Tuesday, March 31, 2009

University E

Last round at Sim State Kurt, Tia, Serena and Amar graduated and moved back to Silvervale leaving Stella Terrano to look after the greek house until the Teer boys arrived. Addison came to sim state with his best friend Brittany Parker in tow, Wesley brought his girlfriend and 3 bolt match, Jeannie Vijayakar. Lets see how they did with their first half of university life.

((This is going to be a short update -- nothing out of the ordinary happened))

In their first night at Sim State the new-comers pledged and were accepted to the Annya Var Greek house. Addie was startled for some reason ::shrugs::

Here are the girls' makeovers and stats

Stella Terrano - Cancer
Knowledge (LTW: become a Space Pirate)
major: Physics

Jeannie Vijayakar - Taurus
Romance (LTW: become a Professional Party Guest)

Brittany Parker - Aquarius
Pleasure (LTW: become a Game Designer)

((Brittany was bugged when I moved them into the Uni lot -- she was still showing the "grow up" aspiration so I popped her into the orb and randomly rolled a Pleasure want for her))

Right away the kids declared their majors: ((I'll spare the screenshots)) Addie declared psychology, Wes, Jeannie and Brittany all declared art. Stella already had a major declared in physics.

I think Jeannie is a pleasure sim in disguise because she's always rolling up pleasure-ish wants, here she is juggling cups -- Wes follows her around like a lost puppy dog, it's disgustingly cute

Addie and Brittany decided they just weren't right for eachother over a game of chess

Addie had found his 2-bolter... any guesses???

Yup, it was Stella ((this was totally unintentional, I was actually going to move her back into the sim bin until the greek house needed a placeholder again, but Addie decided that he thought she was a hottie so I went with it))

Stella gave Addie his first kiss --- awwwww

Brittany needed a mate so I had her call up the matchmaker

The film and literature hobby guy fell out of the sky. The date wasn't going to so great, they didn't really have much in common

The date really tanked when the cow showed up and tried to flirt with Brittany

((Does anybody else thing the game is a little too rigid on how it defines cheating??))

Brittany ended the date before it got to flaming-bag-of-poo status however I don't think that this guy will be coming back unless someone in the house gets a film and literature plaque.

Despite the bad date, love was in the air at the Annya Var house. Wes and Jeannie did everything together... I thought romance sims wanted to be promiscuous but these two kept rolling wants to interact with one another

Addie and Stella's relationship continued to blossom

And after countless community lot visits, Brittany found a fellow redhead that she actually got along with -- William Wade ((I was kicking myself for not making any red-headed sims in CAS when I started this challenge so I needed a way to inject some gingers into my challenge))

William promptly joined the greek house

I don't have a portrait of William ((I'm sure you've seen him around your university neighborhood)) but he's a Leo personality, Popularity sim with a LTW to become a Hall of Famer. His major is Drama.

I don't know what I was doing, but the bills didn't get paid -- whoops!

The repo man bypassed the high power telescope, the hot tub, computers, big-screen TV, the exercise equipment, the pool table and all the other expensive items in the house and bee lined right for the upstairs shower... lol

Classes were attended and hobby plaques awarded -- Jeannie got her Arts & Crafts Plaque

Addison got one for Cuisine

And Brittany got one for Games

when the end of sophomore year rolled around Addison, Brittany and William all switched aspirations. Addie rolled a knowledge aspiration (YAY!)

His new Lifetime want is:

Brittany rerolled to Family

Brittany's new Lifetime want:

William also rerolled Family:

And his lifetime want is:

((I also took the liberty of changing their turn ons/offs so they are more compatible with their mates))

Scoring: 7 points (1 point each for adding Stella, Brittany, Jeannie and William, 1 point for Jeannie's A&C plaque, 1 point for Addie's Cuisine plaque, 1 point for Brittany's Games plaque)

# of Mascot fights this round: 9

((Well that's it for University for Round 6. I enjoy playing uni because it gives me an opportunity to get the kids more skills for their careers and also get a start on hobby plaques. At the end of this round I yoinked a remodel of the Landgrabbe mansion off of MATY to use as the greek house because the lot the original greek house was on was just too small. I will upload some screenshots and a link next round. I'm also going to start remodeling and possibly building my own dorms so the kids from Silvervale have access to nice things even if they can't life at the greek house. I'm undecided if I want to try the 10 kids IW with Brittany and William -- while I do want some red haired kids with freckles, neither of them have outstanding genetics so I'm scared that they won't have pretty babies. Brad Devivio and Tessa Ramirez are both really great looking so I'll almost definitely do the 10 kids IW for them and I don't want my population getting out of control too soon. Next round this group will graduate and we'll also see Janet Devivio and her boyfriend, Ricky Cormier move to Sim State. Off to Pamela Devivio's house next!))

Custom Content:
Brittany's Hair: **PAY** RoseSims **PAY**
Brittany's Freckles: by Goldbeere @ MTS2
Stella's Hair: Neena Tails by Nouk


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

A pretty eventful update, and you started out by saying nothing (out of the ordinary) happened! It was still interesting. I have a habit of marrying in red heads into my prosperity hood, I think they're overtaking the whole neighborhood! LOL

jungfrun68 said...

Isn't the rule that if you reroll in Uni and get the same as before you must have Grilled Cheese?
Maybe I'm reading the rules too rigidly, but that was what I thought

SK said...

Jungfrun -

I think that's for secondary aspirations...if you roll the same aspiration for secondary aspiration as the sim already has for primary, you get grilled cheese. I could be wrong, but I thought that's what I remembered. :)

AHH, how cute is Stella Terrano!? I absolutely LOVE her. She's probably the prettiest alien sim I think I've ever seen. She and Addie would make lovely babies. :)