Monday, June 1, 2009

University F1

Last round at Annya Var house -- Addison, Wesley, Jeannie, Brittany, Stella, and the new addition, William completed through their freshman and sophomore years. The students paired off into couples. Hobby plaques were awarded, and at the end of the round, Lifetime Aspriations were changed -- Addison changed to knowledge, and Brittany and William changed to Family. Lets see how the kids get along in their last 2 years at University.

Tour of the Annya Var House
((Profiles will be listed under the adult residences later in the round))

The Annya Var kids tried to eat dinner together as often as possible. They were often joined by the llama and the cheerleader

The llama usually helped take care of that pesky cow

Now we will commence with the awarding of the hobby plaques and secret society inductions

Wesley was awarded his Arts&Crafts Plaque

Addison received his games plaque

And then the games lady came right back to award Jeannie her games plaque

Wesley was the first to get inducted into the Secret Society

As soon as Wes got to the Landgrabbe Society, he rolled up the want to fall in love with Linda, one of his SS friends.

Since Jeannie was at home I allowed him to indulge ((me thinks the SS lot will be a good place to try to accomplish romance sim wants from now on))

While Wes was out macking on the SS ladies, Jeannie was awarded her games plaque

Stella was also awarded her games plaque on her way to class ((Didn't I say a few rounds back that the games lady should join the Greek house since she spends so much time there?))

Brittany was the next victim of the Secret Society

The next night Addie got inducted

Then Jeannie got abducted by her twin

And, finally Stella got her induction

One day while I was paying attention to Wes and Jeannie who were on a date I heard the ::BOING:: sound of cheating... zoomed down to the lower level... and found out that the stupid cow had made a pass at Addie while Stella was standing right next to him... ::grumbles::

Addie spent the next 3 semesters apologizing

Here's a shot of all the kidlets in their SS outfits ((William was already in the Secret Society))

Somehow William was best friends with Janet Devivio so he invited her over to pledge the Greek House ((Janet and Ricky will have their own update later in the round))

More games plaques were awarded... first Wes

Then William

At the end of Senior year Stella finally forgave Addie

The computer broke right as all the kids were leaving to go back to Silvervale. Since Addie had the highest mechanical at the time, he was tasked with fixing it. It didn't go so well...

Not only did Addie get electrocuted, but the desk started on fire

Of course there wasn't a smoke detector in the compter room... luckily Wes was able to call the fire department before the fire got too out of hand and everyone in the house started freaking out

After the fire was taken care of, William congratulated Addie (on starting the fire?) and the cow started a pillowfight with the firefighter

During the fire fiasco, the gypsy dropped off a genie lamp

Since Brittany and William are both townies, I decided to send the lamp with them to help set up house

Before heading back to Silvervale, William proposed to Brittany

Jeannie transitioned into a ballet leotard

Wesley into his jammies

((these two will be getting new clothes when they get back to town ASAP))

William and Brittany are heading back to Silvervale in style in their formal wear

Addie and Stella will be hanging around the Greek House until I get Janet moved in later in the Round.

Scoring: 5 points (1 point for Wes' A&C plaque, 1 point each for games plaques for Addie, Jeannie, Wes and William)

# of Mascot Fights: 7

((And that's what happened at the greek house this round... nothing special just the same old thing. I really hate that stupid cow! We'll catch up with Jeannie and Wes [who are going to be living in sin] and Brittany and William later on in the round, Addie and Stella will be moving back to the Teer Homestead in Round 8. We're heading over to check up with Pamela Devivio, Jack Copur and Flora next.))


jungfrun68 said...

Hahaha! The cow started a pillow fight with the fire fighter!

Nice to see Brittany all grown up, she's living in Mattsmyra, too, and her update is next in line there :)

SK said...

Awwww Stella is so cute in your game with her pigtails. I really love her; one of my favorite townies, hands down, and she and Addie are SUCH an adorable couple, le sigh.

I know I shouldn't laugh, but electrocuted sims are so freakin' hilarious to me. :') So is the fact that the SS people do that weird chicken dance thing and the sims are like, "WTF ARE YOU ON? I DON'T UNDERSTAND."