Thursday, June 18, 2009

Teer 2 (R7)

Wesley Teer and his girlfriend, Jeannie Vijayakar, graduated from Sim State and moved back to Silvervale to start their adult lives. Being Romance sims will they stay true to one another or will they stray?

Wesley and Jeannie found a nice small house to move into on Goldtone Road next door to Carla Devivo's bungalo. The weather was so nice they couldn't resist playing outside

Mid-way through their epic pillow fight their neighbors Connor Johnston (next-door) and Kurt Devivio (across the street) came by to welcome them to the neighborhood

Both Jeannie and Wesley were able to use their degrees to find nice paying jobs. Jeannie took a job in her desired slacker career track

They even gave her a reward as a sign-on bonus -- it's not every day you get a college educated slacker

Wesley wasn't able to find a position in the culinary career but there was a position open in the showbiz career track. Wes was certain that climbing his way through show biz would put him on the easy track to celebrity chef

Wes and Jeannie enjoyed the time they were able to spend together. They were happy to be away from all the hustle and bustle of the Greek House

They ate meals together

And helped each other with their artwork. Jeannie really enjoyed painting

And Wes took to the pottery wheel, earning his bronze pottery badge

Unfortunately Wesley had too much confidence in his art taste. His boss didn't really appreciate Wesley's input

Show Business had other pitfalls too. It turned out that Wesley's prominent Teer nose wasn't going to help him at all in his career. One of his co-workers suggested he check out the home plastic surgery machine that many of the stars used to brush up their looks

Wesley was pretty happy with his new look and was sure it would help him advance in his career

Wes spent every spare moment he had primping to make sure he looked in tip top shape

Unfortunately Wesley didn't respond too well to the plastic surgery machine and contracted a bad case of laryngitis. The same co-worker that clued Wesley in about the plastic surgery machine had a nice remedy that would help Wes overcome the laryngitis in a jiffy... Wes was apprehensive about the remedy but took it anyway

Meanwhile, Jeannie had most of the week days off, people didn't really need home videos made on the weekdays anway. Jeannie took advantage of her days off and befriended some of her other neighbors.

that evening Wes brought home another promotion

Jeannie headed off to her first day as a home video editor and got a promotion that very same day

The more time he and Jeannie spent alone the more Wes was convinced that he was in love with her... even though it defied his Romance sentiments

Wes even had thoughts that he would eventually like to marry Jeannie

He was sure that Jeannie had no plans for marriage or a family so he was content just to hold her in his arms and enjoy the time they were able to spend together

Since both Jeannie and Wes didn't have to work until the evening, they decided to invite over their across the street neighbors to get to know them a little better. The Devivio's were happy to join them for dinner and some socializing

Kurt wasn't too happy with the state of the landscaping so he decided to lend a neighborly hand and trim down the shrubs in the front yard

After dinner they said goodbye to their guests and headed off to their respective jobs. Jeannie brought home another promotion and a co-worker

Jeannie recognized her co-worker as one of the graphic arts professors at Sim State and they caught up on what was going on at the college

Jeannie's old professor had such a good time chatting and Jeannie even was able to learn more from her

In the meantime, Wes got a nice chance card from work

Wes wasn't about to pass up a potential part of course

Wes did so well in the new play that he was able to bring home another promotion

To wrap out the week, Wesley invited his family over for brunch to catch up

Scoring: 0 points

Household Net-Worth: 63,525

((Well this house is nice and easy to play -- Wes and Jeannie are the most monogamous Romance sims I have ever seen. All their wants revolve around each other and I was so surprised when Wes rolled up the want to get married to Jeannie... its locked so we'll see if she rolls up the same want in the future, although I have my doubts. They are both doing pretty well in their careers but need more friends hence all the visitors this week. I don't have shots of it, but Jeannie and Kelly don't get a long at all... Jeannie just kept picking fights with Kelly, it was kind of amusing. Oh, and behold Sir Addison:

Poor Addie has the worst possible transition clothes, I can't wait to get to their house and take him and Stella shopping! We're off to the Wade house next to check up on our first 100% townie couple, Brittany Parker and William Wade))


SK said...

Aww, I kinda love them. She has such an unusual look to her. Like a little bear or something. Her face is so cute and round with that mouth all upturned at the corners...unique and adorable. YAY onto the next update! It's like Christmas this week with all your posting...

Liz said...

HAHA about the Christmas comment... yeah I've actually had time to play and blog this week... go figure. I like Jeannie too, she's cute though I'm not sure her genes are good enough to counteract the Teer genes, lol. She's not using birth control and they are romance sims... I guess what happens happens right :) I'm waiting for her to roll up the marriage want like Wes did... Monogamous romance sims, how silly!

jungfrun68 said...

So, you're waiting for both to get the marriage want? I'm not that democratic, the sims marries if I want them to!

SK said...

They would make pretty babies!!! Yes!! Moar babies!

reksims said...

I love when neighbors start doing the gardening on their own! I also like influencing sims that my sims don't like to clean the house.

Mao said...

Awww, a romance sim that rolled up the marriage want. How sweet. :D Shame he had to rid of the nose, though. I like noses with character!

Liz said...

@J68: I try and follow my sims wants, it makes for more interesting game play to keep them out of certain molds. Forcing my Romance sims to be monogamous just makes me feel badly because I know it's not really their nature. This couple is autonomously monogamous though, it's adorable.

@Shannon: no not moar babies! I want to keep the population under control... hence my new baby rules (see the front page)

@Rachel: That was so hilarious with Kurt randomly gardening, I didn't even use any influence. IIRC he has a lot of neat points, he's a little OCD like that.

@Mao: Oh, Wes' brother, Addison, still has the nose. I think that if Wes and Jeannie have kids, they would still get the original genetics not the post plastic surgery ones. Also the prominent Teer nose runs in the genes of all Sofia (Teer) Devivio's kids as well (2 of them have it, 4 of them have it as recessive) so I'm sure we'll see the nose pop up again in future generations :)

Anonymous said...

aww cute! they r so cute together!