Thursday, April 2, 2009

Devivio 2 (R6)

When last we checked in on Pamela she achieved her Lifetime want of woohoo-ing with 20 different sims. She also fulfilled a want to woohoo with 5 service sims. While working on this want, she kept wanting to rekindle and old flame she had with Jack Copur by whom she got accdentally pregnant. She gave birth to her 4th child, Flora in the middle of the week. At the end of the week there was a double birthday party: Flora transitioned into a toddler and Pamela into an elder. Will Pamela tell Jack about his daughter? How will Pamela do raising another child in her elder years? Lets find out...

Here's Pamela's elder makeover -- I'm still searching for a good outfit for her ((I also didn't even bother to check what her second LTW is... I'm not sure I care too much, her first one was hard enough!))

Pamela immediately invited Jack over and told him about his daughter

Jack decided that it was worth it to move in and be a part of Flora's life ((Jack didn't bring a lot of funds to the household, not that this house needed them anyway, but he did have a nice full backpack of items, a bronze flower arranging badge, and silver badges in toy-making and sales.))

Jack Copur - Libra
Romance (LTW: become a Hall of Famer)

Jack immediately started teaching Flora to walk, a skill Pamela hadn't yet managed to teach her

When it was time for Flora's birthday, Jack brought her to her cake

Flora grew up into quite a cutie pie

Flora Devivio-Copur - Libra

Pamela's last lover, Nicholas ((who I found out is a YA!!!!)) dropped off a karaoke machine as a present for their wonderful date

So Jack was already a Hall of Famer when he moved in, but that's his LTW... So he had to go back a few steps which is a total bummer, he managed to find a job a few rungs down the ladder as an MVP

Pamela had enough lifetime aspiration benefits to roll a secondary want, she rolled family which will be interesting

Lo and behold immediately after Pamela declared her secondary aspiration, she rolled wants to interact with Flora... She helped Flora with her homework

((Keep in mind that Pamela is still a romance sim to the core, so the homework help happened after a dream date/woohoo session with Jack, hence the undies))

She also trained Flora a little on Jack's punching bag

((Just a note here, working out outside in the winter helps keep sim's body temperatures down because the coldness from being outside is counteracted by the heat from working out -- it strikes a nice balance))

Jack brought home his first promotion

Jack was also working pretty hard toward a gold badge at the toy-making bench

I wasn't paying attention and Pamela did something very stupid

I don't think that "kitty" wanted you to pet it Pamela

The next day, Jack brought home another promotion and his friend, Brandon Lillard from work

Jack and Brandon had an outing that consisted of a lot of Punch U Punch Me

The outing went very well

And Brandon was able to pull some strings and get Jack another promotion ((not that he needed it, he already had the skills and friends to get the promotion on his own, but I figured it didn't hurt to hurry it along a bit))

To round out the week, Flora brought home an A+

I will leave you with the family picture which I find quite funny ((with the outfit Jack is wearing he looks more like Pamela's teenage son than her live-in boyfriend and baby daddy))

Scoring: 1 point for adding Jack as playable

Household Net-Worth: 185,861

((It's really nice not having to worry about finding constant woohoos for Pamela anymore. I really like Jack, I think he's adorable and he takes really good care of Flora. I'm a little annoyed that he had the lifetime want to reach top of athletics but he was already at the top of athletics ::boggle::. I really need to to do a better job at keeping family relationships. Pamela isn't friends with any of her kids except Kurt and just barely. I think I will try bringing up her relationship with the kids and her grandkids, it will make for a good storyline I think. Speaking of Pamela's kids, we're off to visit Carla next!))

Custom Content:
Pamela's elder hair: **PAY** Peasant Ponytail by NeptuneSuzy @ TSR **PAY**


jungfrun68 said...

I had Jack in my prosperity, too, but unfortunately he died from a starvation accident.
He had the same LTW as here, AND was already a Hall of Famer. He didn't find the time before his passing to reach to the top again, though.

SK said...

I'm bad at keeping up family friends too, though if I ever go back to playing the Asylum kiddles in prosperity style, I'll attempt to do that because Abby has sooooo many friends and now has the LTW to become a game designer. O.o I liked her better as a mad scientist.