Friday, March 20, 2009

Eich (R6)

Greetings! Last round at the Eich's Darren and his girlfriend, Melody Tinker, moved back to Silvervale. Darren and Melody got married in a private ceremony on the back veranda. Melody got a job in her chosen field of science and Darren got a job in architecture. The couple quickly got pregnant and had their first child, Angelica. After many setbacks since moving to Silvervale, Julio finally reached the top of the athletic career and promptly retired. Darren reached the top of the architecture career and Tyrone fulfilled his lifetime want by reaching the top of the Law career. We left the Eich's with Melody sprinting to the bathroom to toss her cookies. Is Melody pregnant? Will Darren ever find a job in the Medical field? Lets find out

((A note about this entry and the next -- at the time of playing these next two lots I was reading Wen's blog, Prosperity Falls, and was inspired [or driven temporarilly insane] by the amount of babies each lot had and wanted my simmies to have lots of babies too.))

After all these years Tyrone and Julio are still madly in love -- how cute!

The house got a makeover at the beginning of the round because it was just too small for 5 sims, especially 5 sims who all wanted to feed baby Angelica all the freakin time.

Melody did indeed find out she was pregnant on the first night back at the Eich house

And Darren found in his chosen field of Medical

In all the first round commotion I almost missed Angelica's birthday -- Sorry Ange no birthday cake :(

Angelica Eich - Taurus

Grandpa Julio taught Angelica how to walk

While Darren was outside stargazing

((uh oh -- cinematic))

Immediately after Darren got abducted, Melody went into labor

And it's a boy! Welcome to the world Annatto Eich!

While Darren was away on his space trip, I noticed that Julio and Tyrone had enough lifetime aspiration benefits to declare secondary aspirations

Julio rolled Family (fitting because he was always doating on Angelica anyway)

And Tyrone rolled Romance

In the wee hours of the morning, Darren was dropped back off, quite literally, in the front yard. He had full needs and was happy as a clam for getting to go for a ride in a spaceship

Melody thought it was super cool that her hubby got to go on the spaceship too... Tyrone and Julio didn't think much of it and played redhands instead

Melody headed off for her first day of work after maternity leave and got a chance card

Darren had the day off, so like any good knowledge sim, he spent the day studying and got a big surprise

Uh oh Darren, what did those aliens do to you?

Like her Daddy, Angelica spent the day skilling up her mechanical at the activity table

Melody came home with a promotion that day

Soon it was time for birthdays

Angelica transitioned into a child

How appropriate that she has UFO pyjamas

And Annatto transitioned into a toddler

Annatto Eich - Taurus

The next day, Melody got another chance card

And another promotion

During the remodel of the house, I found the servo that Darren made in college in his inventory which Darren activated to help around the house and with the kids

Roberto the servo has a lifetime want of:

but he got a job in intelligence because a robotic spy isn't very incognito and I think the irony is amusing. Plus journalism wasn't available

Darren spent his maternity leave teaching Annatto how to walk

Right in the middle of breakfast the next day, Darren went into labor

And Darren's little alien baby, Anise, was born

Darren taught Annatto to talk that evening

The next day at work, Darren got a chance card

And reached the top of the medical field fulfilling his lifetime want

We'll round out the week with 2 more birthdays

Annatto transitioned into a child

And Anise transitioned into a toddler

Funny pic: Angelica was belching into the litigation podium, made me lol

Scoring: 3 points (1 point each for Annatto and Anise, 1 point for Darren reaching top of the medical career)

Household Net-Worth: 219,382

((that wraps it up for the Eichs. It was a fun and eventful week with all those kids in the house. That was my first ever alien abduction since I've been playing this game, I was so excited. Tune in for another baby boom at the Devivio's next))

Custom Content:
Angelica's hair: "Afro-Puffs" by RainNCandy @ MTS2
Anise's Hair: from XMSims


SK said...

Awww, all their babies are so cute!

I was like :O when Abby got abducted too, and snapped a million screen caps. :')

I'm officially not allowing myself to play any more until I blog, btw.

reksims said...

Anise has no nose!

jungfrun68 said...

I know this is one of the most common comments (!) in any given blog - but Angelica is super-cute!
I'm usually quite immune to kid and sim cuteness alike, but this one is special!

Megan said...

Aww.I so enjoy reading your blog.It is fun.