottom of the entry, opinions are welcome**

**supplemental info is on hold until I figure out**

So I opened the lot to Carla jetting off to the bathroom and racked my brain to remember if they had tried for baby at the end of last round...

Connor had the want to adopt a kitten, so he adopted a male they named Sebastian (with the intent to breed him with Sno of course)

the kittehs seem to be getting along pretty well

Connor came home with his first promotion

When Carla got home from work that evening I found out that I did indeed have them try for baby at the end of last round

Connor was pretty happy to find out that he was going to be a daddy

He kept bringing home the promotions

That evening a burglar stopped by

Luckily I remembered to install a burglar alarm in this house

The police made quick work of her

When the officer was coming to issue Connor their reward, Bonkers also decided to say hi

The next day, Carla invited Pamela and Jack over for a family dinner and to introduce them to Connor

That evening, Carla went into labor

Baby Boy Gibson Devivio was born with red hair and violet eyes, just like his daddy ((instead of blue and light blue, I changed default blue to violet))

Here's the gratuitous shot of the Gibson playing with the baby toys from the Sims2Store

[insert ohhhhs and awwwws here]

The kittehs grew into cats and Carla, still on maternity leave, started teaching them tricks for their careers

Here's Sebastian - he got a job in the Service industry. Carla started teaching him his first trick

While Carla was teaching Sebastian how to shake, Connor got a chance card

Wow... a promotion from a hobby chance card

When Snolanna woke up from her nap she transitioned into a grown cat.

Carla found Sno a job in the Security career and started teaching her her first trick

With Connor home to take care of Gibson and the cats ready to start their new jobs, Carla headed off to the flower shop. While there, a reviewer came in. Carla got a Best-of-the-Best award yet the reviewer still wrote a negative review ((::boggle::))

One of her regular customers, Christy Stratton offered Carla a job in the education field. Since Gibson would be in school soon, Carla thought it would be a good idea if her hours corresponded to her son's instead of working nights at the ballet

During the short time she was at the shop, Carla managed to earn her Silver Register badge

Carla tidied up the landscaping before heading home for the evening. Eventually she planned to add an outdoor nursery and greenhouse to the shop

When Carla returned home she learned that Sebastian had already gotten his first promotion

At work the next day Connor got yet another favorable chance card

Connor continued to advance up the business career ladder

Carla continued training Sebastian as well

That evening it was time for Gibson to transition into a toddler

Gibson Devivio - Capricorn
(whoops, forgot to get a portrait)

Connor worked on potty training with Gibson, he was a very fast learner

Connor also started to teach Gibson how to talk

To round out the week, Connor got another chance card

And Carla got off to a good start in her new career by bringing home a promotion on the first day

She also brought home the current education minister, Kelly Teer, and shmoozed her for a bit hoping that it would help her climb the career ladder more quickly

Scoring: 1 point for baby Gibson

Household Net-Worth: 114,059

((So I totally forgot that I had Carla and Connor try for baby before I left the lot last round. Oh well, Carla didn't roll any of the baby-realted fears. I suppose her secondary knowledge makes her curious about babies anyway. Connor was smitten with having a son. This round was a lot of Cat training. Also, I have no idea how Carla managed to get a bad review yet still got a best-of-the-best award at the flower shop. To wrap up I'll leave you with a few random things that happened this round:

Beware of the two-tone townie with the bad fashion sense!

Seasons is great, but there is no way that lightning starts so many things on fire! I have at least one lightning-related fire per household per round... it's annoying

WTF Carla... seriously?

So we're off to visit Kurt Devivio and Brittany the atrociously evil witch next and see how their daughter Tabitha grows up.))

Custom Content:
Skin Default Replacements for S1, S2, S3 are the tasty skins by knightskykyte at MTS2
Skin Default Replacement for S4 is Pixie Night by Enayla at InSimenator, Default by MissSimGameFan at MTS2
Eye Default Replaments are Tabbs Sanctuary Eyes at MTS2


Anonymous said...

I think the skins and eyes look great. Congratulations on the Best of the Best for the flower shop. What in the world does it mean that you got a bad review with that? Is it a glitch? That 20 woohoo goal probably helped with customer loyalty :-)

I didn't realize the sims 2 store had the baby toys.

Mao said...

I LOVE KSK's skins. Which is probably why I haven't changed them in years. It sucks that the S4 isn't as dark, though. :(

BTW, I've been working on getting caught up. One more entry to go!

Liz said...

@Ms. Editor: The baby toys were mentioned a few times on the TS2Challenges group so I tracked them down. Kinda cute but not game changing IMO.

@Mao: I'm flattered that you're reading. I'm a huge fan of your stories! That's how I found KSK's skins :) Although I don't like how the 6pack abs still show over the pregnant bellies. It looks kinda silly to me.