Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hoppes (R6)

Last round at the Hoppes household, Amar moved back in with his fiance Serena. They both were able to find jobs in their chosen fields on their first evening back at the house, Amar in Law Enforcement, and Serena in the Gamer career. Serena got knocked up and they had a shotgun wedding in the backyard. Serena was surprised when she gave birth to natural twins, Emmett and Marty. At the end of the week, Marty and Emmett transitioned into toddlers. Will Amar and Serena fall prey to the recent baby boom in Silvervale? Lets find out.

We'll start off this round with promotions:

Jill was feeling lonely so she decided that she'd ask her friend Makato on a date

I don't think Darryl appreciated Jill dating other men too much because that evening was the first night he's haunted for a long time. And of course, he went right to Jill for the scare

After all the first-day-of-the-round eventfulness... it was time for some toddler skilling

First talking

And then walking

The next day at work, Amar got a fantastic chance card

And achieved his lifetime want -- YAY!

((note that he brings Clayton Teer home from work again...))

Here's Amar's second lifetime want which probably won't happen unless someone has a really good tip about achieving it ((I will begin working on the 30 Best Friends impossible want for him though))

Fulfilling his lifetime want also enabled Amar to max out his lifetime aspiration benefits

Yay, he can now paint Grilled Cheese :)

Serena also got a promotion bringing her one step closer to her lifetime want

The thinking cap actually looks really appropriate with that outfit.

That evening it was time for the boys' birthdays

First Emmet transitioned ((he looks a lot like Serena))

Emmett Hoppes - Scorpio

And then Marty (in his pink PJ's)

Marty Hoppes - Gemini

After the birthday party there was a lightning storm that caught the bamboo out back on fire...

Unfortunately the bass guitar was in the way so Neil, the fireman, couldn't get to the fire to put it out ((ever her of extinguishing over top of the bass Neil???)). So to make a long story short... the family and the fireman stood outside alternately stamping their feet and freaking out about the fire until morning when every single stalk of bamboo had burned into a pile of ash and the fire finally went out on it's own. Their needs were all bottomed out by the time the fire was out I'm surprised I didn't lose any of them.

After they were all somewhat recovered and the boys went off to school, Serena had a few days off work and she thought she might like to try out Darryl's robotics bench

She earned both her bronze and silver robotics badges in a short time

Serena was enjoying the robotics bench so much that she earned a tinkering hobby plaque as well

That evening, while Jill was practicing her putting skills, she got an unwelcome visitor

Remember last round when Jill wished to cheat death? Well lets see if it worked shall we...

Looks like it worked... this time... Grimmy will be back for you Jill

After Jill successfully beat death, Serena came home with some more good news... she had been promoted to Game Designer thus fulfilling her lifetime want

Here is her new lifetime want

That's easy enough.

Despite all the commotion of the past couple days, Emmett and Marty managed to both bring home A+ from school

Did I mention that Amar started a garden in his spare time? Well he did and he earned his bronze badge in gardening. ((Also note that the bass guitar is no longer obstructing fireman access to the bamboo in the back yard))

He asked the garden club to come over and give him some pointers.

Even though he only had a bronze badge, Amar got admittance into the garden club and a small bonus to help him make their recommended changes

That evening, a very annoyed Grim Reaper came for Jill again...

Will she be able to defeat him again? Find out next time!

Scoring: 6 points (1 point for Amar reaching top of the law enforcement career, 3 points for Amar maxing out lifetime aspiration benefits, 1 point for Serena's tinkering plaque, 1 point for Serena reaching top of the Gamer career)

Household Net-Worth: 105,164

((That's it for the Hoppes. I needed to leave you all in suspense with Jill because this entry was somewhat boring. This house has very little room for expansion so I can't let Serena and Amar have any more kids until Jill croaks [which seems like it might take forever!]. They did get a nice shiney new basement though where the skilling and hobby related items are. After the fire I had to find something to do with those big bulky items that don't fit inside. I also wanted to make room for a greenhouse so Amar could have a shot at the wishing well for his impossible want. The boys are super adorable I can't wait until they are teens so I can see if they will work with their perspective matches. We're headed off to uni to check up on the Teer boys next!))


reksims said...

Serena's glasses! Where can I find them? Thanks!

Liz said...

They're the leopard print glasses from Ses @ TSR and should be a free download (refer to Hoppes Round 5 CC list)

Megan said...

This is going to sound really mean but...Will she just die already!