Thursday, March 19, 2009

Teer (R6)

Last round at the Teer's, cheesecake twins, Addison and Wesley, grew into teens. Addison rolled a pleasure aspiration with a LTW of 50 dream dates (which isn't going to happen b/c he'll be rerolling in college). Wesley rolled a romance aspiration with a LTW to become a Celebrity Chef. The entire family worked on skilling and Kelly finally reached the top of the education carreer fulfilling her LTW to become education minister. Lets see what happened this week as the boys prepared to head off to Sim State.

((So I've thought about the first person thing from the Pushard's post... and I've decided that I am much more comfortable narrating from the point-of-view of an omnipotent bystander. First person might crop up here and there depending upon how I feel about a particular household, but I'm not too terribly attached to it.))

In preparation for the boys heading off to school, they were skilling fiends. Addison maxxed out his logic and was awarded a science hobby plaque.

((The science hobby plaque woman gives me the creeps))

Addie and Wes both got some bonus money from school

Clayton got closer to the top of the law enforcement career. He and Serena's husband, Amar Hoppes, are also BFFs (the gold kind) because Clayton keeps brining Amar home from work, and vice versa.

Here's Kelly's new Lifetime Want:

which she achieved immediately upon gaining her last skill point in creativity which she learned from the bookshelf of awesomeness since both easels were in use at the time.

Earlier Kelly rolled a secondary aspiration of Family

and then started having delusions of having more children...

... sorry chickie not going to happen ...

Instead Kelly took up pottery

((This is when I realized I forgot to install light fixtures when I remodeled the house last round... whoops!))

She earned her bronze and silver pottery badges by the end of the week

Clayton finally reached the top of the law enforcement career fulfilling his lifetime want

Clayton's new Lifetime want:

Probably not going to happen but maybe they'll open a few businesses to pass down through the generations... there's bound to be a Teer down the road that has the same LTW right?

Clayton also accrued enough lifetime aspiration benefits to declare a secondary aspiration -- Grilled cheese!

The Teer's had a pond installed in the backyard so they could relax and fish on their days off.

I envision next round to be very boring and filled with fishing and the pottery wheel... ((::headdesk::))

Clayton earned his arts and crafts hobby plaque

hmmm... perhaps an art studio is in the future for the Teers???

Addie was working out so hard in the garage that he passed out from heat exhaustion

Both Kelly and Clayton were at work at the time, and Wes was occupied...

With his new girlfriend Jeannie Vijayakar

((Jeannie was a random passer-by that I thought was just too adorable to pass up -- it just so happens that she's Wes' 3 bolt match!!!))

Jeannie gave Wes his first kiss, and she'll be heading off to college with him

Speaking of college -- once Addie came around I sent the boys off -- they both had $4250 in scholarships. Brittany Parker will also be joining them at Sim State, she is Addie's best friend but I don't think she'll be his life mate, they only have one bolt

Adios Addie

Sayonara Wes

See you boys in a few lots!

To round out the week, Clayton got a very nice bonus from a chance card

He also paid some attention to their poor neglected doggie, Maxx

Scoring: 6 points (1 point for Addie's science hobby plaque, 3 points for Kelly fulfilling an impossible want, 1 point for Clayton's Arts&Crafts hobby plaque, 1 point for Clayton reaching top of career)

Household Net-Worth: 125,409

((Well that's it for the Teer's this week. Pretty uneventful. I'm excited for the boys to head off to Uni. I'm still undecided who the heir will be... I guess we'll see what Addie rerolls in college. Will next round at the Teer's be thoroughly boring with a 2 elder household? Probably... but find out next round! Off to the Eich's next))


SK said...

I think it's pretty rad when random passers-by are the three-bolt matches for playable sims. I have to get Abby employed again soon so Jared can start lusting after her again and vice versa. :p

reksims said...

I find it so much easier to write in third person too...although I thought you did okay with first. Also, maybe I noticed before and forgot...but I just noticed the Addison-Wesley reference. And now I look and see you work with books in education. Go figure.

Liz said...

YAY Rachel :) someone finally got it! The naming theme in this household is publishers. I have a long list from the many issues of Publisher's Weekly/Kirkus sitting on my desk -- so this naming theme will hopefully carry the Teer homestead through the entirety of the challenge :)